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What happened to people one hundred years ago if they had panic attacks or a breakdown or psychiatric illness?

They were ignored or put into asylums where they were horribly abused.

Big Bad *****
In this country they would be locked away in an asylum, and have totally barbaric practices performed on them, that were allegedly thought of as progress.

They were put in mental hospitals, my university used to be the hospital for the county, but was considered too small within a decade of opening (not checking the facts but it was quite quick), so a new and larger one was opened the other side of the city. This only closed down within the past couple of years, though some small parts are still used, most is now derilict there with the de-institutionlisation of mental health (a money saving thing the NHS thought up of).

I dunno, well I suppose they do what I do, or did. That is, to go insane and be at your sanities wit, then see the light. It was a different world 500 years ago

they had to take care about them self's, and for another people they probably were freaks, they probably were depressed but they handled it lke we do it today, shut up and try to live normaly

Animal mother!
Yes, that'd be a one way ticket to an asylum!

bernie c
They were locked up in asylums, not nice places and were just left and forgotten about, it's sad to think of.

alex s
Unfortunately they were considered to be possessed by the devil and locked away in lunatic asylums - this also happened to epileptics! its only been in the last 20 - 30 years that some of them have been released back into the community - many were put into these places as children and stayed there all their lives. A husband could get rid of his wife this way too - a sobering thought!

jenny flower
They were probably put in asylums.

They took a little hammer built a little bridge and got the hell over it.
Life was too hard back then to sit around thinkin about me me me unless mom and dad allowed it.

sarah ann g
do you really want to know. they where puy away and druged not very nice poeple didnt understand the problen then but we do now thank god been locked away for having a breakdown or psychiatric illness sometime s thay were lock in little rooms like celled for been ill

Panic attacks weren't recognised then as I used to suffer them when I was 15 and my headmistress thought I was imagining it but I don't know how they helped people in those days. People who had breakdowns or mental illnesses were placed in asylums. Even people with downs syndrome.

They became members of parliament

K. Marx iii
They are assisted by men in white coats and locked up securely out of harms way.
A bit like now only now it is called "Sectioned under section 2 of the Mental Healt Act." Enjoy!

Yes they locked them up,,,,for years,,,

Have you ever heard about Bedlam? It was a mental institution about 100 years ago. If a person was sent there or another, that's it. They never came out. There was no treatment as they didn't understand mental illness. Too often they were considered to be possessed by demons.


Many years ago, people who had mental illnesses were stigmatised and classed as not being 'normal'. There were institutions where they were locked away and hidden in buildings on large, hidden grounds. Padded cells and straight jackets were used, and were sometimes chained up, the doctor being their 'masters'. Such people had no rights, and there was no Mental Health Act. People were washed in bath water, one after the other and clothes were put into a heap on the floor, and people had to take what they could. Sound horrendous, but is true! People who had dual diagnosis were called 'idiot savants' and were not shown any respect during the wars either.

Glad I didn't live those days, that would have been my life!

Crazygirl ♥ aka GT

You know, like thoes carts with crazy ppl in them, in cartoons, they really did that.

Or some people just hid it, like VanGogh, he was depressed and suisidal, never told ppl

Dr Frank
There was little in the way of active medication at that time and these individuals were either hidden away if they had rich families and placed in asylums if they didn't.

they went to the loony bin which was a horrible existence.

I remember hearing something about drilling holes in people's heads, can't remember if that was for mental illness or a physical illness though!

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