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a girl frm nowhere
Why do I always think that all the worst thing in life will happen to me?
I always think that my mum is going to die and that my dad will get married again. My brother will be killed in accident. And that i'll be left alone. Thinking about all these make me feel sad and depressed. I dont know what to do. Today I spent my whole day thinking about those things and crying. I dont know why those thoughts keep on coming to my mind. Am I really afraid of my future?
Additional Details
Mum and dad got divorced after 3 years of mariage.

Donald Duck
That's the amount of confidence you exhibited on your parents and brother. I don't know how old you are but I certainly know that how many ever years you have spent with your family, you certainly have not tried to understand them. Your dad cannot marry another woman. Your brother will live long and so will your mother. May be you should get along with them understand them better and pend as much time. This will eliminate all your negative thoughts. Get together as a family and life would be golden.

natural pessimist, it's part of your tendancy, build, make up and experience, but on the brighter side as you expect little to go right as you think of all the bad stuff first, any good news becomes big suprises and become the more enjoyable and as we humans live to have a good time, your bound to have more good days then bad, so cheer up, things are never as bad you think.

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That's a neurosis...caused from their divorce no doubt. That's the effect divorce has on the children. Hit the books and do your best for just yourself. Shape up and be the best you can be and it will take your mind off "loss" and you will make "gains" in every way. Good luck...you are not alone.

If these thoughts only started after the separation of your parents then it sounds to me like you just haven't been able to cope with their split, it's a very difficult thing to go through and you should speak to a therapist about it so they can walk you through the steps of grieving. If you let your situation go on it can develop into a life long struggle where you will worry about pretty much everything.

Dr. DeLight
Because you love to be miserable. What you 'feel and think' you create. You are a very destructivre person creating HELLL for everyone in your World. Grow up and get on the positive track. Try Loving yourself once in your life.

I think that you are teasing all of us. Unfortunately there are people that think truly what you said because they have psychological problems.
I think that we have to try to enjoy our life.

Perhaps that is because something in your life did happen. And you were traumatized by that event. Like your parents divorce. You are depressed. Seek a Dr. of psychology or psychiatry after you book an appointment with your medical physician. He or she will take care of you. Do tests that need to be done. And will give you either a referral to the former and or give you an antidepressant.

stick some feel good music on, helps me. im like that to, i worry about things that will probably never happen, live for the moment! thats what i try and tell myself anyway!

Eadaoin n
you have a depression, i have it to dont worry there is plenty of help out there, give your doctor a visit and get some help

It can be very scary. Perhaps you view the world to be a hostile place. I can imagine how you feel.

You also must be a person who doesn't like to take risks. You need to have faith in both the good as well as the bad. The world is what it is. It isn't out to get you (Though it may seem that way). And above all, you are not powerless. You have the power to do many things always remember that.


It is quite natural. If you can look at your thoughts and see the connections to behaviour, then perhaps read somemore about cognitive behaviour approaches. Lots of material on the web for self help. Join a group or make a plan to see a counsellor or CBT therapist. It will help.

You may be depressed and making yourself worse by all your worry
You can try your basic deep breathing to relax (wont happen over night) maybe take a yoga class to clear your mind also.
You seem young by your question
Talk to you family about how you feel let them know your are scared
I remember at one time when I was young feeling the same now I'm the mom and worry about my child.
Remember there is no over night cure you wont wake up tomorrow and not be thinking takes a little time to learn to relax yourself get to know your body deep inside. If this doesn't help see a therapist to help I had to Give it time you will feel better (easy for me to say I know)

i gather that you are a teenager from your previous questions. Most teengagers get miserable. You think too much and this negagtive attutide will take you over if you dont control it soon. I dont want to sound harsh, but people dont like being around moody/miserable people - its human nature, so try to lighten up otherwise you may start losing friends-that will make you feel worse. Try to get involved in sports/clubs/hobbies - do things for other people. It is healthy to cry sometimes. Maybe you get PMS which can make some women quite teary and emotional and down. Try to push away any fearful thoughts that you have. Listen to happy music - avoid angry or melancholic music. Do something positive everyday, join aerobics classes with a friend or something. After all these changes you might not feel so affraid of your future. Good luck.

Brer Fox
That's pity but people mostly think the same this is just because we easily see bad thing and don't want to see good one. This is just in our mind not around us.

Your obviously suffering from depression darling.

Have a word about the way you feel with your mum, and get her to take you to the doctor. He may be able to subscribe some tablets to make you feel better.

Your only young and should be enjoying your life not thinking about the worse things that could happen to you in it.

Be brave, as I say have a word with mum, she loves you and will want to help you.

However, if your closer to dad, which some girls are (I pressume you are a girl,by what you have written) talk to him, just because you live apart,doesn't always mean that he cares any less for you,the love he has for you is very different than the love he once had for your mum.

God bless and good luck.

S + R
Pretty similar like my case, girl. I used to be that way, where I am at the point of feeling insecure of everything. I wasn't loved by my parents before so I think that is the main root of my insecurity in me.
I used to get depress and unhappy very often and still sometimes now. I used to think that I might not be loved forever and I might suffer for loneliness all my life without any love.
But I think you should just have to believe that those feelings inside you are just yours, which in reality is not true at all. I, myself, don't completely understand why I could be thinking like that. Is that something in the air that makes me think so? I dunno. I just rebel against all odds, girl. That's what I do and hopefully you can surpass your depress feeling like I've been working on it now. :)

It sounds like you have got slight depression, maybe you should speak to your doctor.
Everyone feels down sometimes, dont worry.

Blooming Sufi
Find out from your doctor if you might be suffering from obsessive thoughts...it's a form of OCD, I've been told. I ended up on psychotropic drugs which helped me regain a sense of balance, but talk therapy might be just as beneficial or better.

You are just a bit pessimistic.....cheer up...think positive!!!!

I agree with other, I'm the same, a natural pessimist.
Whenever u have a negative thought about urself or the future, imediately replace it with a positive tought.. eg. if u think I'll never have a good career, I'll never ne anything, say 2 urself, I'll have a wonderful career & be successful.
I highly recommend Louise L. Hay books; they have helped me a lot. You Can heal Your Life or I Can Do It are my favourites. She aslo has a radio show online with well known authors giving advice & inspiration 2 callers, this is the link if u r interested:


much luv

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