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 Help Im a cutter I havent cut in so long but I started again tonight..?
I havent cut in like a year. Then tonight, because I saw a razor blade, I cut.. I saw it and my heart pounded and i remember that feeling at to me its a good feeling although logically I know its ...

 I think im breaking down?
ive hurt so many people ive loved by not being faithful idk why but i just couldnt stop myself people have been telling me im skitzo and i have bi-polar i cant control the thoughts that race through ...

 Are you afraid of scary movie while you watch it alone?
Please be honest with me, I need to know do I have some problem or not, while I am watching a scary movie in the night and while I am alone, I scare, my heart strats beating and that night I can'...

 Why do i self harm?

 What antidepressant are you on?

 My boyfriend said if i dont listen to him he's gonna push me what should i do should i do what he says?

 What is the downside of smoking marijuana?
I've been wanting to try it lately but i'm afraid that it will affect the way I think, I only plan to try it and see what it's like, if I like it I will only do it again if I know that ...

 IMPORTANT QUESTION: Can one over come their depression alone?

Additional Details
I mean all alone with no one to love them...no one to turn to......

 Is This Classed As Bullying?
Need Help I Think Im Getting Bullied But There Not Exactly Saying Stuff To Me Its Just the Fact They Ignore Me I Hate It Please Tell Me What To Do I Need Some Help Does This Mean I Should Move C...

 Can anxiety/depression be cured?

 Is this dangerous? (overdose related)prozac?
so far today ive taken 15 prozac tablets at 20mg. im meant to take one a day.
i dont want to die. i took them because i havent slept in ages and i hoped they would knock me out and because i ...

 Scared of heights?
Scared of heights?
im going to a trip this monday, with my h/s we are going to a theme park and all my friends are going on rollercoasters and stuff.

but i dont want to sit in the ...

 Why does a drug addict distance himself from family?
i was just wondering what goes thru their ...

 My Work Mate is Bullying me..?
I have been working with this stupid guy for 4 months.. and ive never met someone so evil!! He always picks on my mistakes, gets moody and grumpy, doesnt teach me the work, and makes my life hell at ...

i am on medication for depression the last 2 years and i tried a whole lot of meds but nothing seems to be working.what should i do?...

 Anyone know a way how to kill me?
I been bullied and raped at 15 i just cant take diss life anymore.
Additional Details
Thanks for all ur help but i need 2 die now

Take care every1 ...

 How can i get to sleep?
hi there, i cant seem to sleep at the moment, and havent been able to for a long time. im 17, im always really tired (mainly because of schoolwork and other things), yet cant turn my thoughts off ...

 What is happiness?
Is it a state of mind or materialistic well being or health ?...

 Why don't people take depression seriously?
I'm not just talking about feeling a bit down. I mean the mental illness depression....

 Why do we exhist?

When is a person considered stupid?

karry k
when a person asks a stupid question!

when they answer like this "duuhhh" or just sit around and look like no one is talking to them...

Decoy Duck
A person is considered stupid when one does or says things that are unreasonable. For instance: You notice someone writing on a piece of paper and you ask, "What are ya doing, writing?" OR if you dive head first into 3 feet of water. Uneducated people are not stupid, they just have no education. Retarded people are not stupid, they are unable to learn and do certain things - and some of them are actually brilliant in areas that are incomprehensible to anyone else. Hope this helped to answer your question!

haha yea i agree.. when they ask questions like this
i also consider myself stupid for answering, but its 2 points!

jo jo
the minute they open their mouth to speak.

When they don't ask if they are.

Tanap M
When they get married

when the person does something that wasn't very brilliant and the person should have known better...

When they ask questions like this

ailsa w
Quite often one hears someone calling another stupid.
What they are actually saying is because you are not like me you are stupid.
This type of person is showing they are arrogant.

Take care!

when they cant distinguish truth from perception

When people like stuff like Terrance and Phillip

When they keep ringing the mint (game show) thinking they are likely to win.


when a person gets married

When they ask a yahoo question you answer them honestly and then they send you an abusive e-mail.

when they ask this question

When they give themselves permission to believe that the idiot who told them they are stupid was actually correct. Stupid is just one of many words that can be used to describe actions that may have led to unwarranted or poor consequences and life decisions. The key is learning from those and not repeating them. But when you start to believe that you are stupid then the dumbest part of that feeling is the fact that you allowed yourself to believe it.

when their i.q. is lower than 60

When they reveal that they are liberal.

% of Population

Very superior


High average


Low average


Below 70
Extremely low


When they answer questions like me!!!

I think being stupid is just an expresion that is used for any person that at the moment didnt take any time to think of the question he made or of the answer.
Or it could also be a person that lacks the capacity to intelegently evualuate situations because of his childhood or because of some hard punch to his head.

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