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Whats wrong with my body?
I feel very light almost weightless and when I look at my arms the rest of my body especially when I move them it feels as if Its not me hard to explain. I can feel everything still have all my senses but it feels as if Im not part of my own body or im just watching. Like when I move my arm it just looks like Im watching a movie in first person but I can control this body and feel everything. Yet my body feels as light as a feather than before when I could fully feel my self against the pressure of the air it seems as I am loosing touch with reality, drowzy or high and drifting away from my own body. What is this? Im constanly pinching myself to asure me im still here and not dreaming even but I can feel the pinching pain and my clothes its hard to explain but I certainly dont feel the same it feels good but its also weird freaking me out. Dont smoke dont drink btw
Additional Details
Not high but I have had depression for a long time cant cry no more and anything can make me jump (heart race) catch my attention.

mr piri piri
Hate to tell you this but................Your Dead!!!!! yup same thing happened to me last year, one hundred percent sure, you my son are as dead as a DODO.

You should see a doctor immediately....it's NOT normal or common I'm sure to feel that way. Maybe there is something contaminating the air in your home. Please see a doctor ASAP!

I would see a doc. You might have something neurological going on.

If you've done drugs in the past it might have damaged a part of your brain. I would see someone ASAP.

Jane Eyre
Are you......a spaceman?

karen b
get checked out by your doctor as soon as you can.

until then, make sure you aren't dehydrated - don't drink loads of fluids all at once though - take little and often, preferably water.

im no doctor, but you might have a serious iron deficiency or a major nerve issue.
or maybe there might be something in the air at home (arsinic, maybe) that is making you feel this way

i don't know how old you are, but GET MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY.
this is serious, it might be killing you.

Dawn R
Dissociative Identity Disorder.It used to be called multiple personality disorder. You feel disconnected from your body and sometimes I feel like my arms have switched places even though I see that they are in the right places. Let me ask you,have you ever been sick one minute then feel fine the next when something triggers you to be well at the time but as soon as the moment is over you are just as sick as you were before? I cannot tell you that it is easy to treat because its so very hard for anyone in the mental health field to accept much less diagnose this. Many times you will get missed diagnosed and bombarded with many different meds and some will tell you the diagnosis isn't what is important because its the treatment that matters but the treatment does depend on the diagnosis. I have so many questions for you but I don't want to crowd any one else out so maybe you can email me

What your experiencing is called depersonalisation


Take a deep breath. It's normally nothing physical, it's just mental, It can't kill you or anything, so don't freak out.

Go on monday to see your GP and explain yourself, you might even want to print out the wiki page just in case.

Some people experience this only for a couple of hours or days. However your GP might put you on anti-anxiety drugs.


by the way, don't listen to most of these fools on here, they are trying to freak you out telling you your about to die or have a serious medical condition, which you don't.

it could be depersonalisation,

its what your mind does in times of extreme stress, it basicly tries to remove you (mentally) from the situation and does so by leaving you feeling like your not really here, like your sort of dreaming.

Its a symptom of a bigger problem you are not able to cope with and my best advice would be to go get some help to deal with everything, or things could get harder to deal with in the long term.

lovely lady
I'm not sure but it kinda sounds like anxiety...

I had those exact same symptoms in october. I was kind of scared! with me it was because I had been staying up too late and drinking too many energy drinks. I stayed like that for about a week and then actually felt like myself again. I'm not sure if its the same thing, but if you have been lacking sleep, then try to get 8hours every night and drink 8 glasses of water too. Good Luck and I hope you feel yourself again soon. I do not smoke or drink either x

Check out hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Could be the problem.

It's called "dissociation" (as in disassociation) and it can be caused by a chemical imbalance in the body/brain because of lack of proper nutrition or dehydration; or it can be a sign of some undiagnosed illness (mental or physical).

If you think you might be dehydrated, don't try to drink too much water; just drink a small amount frequently. And go take a tub bath; your skin will absorb more moisture into your body than will drinking too much water too fast or too often.

I suggest making an appointment with you internist ASAP. And, in the meantime, keep a journal of when and what you eat and drink and what sensations you experience and when you experience them. Share the journal with the internest and any other health care professional you may visit as you explore this.

bri b
okay go to a doc. are u high did u eat anything. may be ur just sick. but i recomand to see a doctor

Are you upset or feeling alone in anyway.

I get that feeling when I get too hot, angry, upset or depressed.

I also do it to withdraw from the world when people are anoying me and stuff. Hard to explain.

I can watch myself in do things and take a nap as my body still continues. Sometimes I black out if I'm 'gone' from my body for too long. I can cut out certain sounds or certain peoples voices. Like if a train was going past I could block out the sound completly. I know what you mean but I can 'control' mine.

Did you sleep on your arm and then wake up, because when you do that it slows downt he circulation and you can't feel your arm of whatever part of the body it is, it does return shortly after you've noticed it, but you think it's not your body.

El Nino
Ur not eating enough, or drinking. Drink 2 litres a day. Begin with a glass in the morning, right when u wake up. Thatll make u want to drink the rest of the day. And make sure u have 5 meals a day. One in the morning, then a snack in 3 hours, then a big meal 3 hours after that, then a snack, and then a big meal again. And eat healthy. Try no more sodas and junk food. U'll feel a lot better. Good luck?

That is strange. Maybe you should see a doctor or a therapist. It sounds like you have some sort of body disassociation disorder.

I say go to a nutritionist, a doctor (for sure!), and/or a therapist. I sort of get what u mean, just be careful and take care of urself!

If you are not high, you need to see a Doctor urgently.

It sounds like depersonalisation. Are you having panic attacks or a severe depression, or any other kind of such problems at the moment? Are you taking any medication?

I personally experienced this a couple of years ago when I was suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, and like you I was very sensitive to noise. You have to take care of yourself, get lots of rest and recover. It took me about 4 months.

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