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What can i do i hate my life, i feel so isolated and lonely?
have m.e cfs, i can't have kids because im infertille (tt6 yrs have pcos and susspected endo) my lifes not even worth livining any more i have no family or friends i could maybe work like part time but i havent worked for years ive tryied looking into doing things like voluntering or doing a hobby but im usless at everything and nothing ever gets done i know i look like i'm feeling sorry for myself but i honestly have no life no freinds no socail life nothing.
Additional Details
i doubt i'd be able to adopt because of having the m.e and i'm not very well off

Try killing yourself, that should take care of your Depression >))

No, really do everything except that.....

I am in all kinds of **** myself, and i even have MORE problems than you (i am not infertile, i just HATE kids...)

Anyway i usually tell my problems to go f.... themselves....

I am a VERY positive person, and that is what i reccommend to u ....

Have fun...

You are NOT alone. There is someone who loves you very much. His name is Jesus Christ. He gave his life in death for you. He suffered, bled, and died on that cruel cross of Calvary. He wants you to read God's word and believe what he says. Read John 3:16, John 14:6, Acts 16:33, Romans 10:9. Accept him as your personal Saviour. Once you do you'll have a personal friend and confident for life. You'll be able to cast all your cares and concerns on him. Life is too big for us to handle, but the God who made us can handle anything that comes our way. Please come to Jesus. He wants to help!

Go to a place like Match.com and put in your honest specifics...

There is someone for everyone love...

Not all men want children you know. and maybe Mr. right is well off and will help you as a life partner to adopt... If that is really what you feel will fulfill you as a human being.

and that feeling of inferiority and guilt inside you may very well be THE ONLY reason that you are not putting yourself out there to experience what somewhere down deep inside you... you feel that you do not deserve.

Which could not be farther from the truth.

"Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given unto you..."

" Choose ye today; life, death, cursing or blessing..."

CHOOSE... being the operative word in that sentence!

Maybe these axioms are of a Biblical nature... but they are two of the oldest truths in existence. and two of the most valuable...

a lot of the experiences we suffer over... are usually of our own choosing as a result of a feeling of unmerited inadequacy. Don't do that to yourself...

Try going to a doctor and seeking help for the depression you seem to have. Maybe you can foster children or volunteer at a hospital in the children's ward. I do not believe that you are useless at doing things. Counseling of some sort may help you as well. I have a counselor and it helps me a great deal. I also am on medication for depression and it helps. It is not a magic bullet , but I am definitely better for it. Some times you just have to make up your mind and change things, life is precious don't waste it being alone or down on yourself. try going to a church if you can, sounds like you need a good support system. Maybe, you can go to school and get an education, that is a good way to make friends too. It pains me to see you this low. Remember you have to love yourself before you can love another. Hopefully you will try some of these things. And if you fail for some reason..try again. We all make mistakes;that is what makes us human. Good luck.:)

Don't feel sorry for your self, We all have been put here on earth for a reason. If you like children try to volunteering at a children hospital or anywhere that their are children. Just keep looking you will find something. I know it is hard, but you will be fine. You will find something and someone it just takes time. I know how you feel to some point. I have 2 children but i am a single mother and a dead end job was never home with them and no money, it took me a while but i found a better job and now i am even doing a on line college to help me by bettering myself. So it will all work out for you.

sounds like you need to talk to someone, maybe a therapist.. I am adopted and felt like you but for different reasons. Talking to someone objective helped me a lot.
Why don't you work? Are you on disability? Where is your family and friends? I truely want to help. I myself have issues with depression and anxiety, can't sleep, that's why I'm up at 2am responding to your ?
Hang in there....

ms. thang
i understand how you feel....i've been dealing with similar feelings myself for the past few months and believe it or not you just have to stay strong and believe that things do actually get better. i've found the key is to stay positive, keep a spiritual connection with god by either reading your bible or watching some of the ministries being televised in your area. i know things can appear to be extremely hopeless at times, but if you stick around.... the opportunity for them to get better is always there. and i've found that to be the case. one day may be a real headache... another day, not as bad....yet another down right pleasant! so i challenge you to find that certain strength that we all have that's within to make positive choices and changes to make your life worth sticking around for. stay blessed =)

Oh dear, I really feel for you. Life obviously hasn't been very fair to you. Is there a support group for M.E./C.F.S. sufferers in your area, if so try popping into one of there sessions. There may be a group of people who at least you have one thing in common with, you may be able to swap experiences and even make a few friends who realise how bad the syndrome can be, people who won't judge you.

I get the feeling that working, volunteering etc might be a bit too much for you at the moment. Try looking up about a support group, or even ask for help in trying to set one up in your local area, you could talk to your doctor about it.

If you think it might help, email me. I'll let you cry on my shoulder as it were, heaven knows it's big enough.

Anyone can write letters in support of prisoners of conscience for Amnesty International, or work for 2 hours a fortnight helping Meals on Wheels. Have you seen a social worker yet?: they have many contacts and suggestions, and can be found through public hospitals, or local mental health facilities. Your negative inner dialogue (self talk) needs to be addressed, as it will otherwise severely limit the extent of your progress. When you catch yourself saying things to yourself, like: "you're so useless: you'll never amount to anything!", or similar, say forcefully to yourself, loudly if alone: "I know this tactic: GO AWAY FOR A WHILE !!!". You might like to use your own words. Some people put a wide rubber band around their wrist when they catch themselves, then stretch and release, to help reprogram them quicker. See http://www.coolnurse.com/self (.com/self_esteem3.htm). Try to get counselling through your local or county mental health services, public hospital, or approach the Samaritans. There is chat/ groups at http://www.onestepatatime.com and 1 email question to their resident expert is permitted on joining (free). Exercise daily, and eat well. Try meditation, yoga & Tai Chi: you can meet people that way too. Take a vitamin B complex, and 4 fish oil supplements, daily. I would also give Arctic root a try (health food stores).

Well im in a very simlar situation to you,i have pcos and am worried im infertile,i have no friends and no life outside the house.I have nothing going for me either and i worry about the future.Do you see a councillor or psychitrist? or are you on medication? if not make an appoitment with your doctor and stress how desperate you are,taking the first step this way is heading the right direction.Mental illnesses are a long battle to get over,but in time you learn to live with them and think differently,although i still suffer with alot of problems i've managed to control some of my depressive thoughts,instead of running your self down,take credit for the small changes such as positive thinking.Join group therapy where there will be people who are expeiriencing simlar problems to yourself and it's a way to possibly make friends who will never judge you.If you want to chat more,feel free to email me through my profile.Good luck with everything and stay strong.

rajan l
Sorry to hear you. In Every body's life such a cycle comes. Be brave and try to come out courageously. I am a person who will always get it i.e., if lightening is going to hit a man among a group of 1000 people it always happens to me.

Tragedy after tragedy, loss of money, bad treatment, quarrel with boss, overlooking in office etc. You name it, I have it.

Once I used to blame God and stopped praying. Then I realized some people are destined to suffering and the only way to confront it is by accepting and expecting the sorrows. Now I am quite happy. I expect the problems and ready to face them and do not feel the burden.

In our Tamil Classic THIRUKKURAL written 2000 years ago there is a verse which says "when tragedy strikes you take it happily and give the tragedy , the tragedy, it will vanish". ( i.e., Give unhappiness to the unhappiness).

So please come out of the nut shell. Think a life with other's children as yours. Serve the humanity, orphaned children, animals, old people etc. Love nature. Smile a lot. Be friendly with everybody. Help others.

Now you see your life will become easier and lighter and you will forget about all your misfortune. Pray to God, if you are a God believer.

Be positive. Everything will become alright.

lee c
Wake up! Your life is precious! Do one thing to improve your life right now! File your nails, straighten a picture on the wall, fluff a pillow, pet the neighbors dog! What do you want to do? Start somewhere! Clean out an old closet! Can't have kids then it is not in the stars for you ! So what! Be nice to someone who has one! Make that child or family a gift!Anything! Be a friend to make friend! Meals on wheels is a great organization. Volunteer one day! Imagine the smile on the face when you hand a hot meal to that person? Or hand a stuffed animal to a small child or even an elderdy person! Personalize a frame and send it to a neighbor for there dog! Little things matter! you will grow and that love you put out there will reflect on you! It is just that easy! Start right now! Do one thing! You have all you need to change! God Bless! you may contact me if you want to talk!

Gosh I hate it when I get questions a week after they have been written. I hope you are alright. Listen, I too couldn't have any kids. I'm 48 and life is very difficult most of the time. I have been taking Paxil for l l/2 years now and believe me, it really helps me with the depression and the anxiety I feel. Have you tried that or something like that? I would highly suggest it also try going somewhere that you dont necessary have to have a friend with you like yoga class or something like that you could be interested in. Good luck and please try an anti depressant. Just ask your general doctor.

â™ Room for Oneâ™ 
I think if you feel this way the very best thing you can do is to STOP focusing on yourself. You said you were "looking into" volunteering, honestly, you should really DO it. The best medicine to get outside yourself is to help others. You will not only see people who are less fortunate than you are, it will give you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Life can certainly be hard and I don't know your entire situation, but if you try to be thankful for what you do have instead of what you don't have you will begin to look at yourself differently. You have to re-train your mind to be positive instead of negative. I know this is not easy - I'm naturally a pessimist, so I have to MAKE myself be more positive. And there is God. He loves you unconditionally, no matter what!!! There is nothing "too bad" for God. You are his child and He wants you to be happy and at peace. Give it a try, He will never let you down.

Jeep! Jeep!
You need a job & a hobby & more to do. I am 50 kids are grown & gone, I don't have time to feel sorry for myself. I work 12 hour shifts just trying to keep the bills paid, so does my husband. I do yard work growing veggies & flowers when I am able & have time, just get more to fill your time, when I was unemployed I almost went crazy since I was sooooo bored & had nothing to fill my time. No time for feeling sorry for what I think I don't have instead of being greatful for what I do have. To me that is the difference between sanity & insanity or depression- not enough time to feel sorry for oneself, GET A JOB DOING ANYTHING OR VOLUNTEER AT SOMETHING.!!! You might not be good at anything but if you simply stick with something you get better at it. Try it. Look for a little stability & responsibility & accountability. The person you are living off of will apprieciate it. So will the tax payers. Get over it & go on. I don't have any of that either since I don't have time for it. Get a reason for it. Make friends at a job. Interact with people at work. Grow up finally. Get a pet if you can not abuse it. Just accept & go on don't dwell & waller in your own self pity like it is your prize & excuse from life. You & only you are responsible for your happiness no matter your past, childhood, horrors, war memories, marriage abuse, or lack of children. Fill the voids in life with other "good" things-find them-feed the homeless-you have a home since you can get online-work in an animal shelter, ANYTHING!!!! Everyones life is full of their own terrors & horrors abuse & traumas. Move on & beat it. Get counseling, forgive, or accept the past as the past. Go fishing if that does it for you but be grateful for what you do have not what you don't. There is always someone worse off than you.

It's all about your frame of mind, think positive, find a hobby or do something that you enjoy, volunteer or just try to get out and meet new people. Just remember that we all go through our ups and downs in life, you just have to do your best to make the most of what you have got.

It may not feel like you have anything to live for right now but miracles happen everyday. You might never have kids of your own or be able to adopt but have you considered Big Brothers and sisters of America? I know its not the same and i really don't understand how you feel but just know if you need to chat I'm here you and IM me or E-mail me. I'm very sorry for your loss but don't give up yet. god does love you even if sometimes you feel he doesn't. I'm not a particularly religious person but i do believe things happen for a reason. We don't always know those reasons or understand them.

Welcome to the human race!

The first thing I would suggest is to take a listen at how you are talking to yourself.

Your post is full of:

I can't
life not worth living
i have NO family
NO friends
I'm useless
I have NO life
NO social life

These are mostly absolute, all-or-nothing statements. Maybe they are all true, but statistically this is unlikely. You can revise them:

I can't
[can't have kids, but there are millions of things I CAN do]

life not worth living
[why not? there are some things in life that are worthwhile]

i have NO family
[neither do lots of people - but many of them are happy anyway]

NO friends
[are you sure? there is NO one you consdier a friend? anyway, you can make ONE friend pretty quickly]

[you had a good idea, then killed it with the word "BUT"]

I'm useless
[according to what standard? you asked a question here - maybe it's helping someone. It's helping ME right now!]

[you have SOMETHING]

I have NO life
[everyone alive has "a life"]

NO social life
[again, you can make ONE friend quickly]

[ditto above - that's an exaggeration]

Love Jack

maybe you should get a pet or maybe adopt a child or become a foster parent .

Ooh! You are on a real downer!
Good you came on here. TALK to someone.
OK. Let's be hard here for a moment. We can't all have what we want. Quite often we are given things we don't want. We just have to work through things and get on with whatever it is. There aren't many people who go through life having it that easy, with all their wants given to them.

Your life is worth living.

Whatever way you choose to live it, now that is up to you.

I doubt very much that you are useless at everything, you're just feeling that way.

Being a volunteer would be a good way to start getting out and meeting people, making friends. Go for it! You will feel better for it and someone else will benefit too.

Hobbies are good too. You could try a class for doing something you would be interested in. That would get you out to meet people, make friends also.

So what do you do all day? Sit and feel sorry for yourself? Stop it! Your life that you say isn't worth living any more can be put to such good use. You just have to take that first step.
Set yourself a goal each day and do it. No matter how small that goal may be, it will be an achievement.

Lots of women cannot have their own children. There are probably lots of other ways you could care for children.

So c'mon. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Make a decision. Go out and do something.

Then come back and tell us how your life is improving and what you are doing with it.

Hey U kno u shouldn't be so depressed I mean come on there are tons of people out there with worse lifes. Like me I am going through sh*t my entire life heck my family dont care bout me and i hardly have proper friends and i hate kids! But I dont give up so u shouldnt to. Theres gotta be sth out there that u are good at and u should take the chance and find it out and do it and never give up on life PLEASE!

mike k
I myself feel the same way to and im 19. I lost my mother 9 months ago and live with my father who is a complete a**hole. I dont really have any friends or hobbies either aswell. I just try to look on the bright side and make the best of things. I have my days where I feel terrible and my days where I feel good. Getting a part time job would be a great idea. I notice as i'm working I feel less stressed getting out of the house and not feeling so iscolated and having that extra money to buy myself things like clothes, shoes etc. also therapy would probably help you deal with some of your problems aswell and look for a positive future. I hope this helps and best of luck to you.

Adopt a kid? U could be saving the life one a little one :D

Woooaaa hun, you have got to start thinking more of yourself. Your self image is obviously at an all time low, but there are things that you are capable of. Nobody should feel the way you do. Try talking to people and opening yourself up. There is a great life to be had seize it. If you want email me, I will talk to you anytime;.But, please don't start thinking that life's over its only just begun, you just have to hear and be made to see it.

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