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What's wrong with me?!?
i don't know what my problem is. throughout a day i'll be fine one moment, then the next moment i'll feel so angry that i want to hurt someone or just break down and cry. i get so sensitive and i start treating people like crap, and the smallest thing anyone says or does will make me feel soo bad. my friends will probably eventually hate me and think im a freak because i get really weird like this. my mom used to say these bad moods were just from being "hungry", but i know that's not it because after eating my mood does not change. i feel worthless and i think about dying, and how much better off people would be if i were gone. i don't know what's wrong with me and really all i want is to be happy but so much stuff keeps on bothering me so easily!!
Additional Details
i am 15.
i know it is not pms, because it happens more than just around that time.

maybe you have a split personality/manic depressive disorder

you're under a lot of stress or you're bi polar.
Welcome to hell, my friend.

Patrick S
Either you are Bi-polar or you have a mild form of autism

You sound a little bit depressed, look into medical cannabis or a prescription anti-depressant.

I would strongly suggest seeking medical advice immediately if you are considering death as an alternative to life.
Sometimes there are chemical imbalances in the brain that inhibit or prohibit the release of endorphins (happy chemicals) we need to make us feel good. There is medication available to successfully treat the feelings you have described pending an accurate diagnosis by a professional doctor. If you truly are feeling an impending sense of doom go to the nearest hospital and explain what it is you are feeling with as much accuracy as possible. My guess would be they would provide you the medical attention you need immediately.

you might be bipolar

answer this and youll be alright, do you want to be alone?


you might be manic depressive.
i would see a counselor about this stuff.

Have you heard of INDIGO CHILDS>>>?

Johnny S
i used to care alot about stuff like that but i just have a more relaxed view on life where i dont care anymore about stuff that used to bother me such as grades in school, and money, now it doesnt matter just relax and not worry about stuff it all works out any way.

Hinata H
Maybe it's hormones, puberty, PMS, a variety of things, many women will go through this.
If you don't think it's that, well, ask a doctor about it.

I am sorry to hear your story, but I have to say that not only you but also many people have the same situation with you. In fact, the reason includes: your food, sport, work or job, your memory before. Have you experienced a good day before? or just several days ago? what have you done during that day? doing the same things or similar things will certainly make you feel better. Generally speaking, talking to others or carrying on favoured sports to improve your state. I have written down my experience and published it in the article http://www.52success.net/index.php/emotion-management/Easy-steps-to-control-your-temper.html. I believe it will helpful for you.

homework helper
It sounds like you need to speak with a professional who can help you sort out your problems. There could be something from your past that is surfacing. I wouldn't just walk into an office saying im bipolar or anything like that, meds should be your last option.

you can take it or leave it....
I think you need to talk to someone about depression. Especially where you are feeling worthless and think about dying. I dont know how old you are, but you it sounds like you need to clue in someone in your family or a close friend about what is going on and get evaluated. I see this every day at work and it only gets worse if you go untreated and keep this to yourself. Good luck.

Zoro The Great
go an dsee your local doctor,i have a similar problem,the doctor will probley say you are deppressed,but be carefull before making the decision to take any medication like that,i have just found out most anti depressants can have really bad side affects,like suicide and murder,the internet is a great place to find out info on medication

You sound depressed or something. I dont want to act like im trying to diagnose you or anything, but maybe try some therapy? I mean that in the nicest way possible, please don't take it personally.

Have you ever thought perhaps the problem is too complex for you to fix yourself? If theres anything i have learned, its that when anyone mentions suicide, its a warning sign that it is something they are capable of doing.

Seek medical attention, this is something you want to have solved. I dont think youre a freak, and you shouldnt think other people will think you are, especially your friends.

Miki M
Depression. You need to listen to people who are having a difficult time and regain a clear view of your own life. You leash out at people because you get away with it. You need to stop it yourself. You don't have permission in being a brat. Take responsibility of your actions and make a change. Good luck.

suzy home maker
This too shall pass... You sound young, Every teen goes on a emotional roller coaster. It's harder for this generation than any other before, there is just more evil in the world, and pressure. But God is there for you, just talk to him. He loves you, cares about your problems. Only God giveth and taketh life, that's not our place to do so. Seek the Lord and he will have mercy on you. Never give up!. Find someone who's in need more than you. When I feel down, I go through the drive through at a restaurant and buy food for a bum on the street. I feel better because I have looked past myself, got my mind off my own problems. School must be so hard for kids these days, I think it would be better if most were home schooled. Life will get better, my twenties were just more emotional, but after 30, I just finally knew who I was and was proud of it.

Talk to your parents about how you feel first. It sounds like you are a little depressed or possibly bi-polar. You should really go to a doctor and tell him/her how you are feeling and they can get you on meds if need be.

You might be bi-polar ...thats when u get rapid mood swings and u cant control them..ur sad then ur mad then happy...but dont worry u can get help ..just go to a doctor and tell them what u have told me...its probablly ur hormones are too high..he will just give u some medication to balance them and u will be perfectly well ...try it ...it wont hurt and u wont feel like u might lose anyone ...good luck

its puberty it changes your emotion same with me ill be like all alone abe i get angry or like im really sad dont worry it happends to everyone. good luck

melanie o
sounds like your having some real PMS issues when I was younger I had it real bad have your mom take you to a good gynecologist thay have meds. that can help with the mood swings . it all most seems like you have no control over what you say to peple ...then after words you feel real bad but at the time you just can't stop what your sayin . or sometimes i would just want to scream and cry for no reason your not alone some of us just have it worse . I never understood why some women get so mad when people suggest pms as a problem think about what your body is going threw . the good news is their is help and it works so get to a dock . talk about your problems and figure out what is going to help you .......... best of luck take care

You'll get through this, dear heart.

Seek help. Go to a counselor, school guidance counselor, social worker, or call 1-800-SUICIDE. You just need somebody to talk to.

A therapist or doctor might have you try medicine. That doesn't mean you're crazy; medicine's a tool just like a spoon for eating cereal.

Take care, and know it will get better. Try reading self help books from the library or bookstore too. Look for books on depression, or if you're a teenager, on difficulties teens have.

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I used to do this all the time too. If you want to tame your moods, try taking Omega 3 fish oil once a day. In about two weeks you will feel much more balanced and better about life in general. B-complex vitamins once a day also help out. The plus side, they have complexion-improving nutrients as well and will improve circulation.

It sounds like you have suppressed anger, maybe even rage. You do a good job of suppressing your anger for a while and think you're doing fine, but then something happens to trigger your anger and it all comes out.

You must face your anger. What are you so mad about and why do you feel you must suppress it? Think about these things and try writing a journal to record your feelings.

The feelings of worthlessness you express show that you're depressed, and you really need to see a therapist or counselor to help you deal with the depression. Irritability can be a symptom of depression or a bipolar disorder.

Take steps now to help yourself feel better. Life is worth it. Good luck to you.

Weather you belive in god or not ... just try this out ...PRAY ... Talk to god or whatever you want to name it and talk to him ... cry ... let it all out ... ask why ... and then ask god what is his plan with you ... and tell him what u want when it comes to these feelings ... u want them to go away ... just try it out .. but the key is to beleive that when you talking 2 him and you are asking for something that god will take care of it ... trust me he does ... just come with an open n sincere heart .. he will hear you out .

Hi.. honey... My niece is doing the same thing you mentioned..... went to doc.. was not bi-polar or manic depressive.... she was having mood swings like you... he gave her a mild anti-depressant... which amazingly helped.. which you may want to consider.... balanced out her mood swings... she had a hard time as well convincing her parents something wasn't right... but they finally gave in... I pray they will help you... and listen to you.. your story is quite similar to my nieces... also.. he told her.. you can buy some type of anitdepressants over the counter.. walmart.. rite aid.. but if you do.. please let your parents know first.. and doc... your still quite young.. and they can make things worse... good luck.. sweetie...

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