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Whats wrong with being a little anti-social?
OK, i really don't talk to many ppl at school...and i usually just stay alone and mind my own business...i know everyone always talking about me..like im gonna b the one to blow up the school or sumtin like that...its just i really don't like these ppl...they talk soo much s***, so basically i have stereotyped everyone as fake, so even when they do talk to me, i think its fake and phony in my eyes..b/c there the same ppl that willl talk s*** about u when u leave the room, i hate ppl like this...ugh..
Additional Details
im not in high school...im in nursing school..these ppl act like high schoolers

further exilation from your peers or the people around you,less and less ppl will atempt to socialize w you. dont become too anti-social its not emotionally healthy.

alley b
There's absolutely nothing wrong with being anti-social. And it does not get better after school. the stereotypes are just hightened, and seem to mean more to people who proclaim that they are 'social butterflies' If you do not fit the cranked out molds of society, they will always whisper and call you strange and anti social. Also among other outcasts. If you don't think or act like an outcast, you must not be one, so on and so forth.
The best thing to do...forget them all. None of them think, feel or act as you do. The stares and whispers will never go away. Always remember, nothing is as important as what goes on inside your head.

Jessica S
There is nothing wrong with being a little anti-social, as long as you're not a threat to yourself or the people around you. In fact, I wish that I hadn't been quite so social in school because then I would have focused more on schoolwork and grades.

Be yourself and if people don't like it, that's their problem, not yours.

you have youre own path. i dont see people accept when i go to the grocery store. you should have a better outlook on morals , than people that always mix and do what ever they feel like. just say hi to people that are decent enough to make eye contact .

Rachel D
if you dont know them or talk to them, then you shouldnt care what they think either.
I never really talked to that many ppl in school, not coz i was anti-social, i just genuinely didnt like some of them and had better friends outside school.
Now I've left and all the people that thought I was the weirdo are the same immature idiots that dont know how to talk to anyone in the real world - they're still stuck with all their high school crowd.
Don't stress, just be glad your not fake!

X Man
Nothing wrong with it at all, as long as it doesn't turn into psycosis. I was that way in school, myself, and still kind of that way on my job.

Well with the combination of paranoia and distance towards others that you show you better be careful of schizophrenia.

theres nothing wrong with being a little anti social.. but not everyone at your school is fake I'm positive on that.. anyways you dont like it when they think that your gonna blow up the school or something along those lines, well your doing the same thing in assuming all of them our fake, I'm sure theres some people at your school who arent and who wouldnt talk **** about you, keep an open mind.. you'll be surprised!

Nothing, whatever get you through the day without hurting other people, go for it.

kendal b
well ur on yahoo answers so ur not bieng anti-social but other than that theres nuthin wrong with been a lil' anti social.

well ,that is your life,but i think you are gonna change when you grows up

there's absolutely nothing wrong with it; no need to associate with ppl you don't like

nothing.... i'm almost the same as u.... i dont like talking to many ppl cuz i'm damn sure.. they'd b the ones to b**** abt u.
the less u bother about other.. the more happier u'll b

I think it's perfectly normal. In fact, most of the smartest people ARE a little anti-social, so be proud. There will always be people who talk s*it behind your back, so best to just accept it, smile and move on, knowing you will go farther in life than those people (I call them sheep).

Nolan C
nothing.... there are many diferant types of people and usualy the anti social ones are in deeper thought and like having time to themselfs to figure things out.

I think what everyone is trying to say is that being a little asocial is OK. Antisocial, however, is a severe personality disorder where people tend to have no empathy, are very manipulative, have no consideration for other people, and are very self-centered. They are constantly living in the moment, not thinking of how their actions affect other people, and they tend to not follow any rules.
I can be pretty asocial too, I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Sometimes I prefer to just be alone so I can think to myself about stuff I need to do or relax and read a book and not deal with people and drama. Maybe try to find one or two people who seem real to you and talk to them. It's good to find at least one person you can connect with at school or in the work place. If you don't want to be phony with everyone and act like you're best friends when they talk sh*t behind your back, you don't have to. It's also good to not make enemies though too.

♥ coolFreak ♥
as long as you happy this way, there is nothing wrong with that =)

Seems like you're the only one with her head on straight. Keep up the good work.

There isn't anything wrong with being a little anti-social, but I would say that you are a little more than that. Maybe talk to someone professional about how you feel, they may be able to help.

Interact with others as little or as much as you like. There are no rules. It's okay to be a loner. It's okay to be gregarious. It's okay to prefer your own thoughts to the nonesense often talked by others. And when you do interact/talk with others then try and take things at face value. Try not to speculate too much about what might be going on. Or if others throw up puzzles for you then resolve those puzzles by asking questions. Sometimes in order to understand properly some complication is necessary but I would say do not complicate matters when this is not necessary (or productive or worthwhile).

your a lady and your keeping it that way--
you have the right state of mind. I applaud you alot. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is wrong with being antisocial it just means your independent --LIKE ME
you dont need alot of people to live
you have confidence and whoever makes fun of you is just a poptart ******** too scared to step out of the house by themselves..kudos girlfriend

nothing, the same stupid people are the ones who made this sound like a bad trait,
it's not,
highschoolers really are stupid,
and if you preffer the way you are then don't worry about them,
just keep in mind that you should never let them bring you down either ^_^

but it is fun to be outspoken, it's hard to understand somtimes when you see people who don't participate,
you don't have to worry about them talking ****,
just enjoy being yourself and saying what you feel.

There is nothing wrong with keeping to yourself at times. I have to admit there are a lot of moments when I'd prefer my own company to that of others :) But try not to isolate yourself from others too much, dig deeper and I'm sure that you will find that there are a lot of nice people out there.

cold grey Ash
Nothing - you don't have to give into their drama. But just so you know, nurses are known for that kind of behaviour in the workplace too, so if you really hate it, you might think about that.
I was anti social forever - then I started just expressing exactly how I felt - I was sarcastic and rude when I wanted to be, and guess what? They started leaving me alone, and I made some real good friends cause there were some people who felt just like me but didn't say so!
Just make it through school and ignore the idiots. You are there to better yourself, not be part of the rumor mill.
If someone says you are going to blow up the school, start doing something totally crazy, like carrying around a chemistry book or something that will really make them talk. Have fun with it - people are stupid and they are fun to mess with!

Annie Marina
Such is life in high school. Everything gets better in the 'real' world when all the labels are gone.

If you are in high school I would totally not even worry about it. At that age people are just mean and really don't even know who they are. Just try to hang in there because later on in life you are going to be doing what they only dreamed of :) Don't change who you are because of people. You will be successful and happy later on.

me Vale MADRE
Theres nothing wrong with keeping to yourself as long as you dont ignore people and act snobbish..... I am the same way.. at work mostly.. because I dont like my job and not many people i work with.... so its fine to be that way... as long as you do have some people you talk to.. even though its not many... you DO need to have a friend or two to be there for you and keep you sane.. and understand you,, sometimes we need someone to talk to.. or support..

It sounds like a trust issue but I don't think there is anything wrong with it, you just haven't found anyone in your school that you can trust as being a real friend. Your fine, the back-stabbers have the problem.

The Tennis Player

dude, there's nothing wrong with being anti-social at all. i'm the same way. sometimes people just give talking wayyyy too much importance and they just go on and on talking about stuff that doesn't even matter. being anti-social is a sign of wisdom, it's a sign that you actually think about things. and you know what? most of 'em probably are fake. because most human beings are fake and they just talk outta their @sses and try to diss people to make themselves feel better. it's really sad and pathetic. but don't let 'em get to you, dude. their opinions shouldn't matter. you just keep doin your thing, and gradually you'll gravitate towards people who will accept you and will relate to your reserved behavior.

don't look at it like there's something wrong with you, you're just different. and in this world full of idiots, being different is truly a gift. :-)

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