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Why do i feel that 'everyone is out to get me'?

maybe you did a telephone hoax prank that was put on the internet by a total sicko. it's been known to happen.

Because you love to play the victim....if everyone wasnt out to get you what would you have to talk about???? Think about it!!! Are you really that important to everyone else that they will spend all their time trying to figure out ways to 'get you'?

Im not trying to be mean but you need to seriously think about this!

Good luck


Dr Know It All
You think about yourself too much.

Sounds like you're paranoid. What I don't understand though, is why? What experiences have made you feel that way? I wish you had explained a little more so I could give you a better answer. If you just generally feel that everyone is out to get you, I'd say paranoia. But if there is a specific reason -- if people have taken advantage of you, or treated you unfairly, then you have a good reason for your feelings. Maybe without realizing it, you have made yourself a target. Try being a little more aggressive and outspoken, even if it isn't in your nature to be that way. People will actually have more respect for you if you stand up for yourself, and will be less apt to mess with you. In turn, you will develop more self confidence. Try it and see for yourself. But if you have no just cause to feel the way you do, maybe you would benefit by counseling. Good luck to you, dear.

Terra T
Are you from a big city? I feel that way too, but I just attributed it to being from NY. I think that it is because the majority of my experiances, people have been out to get me. The only person I have ever met who would give without wanting something in return is my husband. Even my parents love had conditions. Have you looked into that?


life is like that babe sounds like anxiety have a word with your Dr

you.may have been dumped on to many times by to many people. taken advantage of for being to nice.and your mind puts up barriers to protect yourself. that includes our thoughts about others. so we keep a distance from them so we cant get hurt again.

Liddy is Lost
You might be suffering with paranoia. Talk to your doctor about it and hopefully he can refer you to a specialist. There are medications that can help and counselling also. HTH.

nobody is out to get you JUST ME

You're being paranoid. The world's a big place and we are all mostly relatively unimportant. Paranoia's our ego's way of trying to convince ourselves we are important.

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you!" goes the old joke.

Maid Angela
It is called paranoia. mind you that does not mean that they are not out to get you

Because they ARE!

This is a GOOD thing. If you are alert and aware of everyone around you, you will never be a victim.

I have people come to me all the time to "make conversation." ALWAYS it leads to something where they want me to buy something, take them somewhere, etc.

Sorry, but I am not a money machine, a taxi, a doctor, a therapist.
Go bother someone else.

Go see the movie CRANK. It is what WE live every day.

It's called Paranoia, it's rife everywhere at the moment, UR not alone.
We're living in a very difficult & hard 2 deal with time.

Well sometimes that's just nervousness - you tend to always look at what happens to you in the worst way, so feel picked on.

It could be something more serious - and that would be well worth talking to a professional about.

It's unlikley that everyone IS out to get you - unless you're the star of an action film! :)

maybe because you might have paranoia


because you have a persecution complex and need psychotherapy.

stop smoking tha tweed

Its not paranoia when they really are out to get you

There are two key words you use in the question. 'feel' and 'everyone'. What this shows is that:-

a) You realise that it is a feeling and not the actual 'true' situation. Otherwise, you might have asked 'Why is everyone out to get me'. So, it's a feeling you have and deep down you know that really, they are not *all* out to get you. This is good because it means that you can distinguish between a really untrue belief and something which is a feeling.

b) You say 'Everyone'. I think that deep down you do realise that it does not include 'Everyone' - every person in the whole wide world. If it were so, then it would be hard to step outside the front door - and you'd have every right to feel worried. So, take a step back and remind yourself that it isn't everyone.

However, the fact that you pose the question suggests that you're worried about how people treat you. The more you carry on thinking this, the more you'll believe it. So now's your chance to 'walk away' from all that is negative around you. If somebody treats you badly - walk away from them and find somebody or something that makes you feel good.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of bad news and bad experiences out there and we all need to get away from it before it ends up being 'common place'........ all we ever experience is bad stuff..... You can start by not watching the news on TV. It's 99% bad news.

In time, you can start to fill your days with good/positive experiences and leave all the bad stuff behind.


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