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Voice in my head - ... am I crazy?
Sometimes I hear like voices in my head (my own voice), the voice is not telling me to kill anyone, or burn down the house, but almost everytime I do something, it tells me to do something else. A simple example: I really want to take orange juice, and then the voice says I have to take water or something bad will happen. Or when I go to the cinema, and want to take place in a certain seat, it tells me to sit elswhere.
so am I crazy?=/
Additional Details
I don't think it's my inner conscious, because I argue with that voice over the smallest things

Jeff K
does something bad ever happen if you don't take the water? that'd be crazeh!! like does a monkey appear out of nowhere and start throwing feces at you?

you should write a book.

yep youre nuts

......go to a psychologist..i mean i'm talking to myself sometimes....but i think that you don't talk to yourself...yes go to a psychologist...

if it last for long time you should go to doctor
by the way "when you speak to God that's a pray, when he speaks to you that's a schizophrenia"
think of this

You may have mild bi-polar if i were you make an appointment with you normal doctor and tell him everything that has been happening.

Best answer?

Alex E
Nah, I have the same thing, especially the water/orange juice thing and the movie seats. You are not crazy at all. Try not to le it bother you.

its your conscience

to me it sounds like obsessive compulsive disorder.
theres a difference between a concience and a voice that tells you to do something because something bad will happen otherwise.
i have that voice inside my hed that tells me the same kinds of things. if i do this, this bad thing will happen or i have to do this, or this bad thing will happen.

i'd suggest going to see a doctor and explaining this to him

heres a website dedicated to ocd, maybe you could have a look.


Kate (the 10th)
that's your conscience...good for you that you have one, most people don't.

Crazier than a sh!t house rat.

no I wouldn't say thats crazy. sometimes that happens to me! I don't understand why though...

No...don't worry! Its just your inner conscious like you said!!

I think that you should visit a phycologist. You're not crazy, but maybe something bad or traumatic from your past, or something else has come back to haunt you in the form of a voice in your head.

I don't think so. I think it's pretty common to argue with yourself. It's your inner conscious. You're brain is reasoning to get the best answer.

nah not crazy you are just doubting yourself. Start trusting yourself and try doing what you feel the first choice.

Umm...I don't think you're crazy but it could be like part of ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder). OCD is when you obsess over something because you think if you don't it doesn't feel right, or something will go wrong. I used to have a problem with things being even. Like if my right hand touched the wall then I would HAVE to touch the wall with my left or I would be anxious until I did. Or like you said about the juice, when I had to pick something, I would want one thing but my mind would want me to get something else so I would. Or I still obsess over my school work and if it isn't perfeclt yneat then I re write it until it is. Mine isn't really that bad anymore, it might go away but if it starts to like cause you problems you might want tot see a phycologist. Umm here s a link about OCD. I might be totally wrong but it reminded me of it so check it out


your normal, dont worry about it. Your just a conscious person.

Melissa ♥
No your not crazy, don't worry :)
I get it too sometimes, it just means your a very indecisive person that has trouble making choices. Your brain is just having trouble deciding which choice to take and that's why you hear your own voice telling you to do something else. I'm pretty sure everyone gets it sometimes :)

i think its probably you conscience . i know what you mean about the orange juice thing. that happens to me a lot. lol

Ellie H
Nope your talking to your self in your head

....don't go to a psychiatrist because they'll just say you're crazy, give you meds and take your money.

Anyways, what is this voice?
Is it your self conscious?
Normally, people can talk to themselves in their head.

Can you control this voice?
If you can, you're not crazy.
Try saying the alphabet with this voice or something.
If you can't.... then you might have a problem....

The examples you give are not bad at all. Sounds like you are just battling with yourself as if one part of you knows whats best for you. I don't know if it will go away or when it will but I say go along with it the best you can. For example, Orange juice is good for you and so is water so just pick the one that you think is best for you. Now, if you are being told that you should sit somewhere else, I think you ought to move just in case. This may be little messages that everyone else would wish they had to keep something bad from happening to them. If you try to do one thing and then are telling yourself to do something different then pick out the one that you think would be best for you. If it becomes to big of a problem then you may seek some counceling but I believe that if you go with it and not fight it, it will probably go away. Good luck..

no ur not crazy. its ur conscience like telling u what to do really. It could happen. It happened to me before, but in a different scenario. I went to my friends house and we were going to play basketball, and my mind said do something else except play basketball or u will get hurt. I didn't listen and then when we played basketball, the ball was thrown really high into the air and i didnt look up bcuz it wud hit somewhere else and it hit me hard in the face >< listen sometimes

Your thinking and debating about things your doing. It's simply your conscience telling you what's best for you, be glad you have one. Unfortunately, not everyone has one.
Good Luck, ;-)

Jus Beachy
Additional details;
Okay, Okay!
Your crazier than a mouse in a sh_t house.
You poor thing, you must live in the state of Georgia, maybe near Atlanta, where they had to put high fences on all the bridges, so no more could jump off and onto interstate highway traffic, you poor thing!
Here's a card for you: http://www.hellocrazy.com/en/view.pl?card_id=271

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