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What do I do when I wish I was dead and I'm only 15?
Since I'm pretty healthy, one side of my family lives to be realllly old, and medical technology is increasing, that means I have who knows how many years! Like 80! Every day I wish so bad I was super old, lieing on a bed, about to die. I know I can never be completely happy again and it makes me soo sad. And I really don't want to go into why. What do you do in this situation?!?! And I bet very few people can relate to me.
Additional Details
ps, I could never kill myself. I'm just not the type, my family and friends would be sooooo hurt, and it would hurt, and I don't have anything to kill myself with!

you need someone to lean on

Nothing and no-one is worth hurting or killing yourself for.If they tell you you can't do something, do it, prove them wrong; if they knock you down, climb right back up again. Don't accept it just because you're only 15, this is your life, you only get one, who the hell are they to try to destroy it for you? Get angry. Get even. It's a catch phrase and it's corny, but it's also very true...you're worth it.
Go to your doctor and get them to put you in touch with some form of counsellor, I know it sounds scary and daunting, but it really isn't so bad. You'll be amazed what letting everything out to a complete stranger does for you. I'm not saying it will be easy, it isn't, but everything comes at a price and getting your life back is worth every hardship you have to endure. Think about what you're getting at the end of it...you.
Please, please, please don't do anything stupid. Whatever it is, there is always someone else who has been through it, and they come out the other side. It may seem really hopeless now, but honestly, you can heal, trust me.
Good Luck, Take care, Babes xx

Well in that case, you're just going to have to live with it, because these feelings are not gong to go away on their own. What is the point of asking for advice if you're not going to take it? How can we get it? We don't know what "it" is? We're not mind-readers! If you think someone is going to come along and say "It's OK for you to feel this way, Dear", you'll be waiting a very long time. You're 15, your life's not even begun properly yet, don't throw it away before you've given it a chance.
You mention how you wouldn't kill yourself because you don't want to hurt your family; how hurt do you think they would feel if they knew you felt like this? I'll give you a tip, mum's are not stupid, they figure it out eventually if they're worth a damn, and I'm thinking yours must be because you don't want to hurt her. If you don't want to do this for you, do it for them.
Sorry if I seem a bit harsh, but I just hate to think of you wasting your life when you've got everything ahead of you. I wish I could be 15 again, I've made some really bad decisions and I would love to go back and do everything differently (apart from my little girl).Just give living a chance before you write it off. It's hard, but you know what? It's doable.
You can get better, but you do have to work at it, nothing worth having is just handed to you. One question. Do you want to feel this way indefinitely? No? Then do something about it, it's not too late, just don't give up because that would be a tragic watse, especially when there are children out there who don't have a chance and desparately wish they could grow up and have a normal life. You've got one, cling onto it with everything you have.

Bob The Bright Yellow Dahlia!
It seems a lot of people out there want to die. Being old will come before you know it, but now you must live and love and take what pleasure you can from life - and there is much pleasure to be had if you take the time to look for it. I wish I could comfort all of you out there that felt this way because though life is tough, it is still worth hanging on to no matter what. If you want to imagine yourself on your deathbed at 80, all well and good but first think of all that you wish to accomplish before that point in time. I would be unhappy if I died now as I have a lot more growing up to do, and I am 34! <<<Virtual Cuddle>>> Please Be Strong! x

Mystified Woman UK
It sounds like you might be depressed. I'm not qualified to offer advice, but I'd urge you to speak with someone who is, like your GP. Also it would be good if you could talk to somebody in your family, a friend, a school counsellor or a helpline. Don't be alone with these feelings. I've read that depression among the young is widespread. Your GP should therefore be used to hearing from other youngsters. If you can't face going to you GP find somebody else to talk to. Don't ignore it, it doesn't always go away on it's own.Be kind to yourself and good luck.

there has to be a reason you feel like this, the only thing i can say to you is talk to someone,your mum, aunt,sister, bestfriend, gran,or if you are worried they will tell anyone about what you have said, then go to counciling as they are professionel and cant say anything you have said to them to anyone, you should be out enjoying life not dwelling on being dead.

Don't just look at the bad side of life. Think about all the good things that have happened to you, that you have done and are still able to do. You have got to be positive. One good thing is, you might be able to live HEALTHILY to a ripe old age. Think about all the children that are very ILL and just want to LIVE one more day to have one more adventure... You are only 15, I know that sounds like a cliche`, you think at the moment your troubles are the worst in the world, but they aren't. Go and talk to someone you can trust, tell this person your worst fears and talk about what has happened to you. Remember you are not alone out there. Tell your GP and he can get you help, remember everything you say to your GP stays with him. Good luck, I hope you get this sorted and that you will soon be happy and carefree

You definately have a serious attitude adjustment waiting for you just around the corner !! You make reference to an irreversible situation !! At your age life is just beginning !!STOP and think about just how this even entered your mind. You are asking for help.That is a good thing !! Follow upon that "plea " and GET SOME HELP !! Remember, YOU have your life ahead of you and this pain will eventually pass . tHERE IS no shame IN ASKING FOR help !! wHY YOU MAY ASK, i AM 4 TIMES YOUR AGE AND EVERYONE GOES THRU THESE FEELINGS !!

Michaela M
I would just have fun with life and you might just be stressed

first of all, SEEK MEDICAL HELP
second, Get out & do something, Get fresh air, might help,
Take deep breaths,

Your grasp of life is limited and you haven't had enough experiences to come to a solid logical conclusion.

As bad as things are now, keep in mind that you could save your pennies and go to Bali on your 18th birthday never to return.

Or you could go to Southern Florida where old people go to die.

You're 15. It's an accomplishment to make it that far and no one can take that away from you, but I promise you... there are things to come that will make you think otherwise, but you'll miss out on them if you spend your time holed up imagining being old and ready to die any minute.

Before you know it you'll be old and ready to die any minute and you'll feel even worse for throwing away your youth to focus on something that isn't going to happen for about 50-60 more years.

I think many people can relate to your situation. Probably a heck-of-a-lot more than you ever anticipate!
Being healthy is something to be proud about.

We need to keep our minds healthy too!
Sometimes things happen, and they set us on a one-way trip to nowhere !

You must know!
From age 13-21 is THE most confusing time of your life. Dealing with physical changes and development.
You are becoming an individual. Trying to find your beliefs.
Facing changes among friends and family.

Try accepting changes, your growing up weather you like it or not. Sometimes being stuck in the same relationship is not healthy for us. It can distract us, and prevent positive development!

It would be silly to think life is going to be in this jam forever. How many times have we got in a small fight with someone important, to have it mended the next day.

Before as a confused young teen like yourself, sure I'm a guy. But these are lessons we all face.

This might be the only time I would tell someone to trust a stranger. Your life is worth living, our situation is what we make of it.

Can't believe some of the stuff and advise given here to a 15 year old who doesn't want to live any more. Gosh people do you really think this is the time to be telling her to wait, if she thinks it's bad now, wait until she has a mortgage, kids and all that stuff. Darling listen to me and "Knownow", read his reply again. You know what, when I was 15 I lost the love of my life. I really could not imagine life without her, in fact there was no life without her. Of course that was until I met the next one that was right for me.

Whatever happens in life to make you feel that you do not to live, whilst you don't believe it at the time, something else comes along, and mostly it's even better. Don't bottle your probs darling. talk to someone close to you. Go on and do it and cheer up.

Big Kiss

OK... first of al I completely understand!!! i was just like you when i was 15 years old.. i knew i couldn't and wouldn't commit suicide but i knew i had a mental health issue. when i was 17 i saw a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with bi polar disorder and you know what? it's the best thing i ever did was seeking help because they understand and can really help you... seriously! i was so embarressed by my thoughts but i was put on prozac 20 mg daily and it's the best ever for me and i'm now 29!!! of course i still get odd thoughts and depression and highs with lows and the rest but my advice is to get help! you'll be glad you did.

What do I do when i wish i was dead and I'm only 15?.... See a psychiatrist.

Ignore "Jems" shes arrogant and doesn't no what shes talking about.

You'll hit your 20's which is probably gonna be the best time of your life.

Time will help you get through the hard times. Believe me, when you get older, you will realize how much you had to live for. You will miss so many great times in your life, if you were to die before your time. Please, Trust me, I have been there, you will never forget what happened to you, but as time goes on the pain will lessen. Someday, when you are holding your baby in your arms, just looking at him/her will have been worth it. You will have many tears of joy, not sorrow. You probably have so much to contribute to society, you have no idea yet. You will make other people's lives very happy, for the good things that you will someday do for them. Talk to an adult, that you trust, and express your feelings to them, just talking about the bad times will help you. Just keep a good atitude about life, no matter how tough it gets, you are tougher..God Bless You, and The Best of Luck..

eatonwrite aka dryBri
hang in there, kid.

this is not the answer you want, but

exercise is a wonderful cure for depression. Bicycling, swimming, some sports like basketball and soccar.

been there, have a family history of depression and suicide. go break a sweat. E-me anytime.

Can't make yer life better, but CAN give you a star---it's the least I can do

The Moaner Loser
I can relate...
I have been like it for a long time...
I like to call this realisation...
Nothing will ever be what you want it to be or how you want it to be.
You just have to learn to love what you've got, and I know it's hard because I'm still trying to learn how to do this.

Oh, and good Luck with it all.

Its called being 15.......don't know what your problem is, and that is perhaps the problem..there is a saying a problem shared is a problem halved, how can anyone help if it is all bottled up...You will be very very surprised to learn that there is nothing new and someone has been in your situation...I don;t know where you are from, but you are obviously educated as this is one of the few questions which have been put together in English which I can understand, usually its just garbage...so there is a brain there....so why waste it...I would suggest that you somehow save this comment and look back on it fondly in years to come....I would also keep some sort of journal if only to track how your feelings change because they will, and then should you feel like this again you can look back and say, that's what I did before and it worked.....Believe me I have a serious illness and wish I was fifteen again...its called growing up....

try focusing on what you have in your life, and not what you don't have...make a list, don't wish your life away before it has begun. find ways to contribute to life. you might not realise yet but you are so so important and you have an important role to play in this crazy world. you just need to find it. Start now, go find someone less fortunate that you (there are people out there) go help them, they need you now !!

Well you need to cut down the peer pressure that you may be feeling. Also you need to set a goal in your life, have something to look forward to. Also i would have to say, guessing here, that you are depressed, and you should go and see a professional mental health person. Wanting to die, is not normal for your age. Matter a fact , most people are afraid of dying some day, which we all do any way. But if you are having these feelings you really need to go and get professional help as soon as possiable. Cause this is very serious, and it can get worse to the point where you may try to end your life. So please when you are feeling this way call your local crisis line, or a policemen, they will just come and talk to you too, or go to an hospital ER , but please go and get some help, before you take any action, on taking your life.

belle t
take one day at a time and remember to smile, it makes the day brighter. good luck!

It feels like very few people can relate, but i bet the opposite is true. I'm not a doctor, but if you are wanting to die, you really need to find a counselor to talk to. It sounds like you know what is making you feel this way. You need to talk about it, so find some professional help. A counselor at your school can refer you to someone who specializes in helping people with depression.

you are only on this earth for so long so why not just make the most of it. if someone has done something to you why let it ruin your life. im sure you would be missed and im sure people love you.
get couselling. live your life or help others who have similar problems.

Oh sweetie! Life at 15 can be really tough but honestly when you get older everything really does get better. I don't know your situation, but I wish you good luck. I hope you feel better soon!

no you are wrong... during that age..... almost every underappreciated kid.... feels this way.... but hey... my advice is seek your heart with diligence... for out of it comes the issues of life..... If you could be anything in the world, what would you be? research and study that thing... make it your hobby and that should make your deppresion less tough on you..... you'll make it just pull thru... I made it and so can you

You should realize, that most 15 years old have highs and lows. Well now that I think about it, everybody does. You just find something to do that makes you happy and do it. Life is really very brief, learn to love it while you are alive. Death will come soon enough.

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