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Why do I think I'm so fat?
I have gained a little bit of weight over the holidays, and I've gotten some of it off, but i still feel really fat and ugly. My BMI is perfectly normal, so why am I constantly obsessing?? Is it anorexia? I don't think so, because don't you have to be really skinny to be anorexic? I just need some advice, since this crying and obsessing is completely ruining my self-esteem.

its ok to be fat just eat some weight watchers i find weight watchers food is nicer then non weight watchers food .anyway dont lose sleep or self esteem over it your the same as everyone else...

if your BMI is at the right spot, I would stop worrying.

Don't stress yourself out because that could only make it worse...and possibly an eating disorder.

Just eat really healthy and exorcise a little if you're concerned.

do you think you would feel really fat if you never had to go outside again? maybe , or maybe you wouldn't. I agree with Sam. You probably are to comparing yourself with someone else. i feel the same way too. I want to look good all of the time, but i always feel that there is something not right about me.

you are beautiful , even if you don't care about what i just said

I don't think you will be realy fat that is just the way you think you are. You need to feel that you are pretty.

If you worry too much consider taking professional support. Also being a little overweight is not a very bad thing.

Just exercise!

Janine E
If you are obsessing and crying all the time about this, then you need to go and get professional help. You say your BMI is normal so therefor your weight is fine. You are headed for a problem. Get help now!

Dia Cheng
....If you think you are so fat then try:

1. Try to excercise maybe that make you feel better;
2. ----Lay off the sweets- But you can have a little *giggle*
3. ....I think I'm fat too- so, I try to excercise and it make me feel WAY better!
Hope this helps! ^_^

The Mr. Pine
Find something to do with your time.

because your a woman for some reason women think there fat even if there not just remember a little cuchin is good for the pushin

who are you comparing yourself to?

AS IF.....................
TO thine own self be true

You're evaluating your appearance according to the standards set by the media and fashion world. Say to yourself: "Screw everybody. I am who I am, wether you like me or not"

Anorexia looks like just eating problems when in fact if you interview some of these girls like your self they almost all feel anxiety over body changes that will make them into a mother. This terrifies them but it is well repressed. Somehow they found that starving destroys the reproductive system and they can remain neuter. It will take the strong feelings love to remove this hidden thinking in your brain. Once the process is so exciting you cant say no the fears will be gone.

Because you have a low opinion of yourself

Anyone at any weight could have an eating disorder. It doesn't matter if you grossly obeise, unhealthily skinny or just right. It all depends on how you feel about yourself and how you see yourself. If you are depressed and obsessing constantly about the way that you look, you should talk to a therapist or counselor.

If your BMI is good, then I don't think you have anything to worry about weight wise. However, I do think you have to do something about these feelings you are having. Please go to a professional who can help you to figure out why you are feeling this way and what you can do to stop this kind of destructive thinking.
Good Luck

flying peanuts
stop thinking too much about how you look. you must be lacking activities to keep you busy.
when i'm home i have alot of stuff to do and i don't worry about my weight, but when i have to live with my uncle for school, there isn't much to do around the house and i feel lazy and fat.
find distractions and stuff to do. read. it helps.
good luck. and please don't start starving yourself.

If your BMI is ok then you're probably fine for now, but if the feelings continue then you need to get checked out, whether your BMI is low or not. You don't have to be skinny to be anorexic. You could have the beginings of an eating disorder and not be skinny. If it's gotten to the point where you are "crying and obsessing" then you need to get som help - right away. That isn't normal and you should talk to someone about it. Your doctor would be a good start, they may refer you to someone else. Good luck, don't be too hard on yourself.

Joe S
Stop believing all the hype with the advertising and what you see on TV and the movies. Accept who you are and take the steps to keep youself to be and remain healthy. The time you are spending worry about it is time away from constructive activities.

I realized long ago if one ignores everyone who doesn't fit "the perfect body" scenerio, you miss out on a lot of interesting and fun people. The obsession of looking for or becoming that truely "perfect person" makes you an ugly and unattractive person. Your goal blinds you. I would rather be happy than perfect by societies standards. I may not be a person who gets looked at twice, but those who get to know me find I have a lot to say!

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