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What should i do if a family member is acting crazy, for example yelling obscenities out of doors?
there is nobody outside. My aunt is yelling out of all the doors and windows like there is someone outside insulting her. My husband moved out because at night she would yell awful things to him and call him a child molester. She also used to get on a lladder and spy on him through the window. I am a little afraid . I will probably move out too, but it's my grandmother's home and i don't think she will do anything about this.
Additional Details
she's like 40. And my husband is not a molester. but we left our home because my grandmother begged us and 600 miles away. we can't live together because he stays in someone's garage. I want to know what is the best way to do this. Should i call people to come pick her up? She does not leave the house, she believes that people are saying terrible things about her. She is not rational and i don't think i can get her to go willingly to see a doctor.

DJ Koko
That sounds like it might be Tourettes or a similar serious problem. Try and get her to see a psychologist who can give her medicine. But I'm with your husband, that sort of thing can be very upsetting and I believe you should seperate yourself from that.

Moving out is the best course of action in this situation especially if your Husband moved out.

find a new DR. The lunatics are runnng the asylum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaydee B
mooooooooove out!!

take her to sombody who can check if she has a mental illness

do somthing!!

Before you move out you have an obligation to get your Aunt checked out. Something is wrong. She is probably older and maybe needs more help than she knows. Sometimes as people age they don't think they need help either physically or mentally.
Please, don't leave her in the home alone until you have her checked out both physically and mentally. I don't think you would want anything to happen to her if you did move out.
You're a good niece and I am sure your Grandmother would appreciate it.

First find out why she is doing it. Then if she really is crazy, have her institutionalized. Okay why is she spying on him? Is he really a molester? If grandma does not do anything about it then I would suggest she move out or you. If your marriage is worth it and your sanity. Take care.


Does she take any meds like ambian? Sometimes that makes people do crazy things. If not I would try to talk her in to going to the doctor for help

Heath H
she needs help. call her doctor soon. my g-ma developed Alzheimer's disease and she acted like that for a little while.

Mdnght Drmr
Not to be disrespectful, but has she been checked for mental issues?

Bring her to a doctor to be evaluated. She may have a psychological or medical condition.

No Drama
Is she on any medications? If she is like most women her age in America, she's probably on a whole schedule of meds. Many pharmacueticals can interact with other meds or even foods and mimic psychological conditions.

Although all this might be pointless: I imagine that if you're still asking about this you've already tried to get her into a doctor and been refused.

she is so bad from her brain, take her to a psychologist she really needs it.
because i do not think she is drunk all the time.
and i would not live anymore in her house.

Call a mental health center and tell them about this i think she needs a a room and some special attention

Call your local Mental Health association; or a local hospital and see if they can refer you. Your aunt needs to be seen by a doctor; and be evaluated for mental health issues.

georgia g
If you have a family Dr. they may be able togive you some helpin what the bestcourse of action to take.It sure sounds likethewhole family needs some help, Another place might be mentle health in your comunity.Good luck

Well, there isn't really anything you can do. You do probably need to move out...or simply sit down and talk to her about it when she's a bit calmer.

baby grl
You need to take her to the doctor she is not well in the head, i'm not trying to be mean but seriously maybe she needs medical help. or is she on medication maybe she is not taking it like she is suppose too if she is taking it at all, or it could be the wrong medication. look in to this ASAP before someone gets hurt.

This is a medical condition. You should talk with your grandmother's doctor, or you talk to an advice nurse.

william h
well, try to calm her down. maybe she's acting that way because there's something terribly wrong.

the Goddess Angel
Why are you and your husband separated? If you have a place to live together, go there. You and your husband should sharethe concerns with your grandmother. Your aunt needs to see a doctor. SOmeone should get her there or get someone out there to see her before she gets hurt or hurts osmeone else, even a neighbor could be in danger. Find out!

I would try talking to her, tell her you are concerned and think she might need help. Is she elderly, could be altimers. If all else fails, it only takes 2 family members to commit someone for a psychiatric evaluation. This is not permanent, she'll get out in a week or 2, and if she is sick, altimers or dimentia or schitzophrenia, they can diagnose this and help her.

Someone needs to have her examined by a Dr. She could get into trouble with the police for her actions. Call Social Service in your community and ask for help.

your aunt most likely is either drunk or has a mental illness.

Cee T
I'll pray for you.
If I were you, I'd call 911 and tell them what's going on. Maybe they can come and take her to a hospital.

she had been molested(more than likely) and the rage is still there. she never had the chance to express herself and maybe no one believed her. she was abused in some way badly. only getting to those core issues can calm her down.

maybe you should try talking to your grandma...
and then if that doesn't work you should probably move out.

that's what i would do.

Could it be that she's trying to move you out, just as she did to your husband? Do you want to move out? If not, then start yelling with her (not at her). Play along; in other words act like a crazy and see how she reacts.

♥Shortstuff ♥
Your aunt may be in the early stages of Alzheimers or Dementia & should be checked out by her doctor. Her problems may go much deeper than A& D. If someone can take her to a doctor, you'd be smart to move out as soon as possible. I'd fear for my safety also.

You or another family member need to get your Aunt to a counselor, therapist, regular doctor. Obviously the behavior is abnormal & paranoid. Possibly meds will help until your aunt is better able to cope w/whatever is causing this. Best of wishes to all of you. I know how hard a situation like this is on everyone.

Unfortunately it sounds like your aunt should be a mental health consumer.
I assume you don't have any children otherwise, you would not have stayed behind when your husband moved. I am wondering why it is that you allowed this bizarre behavior of a family member that you are not responsible for sever your relationship.
You have to understand that if she is suffering from mental illness there is little you can do to help her, even if you are a trained psychologist--you are family. And, the people she sees/shouts at are as real to her as you are at those moments.
If you can not get her to seek treatment/help your only alternative may be to call the police, have her charged with disturbing the peace and ask the judge to have a psych eval done as a part of the case. Sounds harsh, but this may be a any port in the storm situation.
Good luck. Hope this helps.

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