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 What does this dream mean?
i had a dream that there were a group of people i didnt know commiting suicide what does that mean?
Additional Details
ok n i dunno if this helps but the people in my dream were on a ...

 What is the cause of depression and what's the cure?

 What is your oppinion of me...?
i havent had a job in 4 weeks
i really need to start tidying up
ive started drinking during the day
i miss my old job i was in for 3 and a half years
am getting really depressed ...

 Should i tell mom?
I want to tell my mother im very depressed and overwhelmed and that I lost my baby my body didnt handle it well because of all the stress my bf gave me. I know I have some sort of illness and lately ...

 Why im i always thinking about death?
i mean, i always think who would actually care if i died.
sometimes i hate life, i have a fair share of friends.
but i always feel sad....

 What helps get over the death of a close friend?
I need to know every time i think of his name i cry!...

what do you guys do when you're deressed? idk...im wondering..ive tried cutting..and im scared im going to get addicted like alot of people do..enyways i just wanna know what you guys do wen you&...

 I am 23, I thought life was meant to be better than this?
I am 23 and have almost no friends, I work doing temporary contracts, so I have breaks in between, I earn about £200 per week when working (not a lot) and I live at home. I cant drive and my only ...

 What do you do when you feel lonley when laying in bed at night?
I'm a single woman and I am happy during the day, it's only at night when i lay in bed I get the overwhelming feeling of loneliness. What do you all do to get over this?...

 Iv been a right grumpy cow for the past four days but theres no reasonn that i can think of, any ideas?
well come on hurry up and answer the flippin ...

 Help! addiction problem!?
I have given up smoking (5 months - great, I hear you say) - but now, every time I get a craving for a cigarette I have to answer a question to get over it. What can I do?
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 Im bored of life, but not depressed...?
I'm not one of those people where some little stupid thing happens and automatically say i hate my life. I just feel as though life is getting boring for me. I hang out with my friends a lot, i ...

 I am suicidal and need desperate help?
This morning I tried to commit suicide, by stabbing myself, i only made a deep cut and the knife nearly snapped as it wouldnt go through my skin. I am so depressed, my friends have all left me, I ...

 Scared of the Mirror! Help?
Help! I need to overcome my fear of looking into the mirror! I'm scared if bloody mary or a deadly spirit would show. And...I'm afraid if my reflection might freeze and stuff like that. It ...

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I have recently started taking Citalopram 20mg, and am not sure if it is safe or dangerous to drink alcohol with them?...

 The Morning before death :-(?
On the morning before you die, do you think that you get a sence of something is about to happen but don't know what?...

 Please help i cant cope anymore?
I dont no what to do im really depressed and feel like ending it all. Im 19 and i guess people will think i have my whole life ahead of me. but i had a miscarriage recently and then my best friend ...

 Alot of Question, Cant find any answers?
Iam finding it hard to cope with life, fed up most of the time, feeling of despair. i have been dignosed with derpression and have tryed alot of things to help, for example, thearpy, ...

 What sounds calm you?
For me, the ocean.

Reminds me there are more powerful things in the world than my worries....

 Is it really a sign of mental health to talk to yourself out loud? Everyone does it...right???
Sometimes I think out loud. Depending on what I'm doing, I may ask myself questons and give myself the answer I believe is right. Or sometimes I can not come up with the answer so I have to ...

What do you do when u hate your life and there is nothing you can do to change things?
when you are totally alone and you are cursed and you know that you will spend the rest of your life alone....

I think everyone feels this way sometimes. Join a good online support group where you can get suggestions, and meet people who have walked in your shoes and have learned that you CAN change things. If only one baby step at a time.

Best of Luck!

spend lots of time wid ur BF.

Well, look upon life with a bit of optimism. Trying never hurts, and there's never any need to give up. Luck happens at times when we are least expecting it, and it can happen to anyone. Some are more lucky then most, but everyone has their moments if they're willing to stick through it and try.

I personally believe that there's someone out there for everyone, so don't look at this situation with all hope gone. Just keep looking, and you'll find someone. Or you may be one of those truly lucky people, and have the love of your life just fall right in front of you.

Keep trying, I'm sure everything will be okay.


You need to turn to God through His Son Jesus Christ and let Him guide you to a place of rest. He said in His Holy Word, the Bible in Matthew 11:28, "come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, I will give you rest". There is rest in God from all your frustrations and burdens. Turn it over to God and He will sort you out. I will be praying for you!!!!

God is watching us...He is just a prayer away hon...

Cheer up, there is lots u can do even if u r alone. It is not necessary that u should have somebody with u when u can do it alone.May be u can start a small bussiness 2 keep u busy or join any NGO.Life is very beautiful and make the most of it. U r lucky u have time ,there r some who have no time but want to do lots.So think u r the lucky person n make the most of your life.Bye and take care.

Johnny Rebel

you cah change the life you will love to your life instead of hate, start social services, Yoga, make a habit of reading good books, spiritual books etc. you will sove your remaing life and your life will dramatically change

In everybodys life this situation come atleast once.
I think the best way to deal with this kind of situation is not to analyse things to much. Increase your social network, Pray to God (it helps), Try to keep yourself busy. SLowly life will change. I know it is difficult but i think this is the only way.Life is cruel and not perfect, we humans have to life with it, no much options. But one thing is sure when you come out of it you are a much stronger human being.

Things well get better. You'll feel better once you get out of your parents house and on your own.

You can always change something..Learn to love yourself and the peace that being alone brings..You are only cursed if you believe you're cursed...get yourself dressed up, go out and have some fun

Don't give up, Life has its good times and its shitty times hang in there!!!!!

Whoever said drugs can F@*K themselves!! Drugs wont help!! Please!! They only make you poor and crazy!! DUMBA$$!!
Umm anywho...I have my days where I feel like Im gonna be alone forever! And I dont know why. Im like to scared to get close to someone!!! I know its my fault!! I just feel like I have so much going on that its not the right time. So maybe like me God wants it that way!! Its hard to deal with. B/c I dunno, people say Im beautiful, but why dont I feel it!! And why am I alone!! Its confusing!! but honestly, I think He knows I just couldnt handle that amongst other things!! So cheer up! You'll find someone!

So see a doctor

kill myself..

hey buddy
pls divert ur thoughts
do something u wud love to do,everyone has probs k...its all abt how u deal wit it...
u cant b lonely/cursed....u sound so sweet;)
if someone has done something bad ,,ditch d entire thingg,....there are many things to b happy abt baby
how old r u?teen?dont fight hard in life ,,,sit back stay kool,,,think ur the best and u hav the lovin ppl around u....u ll never get the feelin again,,,,help cryin ppl make them smile,,,,that ll make u better...

Figure out what it is that you would consider to be the ideal life for you and make steps to achieve that life- whether it be regarding finding a partner, deciding on a career or whatever you think will make you happy. You have complete control over your existence- being alone is a choice.

You poor love,, I have a son who has said these things to me and it made me sad to think he felt this way,, he believed as you do that there was no way out, until one day last week he decided that he would get up early and watch the sunrise, for the first time in a long time he came home smiling,, he said he had decided that he had the power in him to change, and it was all up to his own attitude as to weather he continued to feel his way,, what I'm saying is if you just take small steps each day and recognise just one good thing each day things will get better,, you also might want to consult a professional counsellor to talk things over with they can provide you with some really good coping skills,,good luck

either see a doctor, he prescribes some antidepressant or u can always kill yourself. this is permanent solution of all problems

you're not the only one. first off, may i recomend you to live a fantasy life in your head. i've got three fantasy lives going on right now. these fantasies get very deep and come along with their own rules, success, failure, and relationships. the only problem is when it hits you that you've sunken so low that you have to live vicariously through a caricature of the person you wish to be, it hits you really hard. this happens to me about twice a day, usually at night, but i'm still glad that i do it because i'm better off now than i was before. you can either do this or go pick up some pills. hopefully those will force you into a slumber filled with false contement. hopefully you'll have enough so that they will never wear off and you'll never wake up.
you can do the aforementioned or grow some resolve and try to find people whom you can relate to. this is too much effort for me, and besides, i'm far to shy and self-concious for that type of ridiculousness. are you?

You sound really depressed. I think you really need to talk to a professional. A counselor would be a good start, and could give you a few pointers in the right direction...


Things always change.Count your blessings.Find things to do that you like to do.The world is at your hands.You are not totally alone,,there are zillions of people in the world.Your future looks quite bright to me.Reach out to other people in need or someone that is feeling worse than you.Better days are coming.Promise.And remember that negativity creates negative energy & being possitive brings possibilities. ;O)

arf arf fra fra
challenge yourself.
push yourself further.
either physically or mentally.
go to the gym lift 200kilos a day.

somebody cares
Well I think the number of reponses you've already had answers your question. You are Not alone in feeling this way. I think your note strikes a chord with so many people. I think what helps me thru these times is that i truly believe that my spirit is stronger than anything people can do to me. And yours is too. Try volunteering for a charity or soup kitchen. It really makes you think. I spent one day last summer taking severely handicapped people out boating and that one day stuck with me for months. Oh and try to smile even when you don't feel like it: you never know who is falling in love with you in that second. Hope this helps a bit!

alice in the woods
This is nonsense. You can ALWAYS change things. If nothing else, you can change how you look at your situation. As for being alone, the solution to that is to go out where people are and do things with them. Join a club, volunteer, go dancing or whatever, but do something.

You sound very depressed. Getting help for that? If not, you should.

I suggest reading one of Wayne Dyer's books. Besides who says that you are cursed? Who says that you are alone? I used to think that I was the exception to the rule "No man is an island" and I was destined to be lonely because I'm a loner. I found out that I wasn't a loner, I was shy. But now, it's a different story...

Just try to make the most of everything. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait...............................

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