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What can you do for an alcoholic if they dont admit that they are alcoholics..and to help them stop???????

geoff d

mike w
buy them a pint.other than that,nothing you can really do to help them stop,the only person that can help them is themselves.

drink a bottle of vodka infront of them- then start on the whisky!

hot g
just kep trying i guess. if they still don't admit it then they are morons.

If they wont admit they have a problem and dont want to stop then you cant make them.They will only do it when THEY want.I know its awful if its someone you care about and as i have a friend who is a recovering alcoholic iv been there.All i could do was make sure if he wanted to talk,i was always there and made sure he knew i would be there day or night and that if he wanted to get some help i would be there and he didnt have to do it alone.

If they dont admit it and/or dont want to stop then there is not a lot you can do.

Nothing - unless they admit the problem there is nothing you can do. You can give them an ultimatum but then they will more than likely drink secretly

its called the confrontation solution. show them with their friends or by a video or somehow what their effect is on others and the world. many kid themselves and they need to see first hand the damage they cause to themselves and others. there is strength in numbers.

scooby doo
There's nothing you can do.
They have to realise they have a problem.
You can't do that for them.

i assume your talking about your parents or some other loved ones all these people are wrong and right at the same time. even if you can not make them beleive they are alcoholics you can talk to them about how their drinking has affected the ones that love them you cant be afraid to be bold and get your point across their recovery has to start somewhere and i think your the one to start it for them be persistant remind them of what they missed out on when they were drinking make it hit home you have to make them realize that their problem is also your problem and everyone elses problem that is associated with them ask them can you think of anything good that has come because of your drinking dont be afraid to hurt their feelings either sometimes some tough love is what a person needs to start their recovery if you listen to these other people who say you cant help them until they want to be helped your just watching them die MAKE THEM WANT TO BE HELPED good luck its a long hard road but you have to start somewhere these people are telling you there is no hope and they are wrong it may take years of your nagging but be persistant and remind them of everytime they hurt somebody or do something stupid because of their drinking

bernie c
Sadly nothing the person must first accept that they have a problem until then all you can do is be there for them Good Luck

Bottom line, they have to be ready and willing to help themselves first. Nothing you can do until that time.

Good luck,

pray for them God alone can do that no other beer can if you don't believe me just ask him in the name of Jesus Christ his son what have you got to lose only he knows weather the person wants help or not and if not he wont go against there will. that's how it is with The Great I AM YAHWEH so to him who sits on the throne all Glory Honor Power and Praise Hallelujah praise the Lord. Amen It is So and the people all say Amen. yours in J. C. p.w.l.

Same as everyone else said, if they don't even admit that they have a problem, then they don't think there is anything to fix.

And even once that happens (that they realize they are an alcoholic), nothing will really have an impact until they hit their own bottom.

If it is at a severe point (that they put themselves in danger, drive drunk, don't take care of daily tasks - bills, kids, family) then you may want to consider an intervention. Contact a rehab facility and ask if they have an interventionist.

Good luck

leave and start a new life. otherwise you are doomed to a life of misery.
don't tie your shining star to a rock like this.

My mother died from alcholism and I know how hard it is to watch someone kill themselves. But it is true. If they do not want to stop, there is nothing you can do.

They have to want it, and even then it isn't easy.

Depending on you and the relationship of your friend or reletive, try and get someone they respect to talk to them. If it's a young person, not a parent as they just see it as a lecture, but maybe a teacher? If it's an adult then be prepared for people, even close family not to want to get involved.

Also you have to accept that you may atleast temporarily loose your friendship. If he or she doesn't want to hear it, they may not take your interference well. Remember you are trying to help. Good luck.

there is nothing you can do to help them if thet do not want help. However you can join Alanon or Alateen (if your a kid) and learn how to take care of your self and deal with situation your alcoholic causes

you cannot help them stop but you can go to ala-non

There's nothing you can do, sorry

Unfortunately if someone won't admit they are an alcoholic, there is nothing you can do. I know firsthand how frustrating it is but you can't make them do anything whilst they are in denial. Rehab, AA, counselling, medical advice etc all depend upon the person actively participating. There are support groups you can ring to offer you some help through this. Good luck x x x

NOTHING. I had a brother that was alcoholic & he knew it, would tell me so & still nothing he did helped him. My x-hubby is an alcoholic & so is my 22 year-old son. By brother has died as a result of years of this life style. He was not hurtful to me, other than the stress form him beeing drunk. The the hurt from his death. My hubby has now moved on in part because I told him I would not put up with it. He was very hurtful to me when he drank. My son is on meds & still will not stop with the drink. He even ended up in the hospital with a head fracture once. After that he was in the hospital because he fell down walking in a huge snow storm we had the Wed. before Christmas this past year.
I have always been there for the people I love & they never do stop. My brother & son would say the have a problem. I don't know why they couldn't stop, I don't think they know.
What you need to do is get help for you before it sherds your life like it has mine.
There is all kinds of help out there for you. Check in the phone book & make the calls you need to. Or at least talk to someboby that has to deal with the same thing you are.
Remember their problem is NOT yours to fix. They MUST be the one the takes the steps to help themselfs.
Oh yea, my dad drank heavy but I don't ever remember him beeing drunk as he quit when I was very young.

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