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No smut now you folks....

Why am i so stressed and nervous for nothing??
I have no idea why but im soo stressed out and nervous.. i mean i have a few things im worring about but there not like huge things or anything.. but for the last 4-5 hours i have been very stressed and nervous.. and its starting to make me feel sick to my stomic.. how can i just relax?? my girlfriend has been telling me to just calm down and chill but i just cant =/ i did bad on a test in one of my classes and now im feeling like im going to fail or something( in college, and i wont fail) but still im freakin out, and me and my girlfriend of 3 1/2 years are a little uneasy so i just keep thinking something bad will happen to us to.. what can i do to just relax??
Additional Details
WOW! thank you guys soo much i cant believe so many people have gone threw this same exact thing! that makes me feel alot better.. im going to try getting some sleep, maybe a shower, and some of this things yall recomended.. thanks to everyone who answered =) thanks so much!

Harris G
talk to yo mama

Rubber duckie
I know exactly how you feel, you need sometime out and some alone time. Sometimes I feel like I just need some breathing space, my own time so I can think straight and gather my thoughts.

Mike R
just calm down take a few breaths, take a nap maybe you are sick

any medicine you take

especially if u take an inhaler i have one and it makes me so nervous(they have steroids in them)

you know I was also like that some months ago.you know what healed me,yes it is reading books,you just read the Auto-Biography of Great personalities and you'll see how much difficulties they faced to become a great persons.And there motivating words will definitely heal you.I swear.

just relax. everything will be fine.

Hi, I am the same as you. I just listed things out what I can do just to make my mind out of stress things. I starts to see things in details and appreciate a small things in my life and little things around me. There is nothing really that we need to worry about in our life. Everything just come and go so if we will see it as it causes of the nature then we will understand and do not need to take it so serious. Hope you and your girlfriend and both very happy and well.

its called anxiety....it happens to me all the time...this might not work for you...but coffee calms me down...some people it makes them crazy...and others it calms them down...it could work for you..or you can just lay in a dark room with some candles lit...they say lavender calms you down.

cassie j
you sound like you have some anxiety. i used to have it and when i got stressed i would just lay down and watch a movie or try to get some sleep. think positive thoughts and when you breathe think about taking in the good, and breathing out the bad. I know it sounds weird but it really worked for me. Just do something to distract from what youre so stressed about untill your're ready to think about it. Do something as relaxing as possible

☮ ❤ and ♬
ok. turn on the shower, to a temp you like, and lay down on the shower floor and just let the water run over you. close your eyes and think calm things. good luck

You have described the classic symptoms for "Generalized Anxiety Disorder".

Read about it on the web. I suffered through it from when I was 13 years old to 38 years old, when I finally "admitted defeat" and got on anti-anxiety meds. I should have gotten on them at 13.

The longer you go without meds, the more entrenched it will get. Take my advice, go to a pychiatrist (not a psychologist).
Get on the meds, you'll be fine, and these meds are cheap. If you do go the psychology route, then only go to a CBT (cognitive behavior therapist) -- that's your best shot at getting over it naturally.

I have anxiety like this sometimes... It will make me cry out of nowhere... There is usually SOMETHING in the back of my mind making me act like that. For example, I got in a slight fender bender with my ex driving and whenever he drove me after that I was petrified that we would wreck again so if he ever got too close to a curb or something I would freak out and shake... I was diagnosed with acute social anxiety a few years ago so I guess that is my reason for it?
I just had to wait it out and after a couple of hours I would feel normal again. Sometimes laying down and listening to music will help me.
Reading a book also helps me, it takes me out of my current situations and puts me in someone else's life so if I am ever having problems it is soothing.

Rev Z
You appear to have "Free Floating Anxiety". A professional could tell you better.
1. Identify situations that stress you.
2. Try not to be in a situation with more than one stresser at a time.
3. You do know why but telling ourselves the truth is difficult.
4. Let your girlfriend help you, or other people.
5. Sit down, stop, take slow deep breaths and concentrate on something positive, good, funny. Please, it works.
6. Fear of failure is common, you have to learn to accept that you can not please ..........(who ever it is you want to please) and accept what you have and where you are. That does not mean don't try hard or do your best, but Clint Eastwood said it well, " A man got to know his limitations."
You need to define yourslef and not accept the definition that has been given to you or expected of you.
This is why people of faith have someone else to turn to.
Christians have Jesus who will carry your burden with you and the Holy Ghost to give you strength and God to protect you, faith is powerful.

Well that is something to be stressed about. It is ok and normal to worry about things like that.
You need something to take your mind off it like hiring a funny movie or get a heap of mates around for some sport in the park.
Or you can ride the anxiety out. Just think about what is making you stressed evaluate it. Look for the good in the situation.
I use both of those techniques and both are just as effective. I use to get bad anxiety and now when I worry it only lasts a minute.
Good luck.

R!nG Sl@p
just relx
1.see a movie
2. go to dinner
3.go to the beach
5.go for a long walk
6. talk to a friend

I have had the same happen to me me, check this website out. I suggest getting involved in something that will take your mind off of it. Do something fun like a sport or watch something funny, your favorite music, diet and excercise. Basically try to get your mind on good things and tell yourself that those other things are nothing to lose sleep over. Everyone has done bad on tests and have done fine. I have failed on some tests and even a class in the past. Now I am a successful engineer, pick yourself up and learn from it. Remember, that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

okay it is easy to relax firstly play some calm music which you can do in your head then you think breathe in 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -5 breathe out 1 - 2 -3 -4 -5and when you breathe out say so yourself relax let go of nervousness it works at least it does for me

Tony R
you have panic attacks go see a doctor

drink a six pack of beer and you will be fine. or take some nyquill and knock your self out.

oooh...sometimes lack of sleep, or over worrying about something insignificant can make the problem seem a lot bigger, you wrap your brain around it too long and your mind plays tricks on you. A little optimism goes a long way and has profound healing powers. Always add a positive thought to any negative that creeps in

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