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What does it mean when i dream of falling?
i have dreamz frequently of me falling off sumthin. but the location is alwayz differnet...it could be a swing, a plane, a boat, a slide etc., but it is alwayz different. whast does it mean to dream of miself falling?
Additional Details
i am also petrified of heightz if that has anything to do wit it

To me it sounds like you or your life is out of control and you feel like you can't control it and that is your sub-conscience mind letting you know that something is going on. I would take a good look at what is going on with you and in your life right now and see if there is something that you can change to make your life a little better. Or at least more in control or balanced!

when ppl are a wake its real.when you dream its turned around.dreams tell ppl something .but pll don't lessons.your falling off something you said.what has change in your life in the last year or did some 1 die close to you in the last year .something in your mind or life has changed.ever 1 says lesson to your or your head or heart. DO NT LESSON TO YOUR HEAD or HEART WHEN YOUR TRYING TO MAKE A DECISION.your mind is trying to tell you something go to your guts and it will work out i know this 1 for a fact.been were you are my dreams have stop your mind can help if you gave it chance.our mind can block or help its up to you.the mind is a good thing not a bad thing.

jason d
it means your asleep

It means you're asleep!

There is a section on there that has dream interpretations.

it happens to me all the time, its ok, atleats i hope lol

its a dream try not to read too much into it,

nothing, it's a dream, get over it and don't try reading something into it that isn't there.

It means you are not secure in something so you need to thing deep and find out. It may be your relationship.

It may warn you that in your real life, you are thinking or behaving TOO HIGHLY. So you should moderate yourself. Then this dream disappears or at least modifies.

i have read all of the above answers and can tell you right now to ignore them all. when you dream of falling it is a genetic trait from when humans were primates and used to sleep in trees. it is a safety mechanism to stop you falling from a tree pure and simple

IDK but every dream I ever have ends with me running/falling off a cliff. go figure!

I should ask Will Young if I were you because he sings....."Ill catch you when you fall........" in Who am I to tell you!!!!

I have been told that dreaming of heights means you are anxious of something.

It means you are having the most common dream in the world....

Not sure, but I've heard that if you don't wake up before you hit the ground, you're dead. An old wives tale I suppose....or is it?? Hmmm...

I also have strange dreams, there are different interpretations, its not scientific but you can find a clue on this link:


Good Luck

dreaming of falling is very common its symbolic of a basic fear in the dreamers life such as moral lapse, job failure, loss of status ect, falling into water is financial stress, if u wanna know more indepth about falling in dreams let me know take care

it means that something it's stressing you out...

It means you are scared of failing in life. it could be in your career, in academics, in a relationship, or in a project that is very important to you.

Check the link below. Not so detailed but might be helpful.


Amanda C
It happens when your heart skips a beat. Your brain then immediately puts a scene around that feeling in your sleep.

I read a Jack London story once, set in, like, 1 million years B.C., where it was suggested that the falling dream is an atavistic memory of the time we all lived in trees, and falls were more common.
I doubt it has any scientific basis, but it's a nice idea...

zara c
You're feeling out of control in some aspect of your life

When you are in the process of falling asleep, I think it doesn't mean anything, but if you are sleeping it means that you are losing control.

I think maybe it could be a surge of electricity in the body that makes you jump awake suddenly.,it happens to me sometimes. Remember that the human body is constantly full of chemical electricity.
Also i think that diet plays a big part in our dream states. Have a look at what sorts of food you are eating

Gavin T
Do you get the feeling you are falling and then wake up? That is meant to be protection against falling out of trees apparently and harks back to our more primitive days.


ooooh look @ me, lol
Hay try the following link to a dream dictionary, failing this just go on line and search for another on line dream dictionary you will find that most meanings are very similar regardless of what site they are from:


Hi Jess! Dreams of falling indicate that you feel that an area of your life is out of control, or that you feel you are losing control, and you may have anxiety over it. Hope this helps!


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