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 Should I be afraid?
I fell like I'm depressed or stressed out I can't sleep at night I don't do nothing, I just can't get myself going to do anything. I cry a lot more then I should, I just fell so ...

 How many sleeping PILLS can I take before I OD ?
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 I i tried to commit suicide about 2 times?
i was married of the love off my life after a long story we are from diffrent countrys and after the marrige he went back to his country to prepair the house and my visa one day we had a fight ...

 Can you help me out?
This year has not been the best for me, due to many reasons. Anyway i was diagnosed with depression which to me wasnt such a shock for the last few months before that i was really low at losing me ...

 Be honest. If you're not mentally ill, how do you view people who are?
Any of these:
schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anti-social personality disorder, major depression, borderline personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and all others....

 Whats your favourite NON-ELECTRICAL possession??
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 Serious advice on depression please?
I am severly depressed,i feel so selfish as i feel the best way out is the easy way out but i have everything to live for i am not aggresive in anyway or form i do not lash out i just get really down ...

 What are you scared of?
so...what r u afraid of??????...

 Okay you guys might think I'm Little weird but Ive been having thoughts of suicide can you help me?
i have been having these suicidal thoughts since my mother and father had gottten a devorce and now that i am older i am (for some reason) taking it a whole lot harder but thats not the only reason......

 Does depression lead to anger?

 What really bothers you that people do?

 Is cutting yourself a good or bad way to deal with your pain? why or why not?
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 Do you think someone that commits suicide is a horrible person, no matter what?
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 I want 2 help my sister, what do i do?
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 Does anyone ever get the feeling they are been watched or are not alone?
I feel it really strong lately and i think i know what it is - a mad hatter and i heard him speaking saying ' are you mad? im a mad hatter!' I am not going mad.
I feel him when i walk ...

 Please answer. I told my mom about my depression and?
Well, she won't take me to a doctor because he'll prescribe pills, and she says that the pills increase suicidal thoughts in children under the age of 18 and cause other problems as well. W...

 Is it weird to constatly think about my future?
i think it's a little weird but i'm constantly thinking about my future, i mean i am getting married in 2 years, going to college in a year, and having kids after everthing is going good ...

What would you choose?? love or money?
one or the other !

mona 007
I choose love
I think when u have money without any love youre life get boring but when u have love u have a perfect person who helps u to make money

Love, money can't buy everything, it can't buy love, health or happiness. Like most people I'd like to be rich, but I'd rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable.

love! because money can only make you happy but only for a little while.

Robert C
I would choose neither, therefore leaving my options open to come across both.

But you asked for one or the other. So I would certainly choose Love. I have had plenty of money and while it has certainly been a convenience to not have to worry about money, it really has not made me anywhere near as happy as I felt when I was deeply in love. Both carry their baggage, but that unbelievable feeling you get from true pure love can not be bought. It can be trumped and duplicated through pharmaceuticals, but that never last. True love lasts forever, even if you are no longer with the person you were in love with. You would still help them out anyway you could...

James B
Definately money. Because it not "one or the other". People with money are loved. People with love may or may not have money.

Billy Budd
Love - Money is of no use without someone to spend it on who you love. Love can last forever while money is temporary.

snow r
ummmmmmmmmm.....depends in what circumanstance

Love. Money will only cater to your needs. But love is the blood line for living.

If you are in true love you will endeavour to earn and make money.

Money cannot buy everything but true love can.

I would like to think i would choose Love over Money but in reality im not so sure.

I know money cant buy love and therefore to be loved is to love so i would hope my truthful answer is Love

I would choose money....money can buy anything


Dr Frank
I have always chosen love, but then I've always been an old romantic.

Love, it can make you happier than money.

In truth, I would rather be really rich & dying, than really poor & healthy, but no one can live without love (wow, sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it?) x3

KEN W1953
Money every time

I would choose love, through life I've realised that money and buying things just doesn't bring me happyness ... but love, I'd like to see how that works for me

Moyra D
Money doesn't let you down !

none !!!! i think wise is the best . knowledge can bring you both . of course you can buy everything by money but not true love ! not true friend ! not true feeling ! so it`s up to person who choose if that person like to live in not true world in other word live in trade world it`s better to choose money .

loopy loo
both if possible, but if i had to choose, it would be love anyday

love as money cant buy u happiness but love can contribute to it

...hmmmm, I think Love

if you choose 'money' then every day without love will remind you just how hard you are 'working' for that money. imagine 25 years down the road and still no love. doesn't mean money is the wrong choice. It just means that it isn't a free ride - you would be making a big sacrifice. If you choose love - there is always the chance that you can make money on your own, it doesn't feel so helpless. Also recall that we, in North America are in the top 8% (or some such number) of the wealthiest people in the WORLD. So 'money' is also a relative thing...you've got more than most people even when you think you don't.

roy d
Money, but it can't buy you love!

I would definitely say love.

Love, you can't bring money with you after your dead!

I think most people would choose money and it would be a great thing short term. But when you die alone or surrounded by people waiting for you to die so they get your money - you might wish you'd picked the love.
You can get by with little money but not with little love.

robert x
For what its worth i chose money and regretted it ever since!

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