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What should I expect when I go to the ER for suicidal thoughts?
How do I even know if I should go to the ER? No where else is open. I don't know what else to do. What will happen at the ER?

Probably nothing. ERs are meant to treat injuries not to administer to psychaitric patients. Look for help groups under emergency services in the phone book. Try a minister or a priest for some guidance.

Da Boss Son
try sports... or a hot shower

Not much.

I'd sooner call a local control center, or whatever they call them in your town.

you can expect a stay in the loony bin, why so glum darlin? life is beautiful. go for a walk outside.

I went to the ER for suicidal thoughts it was not a fun experience.

It was actually I had a drug overdose I wasn't trying to kill myself, i was just depressed and was addicted to meth at the time.

I just remember having withdrawls and feeling so bad! i took all kinds of drugs felt really messed up .. then woke up in the ER alone in the dark and they wouldn't talk to me or tell me what was going on they were very mean. probably because of the reason i was there? They wouldn't even let me call my mom or my sister or my boyfriend.. no one! keep in mind i am only 17 i was 16 at the time
i was kept alone all day until they transfered me to a psych hospital on a 5150

I personally like the stabilization unit hospitals they send you to.it is like a freakin vacation compared to the hell hole that i use to live in.

they will talk to you, have a counselor talk to you evaluate you plan to spend a day or two if you are a threat to yourself or others Yes go if you feel that depressed go You are wanting help or you wouldn't have asked this question go to where the help is

They will make sure you get the help you need and the meds you need. It is a very good idea. I had a suicide in my family and I do not want anything to happen to you and your family. God bless you!

debbie l
When you go to the Emerg make sure you say you are in crisis. The nurse will assess you then they will have a phychatrist come and talk to you and assess you mentally . If they think you should be admitted for your protection they will admit you to the hospital. They will put you on the Phyciatric ward and there you will have all kinds of help there will be councilers and nurses and the phychiatrist as well. There they can try to figure out if you need councilling or medication or what ever it takes to help you. At first they will be very careful of you to protect you. Go they can help you sound as though you are quit young and you have so much life ahead of you and honey life is worth liveing you will so . People care so go to the emerg. My prayers are with you and my thoughts. you will get over this hump ;but you need help so please don't be afraid to get it.

Minister of Peace
Call the suicide hot line. They will tell you if you need to go to the hospital. But do something, please.
I suffered those feelings for 30 years before I got the nerve to get help.

Kitty L
Been there - they just ask you questions...Be honest and they will help you. It saved my life!!!! Good luck! Kitty

You should go. It doesn't matter what you can expect. Nothing will be as bad as you feel right now, and they can help! You can also call the suicide prevention line. My choice would be the ER.

If you don't have a crisis hotline then yes go to the ER. Once you get there they will ask yo if you have a history of mental illness. What medications you are on.

Of course they will try adn find out what is making you suicidal. They may even keep you overnight for observation.

I would just like to say it is great the you realize that you need to talk to someone. You are strong.

I have wondered the same thing. I try to find help for my intrusive thoughts about suicide and everywhere I go, it says to immediately go to the ER. I was forced to go once when I was having a psychotic episode. They gave me a tranquilizer shot, which put me to sleep. I think they also gave my parents some medications to give me. I remember being very sleepy for days afterward. They probably do different things for different people. Just be honest with them so that you can get all the help you possibly can. You can message me if you feel like talking. Take care!

They will help you.

They will be very kind and understanding and you will be evaluated by the on call psychiatrist....

prob. evaluation. hospitilization if need. just reach out 2 counsellors 4 suicide prevention. come on love suicide is a permanent solution...2 a temporary problem. do not do anything stupid.

It depends on the hospital that you go to. I went to the hospital because of an overdose of tylenol, and I just asked the nurse if I could call my mom so I can go home, and they strapped me down! they gave me some numbers to call. places like counseling and psychiatrists to talk to also.

If that is the only place open and you need to see someone, GO.

You'll go in
Talk to them, they'll do a physical, ask a bunch of questions, and try to get you admitted to a psych facility.
they'll hold you if you pose a danger to yourself, or others, and it sounds like you are worried about yourself.
Go in.
I worked ER last month admitting patients that were suicidal.
We care very much, and want to make sure you guys end up ok..
Please go in and get the help you need... They will find you some help.

If you go to an er, it's to your advantage to go to a hospital that actually has a psych unit. It's faster, and you get better care. Someone from the psych unit, a nurse or mental health tech, will come to the ER and ask a bunch of questions. The interviewer will then talk with a psychiatrist and tell him what they think, and they will either admit you or send you home.

After you get on the unit, there will be some more questions and some paperwork. If you sign in voluntarily as a psych patient, that does not mean you can sign out or leave any time you want. Signing in voluntarily means you're willing to stay until the doctor discharges you.

As far as actual inpatient psych care goes, you'll go to a large room for meals. There will be groups you'll be expected to attend and to participate. You'll meet with a doctor once a day, and with nurses probably twice a day for individual sessions. There will be a bed time, and you will smoke on a schedule. The doctor will probably start you on some medication. Average stay in inpatient psych is 3-5 days.

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