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Why do i feel, that my life is missing something?
i have a man that i love and he loves me too, i have kids, my life is nice and simple, but i always feel like i have to do something, that something is missing, and every birthday of mine, i feel even more and more depressed, not because i'm getting older, but because i'm getting older, and i'm not achieving something, my life is the same. My husband, tells me that i have kids and i'm taking care of them, and it's not easy to be a good mother, and i should be happy, but still, there is this feeling, this emptiness...

Enigma is right.

God shaped holes in your life are fillable in only one way.

find porpouse. in your life....that all i can help you on...

leah j
You need a career of your own, something you can be proud of and say to your self, this is mine and mine alone. You should try going back to school, even if it is night school or whatever, I did, and it is a very liberating feeling. If this is something you still don't want, try volunteer work, this can also be very satisfying.

if you're a stay at home mum, then try to get a job =)

if u're already working then join a reading club or learn another language or do something u havent done befor just to feel that you're accomplishing something,,,i mean ur husband is 100% right and raising good children is the best thing any person can do , but maybe u have the ability of doing more so u're not feeling satisfied with what you have =)

baby blues it should pass.

fatima b
amybe u just have not fulfilled ur destiny on earth but it is nothing 2 worry about some people only find their calling at the age of 50 , 60 or so . if u really feel urgent about it , try experimenting, and if u have a dream 4 ur life, try 2 make ur dream true . but it is nothing 2 worry so much about though because god gave each one of us a destiny, n we will not leave this earth until our destinies have been fulfilled , take it 2 the lord in prayer please . good luck.

Play uno with your kids, plan a nice getaway from the kids (maybe with your girlfriends) to another state or country, follow Enigma's instructions, because you need God every step of the way, and make of list of "Things to Do before I Expire", in hopes of accomplishing some of the things you always wanted to do, and actually put effort into doing things on the list. You may be busy with your family life, but you are an essential part of holding your family together, and you just need time to think about yourself. It may sound selfish, but if you had a week or two without worry, you will feel so much better. Develop a relationship with God - have faith and he will give you peace.

rebecca f
My spiritual answer is that you have a void in your life that only Christ can fill. We all try to fill our lives with something to fill that void, but we will always feel empty without God.

If that's not an issue for you, I would say this- It is hard sometimes to feel fulfilled as a mother, especially in this society where even other women(feminists) are yelling at us telling us we have to have a career to be somebody. But the truth is that motherhood is the highest calling for women, it is our opportunity to create life and to mold that life into adults who can be future leaders. Your life may seem mundane, but always keep in mind that you are making a huge difference by being there daily for your children.

You miss that you are not using your intelligence to some level. It's always the same routine, the same the same, right?
My friend...you need to find yourself a good job!!! you need to have another kind of responsibility, trust me. What has you like that is the routine in the house...I know job is also a routine but, it makes you look pretty to work every day, you are doing something, you are learning, and the best you are making extra money for a vacation fund???? for a special trip? to add additions to the house or a pool? or to buy a house, etc,etc, etc. these will make you feel very happy!!

Being depressed not only affects you, but it can start to affect the people around you. You should see a psychiatrist to help you figure out what you can do to help yourself feel better. Don't let him/her just push drugs on you either. Try to find yourself first, and then get drugs from the psychiatrist as a last resort.

The answer you seek can be found in prayer and reuniting with your maker on a spiritual level.

I totally know how you feel. I say it all the time, but try as I might I can't figure out what that thing is. I, like you, have a husband, and a child, but it still feels like there is something missing. I don't have a job ATM, but even when I did I felt that. Like I'm supposed to be doing something with my life. Something big, but I have no idea what. I also feel even if I do find that something I'll not beable to obtain it, because my husband's job comes first(in the military), and taking care of my son comes first.

So I guess I'm stuck wanting more, but I don't know what that more is or, even if I do find out WHAT it is, how I'll beable to get it!

If you have AIM look me up sometime maybe we can figure it out together.
Screen name:

paul p
The Grass is always Greener on the other side of the fence.

Growing up we are all instilled with certain expectations as to how life should be. We learn of all these things we want, and expect to have happen. Well believe it or not life is not that simple. You feel like something is missing because you were told growing up that if you do or accomplish certain things then you will automatically be happy.

That's a lie. Every day is full of individual moments... some happy, some sad. My question to you is which of these do you focus on and try to create more of. Do you seek out activities that you enjoy and fill you full of energy or do you simply focus on the tedious monotony of every day life.

Your spirit is craving certain interactions. Whether those activities are of an artistic, physical, social, or meditative type only you can know. Seek the activities that fill you with a sense of completion... focus on those... and then maybe share them with your family.

It's our culture! It makes us keep wanting more. You may be clinically depressed and should discuss this with a counselor or doctor, but I truly believe that in our culture we are taught to take ourselves way too seriously. Try to do more things that you enjoy like drawing, yoga, swimming etc. We need to stop wanting more and wanting what we have.

I know that probably sounds easier said than done, but I'm speaking from a personal level. I'm on anti-depressants and have struggled with depression for almost 10 years on and off. Yoga has helped me a great deal and so has just trying to take everything lightly and trying to always look for the positivity in situations. I hated hearing that in the depth of my depression, but eventually it is what has saved me. I have to make a point of staying busy so I don't sit and think about all the crappy things in my life and the world. People have always had problems throughout history, they just were too busy to realize it, with trying to survive and all.

It is possible that you need to find a higher purpose and only you know what that is. Many people find that purpose in spirituality.

julie d
I know exactly how you feel-I have a husband,3 kids and a normal life.
I went to the doctors and he diagnosed me with depression-I have been taking anti-depressants for 4 years and still don't feel 100%.Maybe there's no hope for me!!!
Please try and get some help-see your doctor.I am going back to mine this week in the hope that he will change my medication-I just want to feel happy about life again.
Good luck.

Farshad A
I feel the same sometimes and feel that something is missing in my life and then I see that the only thing missing is the realization that I have such a full and complete life.

Maybe the feeling that you are achieving nothing in your life is coming from the fact that you may be taking the most important things in your life, such as the love of a good husband and healthy and happy children for granted. They are precious and so many of us have that as our primary goal in life....to get to where you are now!!

So take a look around, and see what you have managed to achieve in your life and then you would probably realize that you have got to the destination a lot quicker than the rest of us who are looking for happiness, love and security of a loving and functional family unit!!!!!

find some hobbies or classes that you like in your community. get out there and try some different things.

andy jackson
in my opinion you are missig something in your life. Life is not just about bringing up children, there needs to be excitement and adventure, happinness and belonging, challenges and questiones.
I'm no doctor but i deal with many depressed people and i always see one constant, they do nothing other than their every day routines.
partners who go along with this and sauy "you've got the children to look after" do not help this.
Personally i do not agree with drug use for depression but its something you've got to decide on for yourself. Go see the doctor, they may be able to suggest something, maybe counselling.
my advice would be to get some marriage guidance counselling and explain to your other half in these sessions that your life does not have the meaning you need, that things need to change or you will have to look elsewhere for your distractions. husbands and wives each have their responsibilities, some just don't realise it when their partners are not happy.
I know this, i though i was quite intuitive, yet my partner has just left me cause i couldn't see she was unhappy. I wasn't given the opportunity to sort things through, so if you want to save your relationship, do something about it, and soon

Why don't you pick up a hobby? You can do plenty of things that will provide you with personal achievements, such as gaming, crafting, learning an instrument, writing, drawing, etc...

I have 2 kids myself and I know it is hard to find time for things, but I am going to school and working full time so that I can provide for my family better in the future, that is my achievement I am working towards.

You are doing much MUCH more than many parents do these days by staying home and providing attentive, loving attention to your kids; as well as being a role model.

If, by the time they get into school (if they aren't already), and you find you didn't do much with a hobby, why not go to college yourself? Or start working. Stop looking at time as passing by and look towards the future for all the new experiences that can come your way if you look for them!

justin schwan
Forget Christ, you don't need him. God is overrated. Hinduism, Buhdism, and Daoism aren't necessary. What you NEED is structure and GOALS. You have to have something YOU want to live for, not something society as preordained for you. It doesn't matter what that is; if it's spirtiual, religious, scientific, workaholic. Get a structure to your life if you don't already have one, and start setting goals, ones YOU want to accomplish. Then work toward those goals. What do you really want to do in life? If you don't know right away, then don't worry, you'll just have to sit down and think about it for a day or a week or a year. Figure it out, though, and go after it.

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