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Why do i feel like throwing up all the time? is there a name for that?

Fuzzy Manpeach
will you throw up in my mouth? LOL

shut anorexic bulemia chick lol

Food poisoning? How long has it been going on?

You better go to the docs!

let see ummmm the name for that would be uhhhhh..............SICK!!!!


Since you ruled out pregnancy, and u said u have anxiety it could be from it., But need to know if you vomit when you're having the anxiety?? But best of all is you should be consulting a doctor about it because your esophagus and stomach lining is possibly very damaged depending if you've been vomiting a couple weeks daily?? You should however see a doctor asap!

I know a litteral latin translation: Sentio Ejectus Continuus

:-) Hope you feel better.

ellen d
Food poisoning, botulism, salmonella....just plain ordinary stomach bug.



Hey! master your mind!

You could be bulimic.

Could be acid reflux, as a result of the anxiety. It kind of feels like your stomach is stuck in your throat. It is aggravated by certain foods, especially if you eat fairly close to bedtime. When it gets really bad, it is painful to swallow even water. Several answers given here are possibilities, so it is best to check with a physician.

I have been the same way for years. Bodily complaints are at least partially your involuntary way of expressing the anxiety. I take gravol, and try to eliminate stress. Here's a helpful link below.
I actually have irritable bowel syndrome as well, and although anxiety doesn't create IT, it exasperates all the symptoms. You should consult a Dr if the symptoms don't subside.
Hope these help! =)

Must be an internal ear problem. That usually comes when you have a problem keeping your equilibrium while walking or simply staying on your feet.

Or maybe it's just the summer heat... It's pretty exhausting actually. It can make you throw up.

Well i think it is just the way your body is. My friend would always be nerovus during schoool and always want to throw up but it was just her nerves or maybe your not at a helathy weight for your height about 4 years ago i was to skinny and always felt like that. so i think you should just contact your doctor and i hope you feel bettter.

go to the doctor

Lora da Explora
ur stomachs probably not used to the food youre eating. have you been eating less recently? You can get a regulated diet and that will help adjust your stomach start off wih foods not so strong and eventually youll be used to eating anything

I have anxiety and when it was at it's worse I had no - and I mean absolutely no - appetite. Lost like 10 punds in a couple weeks. And I do remember feeling nauseated at times.
I think with anxiety there are a lot of somatic symptoms that can occur as it manifests itself physically. But, you might have some sort of gastro-intestinal thing or bacteria going on, so you should get checked out by a physician asap.
Take care of yourself!

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