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Simply me
What can you do when your life seems bleak and hopeless?
I'm being treated for depression and anxiety disorders. So i guess its normal to be feeling hopeless. But still I'm so anxious and frightened. I'll be out of university soon and it's tearing me apart. I can't face the world. I'm feeling so depressed and hopeless. I dont know what to do with myself. I don't even want to think of the future. I feel trapped.

London Hatchet
Initially, I thought, pray. Which may help. But if that isn't something that you would consider, you may want to write. Write poetry, short stories, maybe a novel. Spend all your anxiety and depression on the written page and leave it there. Pour your heart into it and some day people may think you are a genius. Basically, find something you love to give you an outlet. If you stop being busy with other things it lends itself to being depressed. It gives you more time to think about it, which is counterproductive.

Hello dear friend, yeah, Life get be pretty gray at times. But when you feel like that, you can sometimes just let your mind give up. Then something beautiful happens. You start to see everything around you in a different light.

To live in the moment, is the only way. Let things come to you. They always do, but we are too busy thinking about the future to see what is right here, all around us ...... right now. I leave you with an amazing web site. It might change your life. I love you.


hey (he/she) i dunno if ur a gurl or a guy, buh i definitely know i have the answer for u...only thing u will have to do is give it 2 weeks...can u do this..might be the best remedy ever for u, but u just have to make sure u have to do it, come what may. You will then be able to manage your head ur heart, n i think if a person can manage these 2 things he has won it all. So i will email you the stuff its 26 pages, but i know even if you dont manage to follow the 26 pages the beginning 3-4 pages will help. All the best buddy :). Hope you do well in everything you do in life. God bless you :)

Calm down! Anxiety is only mental a lot of people have that problem.

Look here!!!! Remember time is running out for everyone!! So why would you want to waste your time being afraid of the world. You should be out enjoying life. I wish you just can see that, but you don't. U need to get up and stopping beating your self up. Do you know who your worst enemy is ( YOURSELF) No one is holding you back. If you can't win against your self, that you can't expect to win against depression. Because remember it's all in your head.

First kick out ur fear of failure in any thing and its consequences.The men who met failures more turned out to be great scientists.Remember when everything is lost,the future still remains.walkout on the street and see for yourself that people who are making a decent living as shopkeepers,vendors etc are not great academicians.Nature has created u in a unique wy and no body could be like u in many ways.Your iris,ur thumb impression are all distict from every other person in the universe.Dont cry for what you donot have but see for your self what you have within you.If you are depressed for not having proper shoe think of the person who doesnot have legs.

Think of Sandy Duncan skipping through a Kansas wheat field eating a box of wheathins-you'll smile,or vomit!

Sandy Sandals
It seems that your fear is of the unknown, not an actual threat. It is a normal feeling when you are going thru a life change such as graduation, but you aren't coping with it as others do since you are battling depression and anxiety. You really are on the verge of something positive. With this event, you have the opportunity to make changes in your life and start fresh. To answer your question "what can you do when your life seems bleak and hopeless?" I would continue on with your treatment and share these feelings of hopelessness you have with your doctor. Try to focus on all the potential that comes with this new phase in life. You CAN do it, because each day people forge ahead into the unknown and they get thru it because they tried, even if they stumbled a little along the way. You're just as good as everyone else. Good luck and don't ever give up!

Dr Universe
i was once just like you.
i felt depressed and scared.
but i got help i checked myself into a rehab.
they help me big time.

Good Deeds
What did you major in and why? What do like like doing? How do you think you can make a difference? You can make difference, Believe in yourself. I understand what you are feeling, find your purpose It may take a while or you may find it right away. Ask your self the right questions and stay positive.

Listen to Cypress Hill and take their advice.

Joe T
I wish I had your problems. Young and educated. You're probably pretty with a nice body to boot. What a shame. Ceck this out it might help www.naturalcures.com

Go somewhere quiet and think about the things that you have to be grateful for. You may think that you are depressed and hopeless, but you are graduating school soon and you have your whole life ahead of you. You have so many blessings and yet you're thinking negatively.

You need to put your thoughts in order and make a plan for your life. Otherwise, you will wake up one day and be 40 years old and have accomplished nothing.

You probably have nothing to feel anxious or frightened about and it's just a brain/body reaction. Why can't you face the world?



My Lord .
Just push on! Life is what you make it. As for depression, keep on doing what your doctor tell's you, if it helps! And try to enjoy life, sometimes it's hard, but it will pay off in the end......GOOD LUCK!

Yes, life can be a real b-tc-h ! Like the ole saying goes " life is a
**** sandwich and every day you got to take another bite!
We are all in this situation. Believe me you are not alone in this situation. There are a lot of people that have a hard time coping with the world and life in it! Just don't get discouraged - keep your head up and your wits about you. Sometimes you just got to wake up in the morning and tell yourself that you will make it and nothing is going to stop you. So many people in our country wake every day like that and fear those first steps but they get up and get going.
I am sorry that you are so depressed and so young. You got a whole life to live. Help is at your local church, don't laugh, I did that myself. Keep close and honest with your councilor they will give you the tools to get strong again. Who said you had to leave college - get your masters - work for the college at the same time you work on your doctorate. Than you can teach in the college level.
Your not trapped - you just trapped your self - their is everything to look forward to. Keep yourself strong and remember -
"Strength and Honor "
May the good Lord be with you !!!!!!!!

drugs for a while
which make matters worse when you run out of money!

sorry,wish i could help,but i basicaly feel the same way ????

Go sky diving or bungee jumping, if you were meant to die you will

when you are going through hell keep on going thats the only way out.stoping or looking back will make things worse

get out in the open and get some exercise. it will release endorphins in your brain which will give you a good positive feeling. proven fact. things are not as bad as they seem. talk to people about your problems, a problem shared is a problem halved. do not give up. take my advice

You should check into counseling services offered at your university. Most schools have referral services. You're facing some big changes, big unknowns. It's not unusual to feel unsettled but your depression seems extreme. You need to get some help for yourself. It's the best thing you can do!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. There are millions times millions of people living the same nightmare every day. You'll feel much better if you get off your butt and do something intsead of sitting infront of the computer wishing to god or whoever that some divine answer will change your life.
Nothing is going to change unless you decide to change yourself.

Keep plugging away. You never know what great thing could happen for you that could change everything for the better. I think you are anxious because the unknown is ahead of you after school....but that shouldn't be something to scare you or make you nervous. You are at the best time of your life, you have a clean slate and you can make your dreams come true. Have faith in yourself and things will go your way. Never give up.

Louis L
I take it you are a Brit? The weather over there will do that. It's part of depression here too.

pray,ask for help, be with others that care for you from the heart.

Just think, your life could be worse! Think of why!

Try to fix something here, something there `till everything turns gray, then again `till everithing turns white.

Go out into the sunshine first.
Walk in the park.
Then bathe , dress and go see a movie or / and eat out,
Have fun!

I can relate. I'm also dealing with depression, although I'm not treated for it.

As for the "remember, others have it worse" reply... it isn't much of a comfort is it? I hate being told that because it often makes the emotions worse because guilt is added to the equation.

Try and think of the positives that are around you. Even the small ones. Leaving Uni might be terrifying, but think... there's a whole world of opportunities opening for you now. This is one chapter closing for another to open. I know you don't want to think of the future, but remember that you've gone through Uni for a reason.

Other than that, pamper yourself. Seems a bit silly, but trust me, it works! Take special care of yourself, spoil yourself a bit. Take some you time. And make the most of the present.

I hope that helps a little.

Chris M
me too but hell this hit will end one day so just hang on, i have poor exam results, no mates, no job at college tryin to get good grades but i'm failing, have no luck with galz, i'm unfit, a social retard but hey what the hell just live with it i do and its ******* killing me im lonely, empty and i just live with it

Tiki Maskman
When you finally face the world, it won't seem so hopeless. If you continue to stay out of society, it will just get worse. Continue counseling, and move forward.

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