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What does it mean when someone can't make eye contact?
i know someone who cant look at people directly in the eye. what is that? i cant even begin to come up with suggestions.
Additional Details
he told me he has been like that since he was little

If they phyically CAN'T, it is often a sign of autism. If they look all around, focusing on things, but not your eyes, and are still speaking to you, they are not listening, not interested, or are very distracted. If they look down, it is because they have been (sadly!) "trained" that they are not worthy enough to make eye contact, and feel they are inferior.

The making or not making eye contact has conflicting intepretations throughout various cultures.

In many instances the person is lying or feels uncomfortable or has a lack of confidence. It could also indicate a sort of social anxiety.

Inz R
they are lack of self-confidence. or self-conscious.

it dould mean they are shady or that could mean they are shy. me personally i had a hard time looking peple in the eyes because my eye was so big i was ashamed of them

maybe they are shy or are just like that.

it's not serious.

I can look people in the eye, but I rather not because when I do, I start staring at different features on their face, like their eye brows or a pimple or something. And that it causes me to lose focus on what their saying.

"someone" is shy.
He should let people know he is shy, but
this is a controversial subject. Some people recommend that you never tell people you're shy, because people will use that information to label you. Then again, if you avoid people, look down instead of making eye contact, stammer and stutter when you're uncomfortable in social situations, people are going to draw conclusions of their own and odds are they'll be less favorably impressed with you than if you just tell it like it is---that you're nervous or feeling shy.

I think the problem arises because there are two ways to be shy---the obvious way and the not so obvious way. The obvious way to be shy is to blush, tremble, twitch or otherwise physically manifest your shyness. The not so obvious way is to avoid eye contact with people, not have much to say or decline offers from others you'd like to accept, but that are too far outside of your comfort zone for you to feel comfortable attending.

Not so obvious shy people are often mistaken as arrogant or aloof---even by fellow shy people--when nothing could be farther from the truth. We're terrified on the inside. If you're hanging around people who are known to be bullies or gossips---people who are likely to misuse the information---you may want to keep your shyness to yourself. The good news is that most people aren't like that. Most people are relieved to hear that you're shy. You see, odds are that unless they have a reason to know better, most people will interpret your not so obvious shyness as a sign of arrogance or being stuck up, or simply as a sign that you don't like them. Labeling your shyness sometimes makes things easier for people because they don't have to pretend they're not seeing what they're seeing. They don't have to avoid making eye contact with you, because they see you're uncomfortable. They don't have to exclude you from the conversation, because they see that your hands are trembling. By telling people you're shy, you've told them that you want to be a part of what's going on and that it's OK if they notice you're a little uncomfortable. And that helps them feel more comfortable, too.

kathleen g
sometimes when people are shy, like i used to be i couldnt look at people, guess i was too self centered, or if they are lying it could also happen but if its most of the time its probably shyness

Amandeep Jain
many people with such an attitude are shy and fall in the category who offer great respect and honour while talking to someone.
Looking in eyes directly while talking does'nt always relate with the confidence level, but also it possess meaning that deals with respect for someone...

i was always told that when some people lie, they can't look others in the eyes.
or it could be shyness or nerves/anxiety.

I actually have that problem where I make sporadic eye contact and I have a disability called NVLD(Nonverbal learning disability) and it's how the mind works and it's very similar to Asperger's syndrome and my experience is that I show wrong facial and body language with people and take anything someone says to me right to heart.For example like if you just said to me "Oh that was good but you need to improve" I would be offended by it and be upset.So sometimes bad eye contact is a sign of mental disability,being shy,low self-esteem.And plus I have anxiety disorder also

Maybe he's shy.

Queen of the Universe
I agree with some of the others. It could be Asperger's. This is one of the symptoms in not being able to communicate and connect with the person who is trying to communicate and is a form of disassociation. I disagree with the "they have been trained this way that they are unworthy to make eye contact. Infants can display this symptom and will not make eye contact. I hardly think that anyone has made them feel unworthy. It is the disorder manifesting itself in not being able to connect.

Shelley K
i think it means they feel awkward
i dont like it either

when you ask them something and they cant look you in the eyes it's usually because they are trying to avoid answering it, but i dont know what this is.

If this person can't look anyone in the eye at all, I would say it has to do with being shy and having self-esteem issues...if it is just with one person, I would say dishonesty comes into play.

This is common in autistic people. However this does not mean this person you know is autistic. They could be a chronic liar and have difficulty looking people in the eye. The person could lack self confidence also.

its usually lack of self confidence. or that they dont want to b there. ot they are embarrassed. anything that makes someone nervous, really.

Love Lust && Liã‚‹s
usually it means their hiding sumthing..that their lying..it can also mean their feel uncomfortable or that they have low self steem

i have trouble looking at people in the eye because I have an autistic spectrum disorder. People with autism also have a lot of trouble with this. But being really shy can also cause that or social anxiety or trust issues and also people from certain cultures just don't think it's polite to look people in the eye.

That could be cultural too. For example, many native Americans do not make eye contact with others as it's considered too direct.

I do not know of a condition. But if I'm talking to someone and they don't make good eye contact, I tend to be a little off put.

john m
it could mean that they are shy, have low self esteem, but unfortunately, it is also a common symptom of autism, or aspergers, if they actually cannot look someone in the eyes, not just it being a nervous reaction, then I would really suggest going to a doctor to have them examined because it is a red flag for autism

but, I would like to warn I am not a doctor, I just know about autism




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