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Whats the best way to commit suicide but make it look accidental?
i am 46, despondant, bought a condo from hell and cant see anyway out. my wife died two years ago, than i had heart surgery and my father died. now i sunk my inheritance into this nitemare and can only think of this constantly, does insurance pay off on suicide, if not how do i make it look accidental

Paul B
Let the Police do it for you.

Take a fake gun like a water pistol into a Bank and after you start waving it around tell the Teller that you want your little brown bag filled with all un-marked bills!

After she does this very slowly walk towards the boor of the bank and do not stop - even if the cops tell you they are going to shot!

Point the fake gun at the police officers until they shoot you and you lose consciousness but make sure they shot you at least four or five times!

A lot of these cops are real bad shots!

Good Luck!

you could walk in front of traffic

insurance doesn't cover suicide. if you were really going to kill yourself you wouldn't care about insurance !

Sounds to me like you need a break from life for a bit. I advise you check yourself into the hospital inpatient center for a few days.

Insurance doesn't pay on suicide.

File bankruptcy.

It is the worst thing 2 do God loves you seek him he can help you.DON'T COMMIT SUICIDE

killing yourself is not an option.

do some volunteer work at least you can do is get something out of helping other

give meaning to your life and someone Else's
help someone that is worst off than you

You need help. Insurance does usually not pay out on suicide.
Call your local distress centre they can give you a contact who can help. My wife passed away too after 35 years and i managed to survive.You can find the number for disstress centres in your phone directory on the first page.

Moe J
Dear Depressed,
Following any of the advice given here by those (like Paul) who think they know failsafe means how to do what you're suggesting...they just don't know what they're advising. Using any of their means will only further complicate your already oppressive conditions and still not resolve them.

Acting in any way that they suggest
is a coward's way and would leave a trail of broken hearts as your legacy.
And besides, if you think that insurance companys don't catch on and void the payoff anyway is just not clear thinking. They'll do everything necessary NOT TO PAY OFF.

Instead, gather up your own backbone and ask for advice from professionals like an Estate Planner, an Accountant, an Attorney (they do free consults, almost all of them) and a health care provider like a psychologist who can provide you with a means of coping with things as they stand at this moment.

Make no mistakes, things do and will change if you take the first step in a direction of being open to receive help.

Suicide is not the answer. Shaking things up by getting _angry_ at those conditions you need to change is. When we become severely depressed, it's because we're accepting conditions without using any of our own inherent anger as it should be used, directed at the conditions and not at yourself.

There's nothing wrong with you that a good swift kick in the butt won't fix and get you started to a new and improved life. It's all worth it, man, you're just choosing the coward's way out. It's NOT too late to fix and improve. You'll only know that once you've taken those necessary steps to do it.

I empathize with you, pal, but I'd rather kick your butt to wake you up to the possibilities you're ignoring.

Good Luck and do let's hear back from you once you've awakened to your options and changed your life. You really ought to be counting your blessings instead of counting yourself OUT! But of course, you're in the middle of being "Poor Me" so you can't see your own blessings.
Your "faith" is being tested.

im too bad to be true!
dont kill your self your better than that you have an apartment right some people dont even have homes and your still alive some people may still care about you and go get a girl have some children then mabe you won't be so lonly dont kill your self.

ps go get mental help

YOU NEED URGENT COUNSELLING. and admission..go ring up a helpline number ASAP. and check into a hospital.

to my knowledge no insurance doesn't pay off on suicide. Ok no doubt that you have had it extremely hard. But there is hope, maybe there is away to fix up this condo and turn around and sell it for a higher amount, or maybe you could rent it out and find yourself another place to live. there are always other possible solutions. like the first answer said on here a debt consolidator is a good idea. most importantly suicide is not an answer. Because bad things happen, but good things happen to, and there are good reason to keep trying, keep living, because you don't know what fortunes could come your way. I use to be suicidal (bi-polar symptoms) and when I was in that low I could think of nothing but suicide as an answer, I thank God all the time that I didn't, because since then life has really given me some blessings. Don't give up!

How sad. Do you have kids? If so imagine how THEY will feel if you do end your own life. There is a way out of your depression, you just need to find help. See a psychiatrist, and since it sounds like you can't afford one, you can see a pastor, they will usually do counceling at no cost. Please think about the other loved ones in your life.

OMG, suicide is not an answer but I see that you are doing something by taking this step and asking...it's a cry for help. You need Jesus and should you decide to kill yourself you'll go to worse hell than what you think you are living now. I am sorry for all that you've endured.

beth b
you dont want do that , talk to dr and a lawyer . losing someone you love to sucide hurts familys i lost my mom to this ,,

I will pray for you

Stop right there get you self together you don't have to die that's a cop out,,,get some financial aid and get a good psychiatrist to evaluate your thoughs on suicude.....life is worth living and you want out well thats a cop out there is help out there do you think your the only one on earthwho has problem...stand up and fight for your life kara

You don't need to know that just yet...
Please don't kill yourself... I know that everyone gets down sometimes and we think that there is no way out of it but there is..You just have to get out of the condo and do something.. Go to the movies every once in a while or something.. You never know who could be out there waiting to fall in love with you and change your life for the better. =)

Karrien Sim Peters
Um I am in the same boat as you. However I am going to not do that sort of thing. You need some help with your self esteem and understand that the only thing going bad for you now is debt to a company who doesn't even know you exist. File for bankruptcy or just don't worry about it. I am telling you from experience that life is short enough without thinking along those terms. I hate saying this and this is totally wrong but.... I would insure the hell out of that condo and burn that mother ****** down before I would even consider anything else.

broken g
call someone and tell them this right away, death is not to be played with.

whats the problem your having talk to some one! suicide is not the answer you only get 1 life plus just think who will be left broken hearted by your death! have a long think.

It's Me
I'm so sorry you're feeling this way. My niece's mom committed suicide a few years ago, and I still think about her everyday. I know it sounds trite, but with treatment, depression is temporary. And as you already know, the pain of losing someone you love is permanent. Please find help.

don't do it. i'm sorry ur wife died but life goes on. u have a life ahead of u and u don't want to hurt others around u. go see a doctor.

you are just in a low point right now. Remember when you are happy sadness is waiting at the end of the bed and when you are sad there's happiness. Just-A-Waitin' It's a gonna get cha! Please don't do that to your family and friends.

Love Alot
Do you mean to tell me you want to die over money? We all lose loved ones and I am so deeply sorry for your lose but you must go on. You won't go away and come back all better, dead is permanent.

You have the power and strength to overcome financial difficulty and the patience to wait it out.

You have hope so use it.

carnivore al a mode
Insurance companies will pay on suicide after 2 years of the policy being in force. Take a kayak and paddle due west from the west coast with 2 gallons of water. make the water last 5 days then turn around and try to make it back with no water. If you make it back you we re NT supposed to die anyway good luck!

Instead of thinking about ending it all think about getting help. See a debt consolidator and a lawyer about things and doctor about your dperession. Ending it is not a way out.

Suicide is never an answer......There is always something waiting around the corner. I can't imagine the pain you are going through but i would love to talk to you. Everyone needs someone to listen and I'm good at that. Who knows we may strike up a friendship and you may change your mind : ) P S Insurance will not pay out on suicide. Is there someone you'd be leaving behind that you want to take care of? Perhaps you might consider what they would go through if you committed suicide.

Don't do that to the people who care about you!!

Mighty C
Don't do it.

Death is boring.

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