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What do you think of people who play mind games in a relationship?
And why do you think they do it?

Its all a game and always will be, its a protection mechanism among other things

It;s brilliant - keeps both sides on their toes x

tatiana l
Hi there !!!
I believe that insecure people play mind games with others, maybe to gain some sort of control, have a feeling of power over the conversation, over the other person. It is a childish and foolish thing to do.
Shows lack of maturiy.
I don;t waste my time with people like that , too much wasted energy and time that I could use in something, someone or someplace better.

love light and peace

Coz I'm good at it ! No I dont know.

i find it can b hurtful and its a bad thing if it goes 2 far

because they are manipulative, controlling, insecure and fearfull.

Because they like to be control freaks and that is exactly what they are freaks

Mrs G
My wife is a Grand Mistress ...at Mind Games ..and I am not bad at it either ...It is a crucial part of a relationship...and if you cant play you are F'kd... Seriously ..it is sad but every couple I have known play it... I have lost plenty of Relationship Mind Games ...My advice is - if you are single - do not Marry until you have played it for a while..if you suss that he/she is at it...walk away - it will do your head in - it is worse than physical pain..

jan k
its sad life is too short not to be real

One of my old flames used to do that. Mind you, it was Derren Brown, the well known mentalist. Just trying to keep his hand in, I expect.

a p
Morons. They need to get a life.

If they are good at it, its fun.

Not much. They are insecure and manipulative people and likely to never change. At least you cannot change them. If you are in a relationship with such a person, back off, run, fly as far as you can. They will only bring you down and destroy your self-esteem and ability to trust anyone. There is better out there and you deserve to have an open, honest and healthy relationship.

they do it for controll, i think its sad and stupid and what kind of person would do it?

Hate it! It's very painful when on the receiving end. It's a control thing.

Three quarters of our society play games in a group called the winners. They believe they are the worthy ones. The outsiders just suffer until they can see better the facts of life.

i think it's stupid and they do it for control over the other person. people who play mind games in relationships should be in relationships.

Boudica Warrior Queen
Insecurity and lack of self esteem often leads someone to play mind games. However, the person on the receiving end of these mind games is often very naive and not aware of what is happening before irrevocable hurt and mental torture has occurred.

You often find people who play mind games are control freaks and need to take over another persons mind and soul.

I think people who play mind games in relationships have alot of fear. They are trying to get the upper hand & protect themselves. I feel sorry for them.

Personally, I feel they are just attention seekers that want to see other people hurt and maybe then they will get the praise / attention needed when they 'help' that person make up etc...

mks 7-15-02
I Dont Like At All.

connie sue
they are confused

Theyre bullies who want to be in control. Dump them!!

It makes me angry , they do it to control their partners. It's not only men who do this some women are guilty of this too.

I think they are pathetic, small, immature people who need to get a life

Richard T
I think I go with Connie B a bit. I'm not sure that everyone who plays mind games knows that they are. By the time you do know what you are doing (oh I am playing a mind game) your initial relationship has changed and things are probably about to go sour although I am sure some people do it and enjoy it . . . . . . . . not me folks.

tonnage 17
I dont understand why they do it. I mean, they know that its goin to ruin the relationship! Its very immature.

immaturity and low self esteem

I think they are still immature looking for attention and don't need to be in any relationships!

It is all about control and getting what they want with little thought for the well being of their partner . Best to stay clear of them.

It makes me angry and they do it to gain power;

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