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Why do people ridicule or feel uncomfortable with those in counselling?
One girl in my group of friends asked me what I've been up to lately and I told her I have my first counselling appointment this Monday (yesterday). This was Saturday night.

You should have seen the way she reacted. Her face kind of went blank and she stared at me and said "Counselling?" She looked disgusted/scared.

Why are people soooo uncomfortable with those people who are getting counselling? They either ridicule you or act like you have cancer or something.

What's the big deal? Why are people like this? If I'm not bothered by it, why should anyone else? :S

Rajesh K
People shouldn't because if it was them they'd be helpless.

I think the reason is because we human beings think that we should be able to "fix" our emotional problems without anyone else’s help. Some people think that anything that’s “only in your head” isn’t a “real” problem, and that if you have to ask a counselor to help you with it, you’re a weak person. We don’t like to think of ourselves as weak or in need of someone else’s help, especially with problems that some people think are “all in our heads.”

Also, they may be thinking that a person who needs a counselor has a mental illness, and this makes people very uncomfortable. Both of these attitudes are rooted in profound ignorance.

The truth is, a person who recognizes the difficulty that an emotional issue is causing him or her and decides to seek the help of a trained counselor is both very courageous and very wise. Courageous because they know others will think of them as weak and yet are not embarrassed or dissuaded from asking for help; and wise because they know themselves well enough to know when a problem is too big to handle alone.

A great question!

♥ Bethany ♥
Because they are immature..

Aria T
Our culture has some unfortunate negative stigma attached with the pscyhological realm of therapy. People are considered unstable if they have depression, crazy if they have histrionic personality, a future inmate if they have antisocial personality... It really is a cultural thing. Not everyone has issues with it, but many do, and you learn to live with it or just quit telling people you're going to counseling.

there isnt a big deal about it,nearly all the pop stars and acters have counselling,your friend is ignorant to the fact,because they dont understand,if someone hasnt gone through something like this they dont understand,you dont have to explain to them,emmosional illness,is a bad a as physical illness , do not take any notice in their minds your crazy,but your not i iused to see a therapist and it rearly helped me,i would have never have understood what was happening to me if i hadnt,there are a lot of reasons why people see a therepist,like anxiety stress and all different problems,
keep going to counselling,your the one that is going to feel better,dont feel quilty about it,they might get problems one day
all the best on getting things sorted out

people act like that because they are too scared to admit THEY could possibly ever have anything go wrong in their life and could use help for it! it is THEIR problem not yours .... let them deal with their own small - mindedness. YOU are a very strong person if you can one: admit you need some help, and two: can talk about it to other people! not everyone is as strong as you... keep up the good work!

She sounds ignorant. I wouldn't worry about it but maybe only share that with your closest friends. They will understand and support you.

kleptomanic sheep
eesh thats harsh
my reaction would be concern, i should hope. definitely not ridicule. harsh and immature

Lots of reasons, including:

-- lack of empathy for others

-- anger/jealousy that someone is trying to better himself/herself when they choose not to do so

-- wanting to seize an opportunity to point out the flaws in others (hoping this will make them appear "flawless")

-- being an a.$$hole

The reason is because they are ignorant and scared - don't let that stop you from seeking the help you feel/know you need.

I've had counselling several times in my life; and I'd advocate that we could all be alot happier and friendlier people if we all took an hour a month is session.

P.S. I know that these things can be rough; and the people around you aren't always understanding so if you ever want to speak to a third party who's been there just drop me an email and we'll talk okay

well, i dont. I'm fine with them!

It's because people think that there is something wrong with you or that you're crazy, which 9 times out of 10 is never the case. I've been seeing a psychiatrist for about 3 years now for bipolar disorder, but I'm definitely not crazy.

I guess seeking help through counseling still has a stigma attatched to it. Just explain to your friend that you have some issues you'd like to work through and that it's not a big deal.

My girlfriend went to a psychologist after her parents got divorved and I didn't think she was crazy.

Some people are just stupid and think you're messed up or something and need to be trained to be normal like rest of us. Don't let it get to you, and if they make funny faces or react in a way you don't like, just say you have tendancy to cut ppl's hair and stick jab pencils up their nose or in the ear if they get on your nerves ;)

It's probably because they think that the people getting counseled are soft or aren't strong enough mentally to fix their "problems" themselves. There's a general mentality that people should be able to figure things out without the help from others, which says that they have a strong mentality and attitude and can figure out things for themselves.

Angie W
I think some people have problems with it because it scares them to realize that we are human, and have needs that might not be being met by those around us.

Good luck.

I don't know, I guess when people hear the word 'counseling' they think of crazy people. But who cares. I'm in counseling too..
You know your not crazy, and you shouldn't care about what other people say or think. =)

Exactly, just go do your own thing....it is like preset in peoples minds sad to say that when one needs help we are all psycho...sad but true...screw them all help yourself that is all that matters...

Ignore her. It's ignorance! Obviously, she's never been to counseling if she's judging it so harshly. Counseling was one of the most worth while things that I've ever done for myself. It's a healthy and proactive move on your part to go. Don't let anyone make it negative for you. Good luck!

Denise W
The reality IS.... most people see "mental health" as a "don't ask/don't tell" subject still.

They would rather talk about many things besides that.

I personally thought it was a sign of "failure" or lack ability or weakness in the person. Right up too the point, that "I" was that very person in the therapy. As my reality changed, so did my feelings and opinion about the subject.

I rationalized this entire situation as- People are afraid of what they don't understand or easily accept in their scope of knowledge/ experience.

I did not mention to anyone about my "sessions" based soley on my "own" beliefs prior to that experience. By doing that, it on ly required me to deal with the "shame" of hiding it from my loved ones, to whom, I lied about getting counseling.
So really- WHO was the real loser here? Me.

Having this life experience made me a better Therapist!
Yes, I became that scary "voo doo" mind bender myself.

Now, its my job to teach tolerance and acceptance in the diveristy of life and the medical need to deal with the chemicals/physical/ disorders/injuries that can cause anyone to need some mental/ medical assistance from time to time.

I call myself a "life coach". That is more palitable for the masses and no negative ideas come from that...... So try that next time. Since in reality, that is exactly what you are recieving- life lessons and coaching to deal with them.

(sorry for the typos-im only human and a bad speller too)
Thank god for spell check most times and good staffers.

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