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Why do blind people wear sun glasses instead of taking them off?

my answer is that i feel a little shocked and surprised anyone would ask that question.

sometimes blind people wear sunglasses because their eyes may be half open & they want to hide that.

They feel self-concious.

lola f
erm.. thats atricky one/

i pack a 44
because there eyes look strange

Texas Pineknot
I think it's mostly for other people's benefit. Some blind people's eyes constantly roll around and people are always staring, so they wear sunglasses.

I think because some blind people have very sensitive eyes, and the light hurts them.

Blindness is a weird thing - there are different types of blindness. Some blind people can actually "see" normally, at least their eyes are no different than ours. But their blindness originates in their brain, and their brain is unable to make sense of the images, so sight is useless to them.

Other people have actual damage to their eyes, and see nothing.

Love Jack

Just Me
To hide their eyes from the gawking public.

ozzy chik...
apart from continual sunburn to the eyeballs which can cause some form of cancer, they block out the rays that filter through and distort already distorted visions in grey hues that only some blind people can see..

they still need to protect their eyes.

they cant see, so they wont be able to close eyes, or look away once the sun hits the eyes.

make sense?

To be more socially accepted. People tend to be bothered by how some blind persons eyes may appear.

because the color of the eyes go totally white. its really not a pretty site for others...so this is y sunglasses are worn usually. reasons vary.

They wear the sunglasses so people won't stare at them as much.

Because sometimes their eyes wander around or look different from non use and they don't want you to stare at their eyes or feel uncomfortable by what their eyes look like.

Erika S
Many blind people have problems with the physical appearance of their eyes--they might be crossed or go off at different angles or they may appear cloudy. They wear the sunglasses in order to hide the appearance of their eyes so that they do not make sighted people uncomfortable, which could cause sighted people to treat them differently.

Because they are sometimes still slightly affected by bright light. In addition to this, blind people get a film of white over there eyes, I think its a vanity thing- I know I would if I were blind.

Moxie Crimefighter
Did you ever see a blind person's eyes...for some, there is uncontrollable movement in the eyes.

Joey K
Because most blind people are famous, and don't want to be slowed down by autographs.

Because a blind persons eyes tend to wander a little bit, and it is kinda creepy. Don't get me wrong a there is nothing wrong with a blind person, i have one who is a friend of mine.

OOO! I know! I know!
To hide what their eyes look like and protect them from light sensitivity, if that is an issue for them.

because their eyes tend to wander and it can be disturbing for someone who can see and is talking to them. Its cosmetic.

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