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Only Dan
Very Confused, And Attention Starved?
Okay, long story. I'll shorten it down. Aparrently, I'm attention starved. I've got the bad habit of telling everyone my inner thoughts and feeling. I also over react to everything. Now, I think I want to cut myself, but I don't want to at the same time because people that cut themselves only want attention, and I'm trying to stop craving attention. I don't know what to do!?

Rick S.
Everybody likes attention - I like it too much also and have done some stupid things to get it - but dont obsess over it. Definitly don't cut yourself for it. That's discusting and psychatoic. You don't need to cut yourself. Everybody likes attention, you may like it more but you are in the same boat as everyone else, just taking in a little to extreme. Lighten up and you will be happier.

What you having now is depressing / loneliness, try to get yourself a gf/bf asap, even you don't love them TRY to love them. And hurry find yourself some hobby some might you can do alone maybe like playing online games or webcam chat services.

get your head and your *** wired together mate or you'll be standing tall before the man.

if you dont want to cut then dont cut

DON'T CUT!!! Please! It's really bad,you will regret it in the long run, trust me.

Jaime M
its kind of an easy thing. DON'T DO IT. its pretty stupid to cut yourself for no apparent reason. and yea people would think that you just cut yourself for attention.

Rose G
ok to be honest with u many people are attention starved, i would talk to a psych it helped me back in days and get a pet, they are great for attention, common life is good dont be upset

Wandering Mind
I don't know if it's so much being attention starved as it is having poorly defined boundaries on the first count. Over-reacting is a bit historonic though. Its no big deal as long as it isn't getting in the way of your friendships, relationships, and work relationships. I over react all the time, mainly to get a laugh. Now, with the self mutilation bit...and I am going to say this as well as I can without being hurtful...what the hell gives you the right to say that something like that is merely a cry for help? Are you that stupid to think what everyone else believes must automatically be true? I've been struggling with self injury for about 4 or 5 years, most of which I was the only person who knew. Try looking at other problems, like your general personality, your own hatred for yourself, a general sense of emptiness that cant be filled no matter how hard you try, a desire to deal with a different kind of pain than what you actually feel. Most cutters and burners are ashamed of what they do. They try to hide it. Self injury can also be a sign of a much bigger problem...severe depression, borderline personality disorder, Bipolar disorder, psychosis...although not always. If you need to feel something...feel something, stop being numb. Once you go numb and you get used to physical pain, you start to love it. Its your choice. Your self destruction is in your hands.

Well at least it's just an emotional problem and not a real issue where it will actually make sense of your action (if "cutting" yourself makes any sense??) not!!!! But don't you think that there are people with a lot worst situations than yours, believe me there is. Stop being sorry for yourself and start feeling good about yourself and be productive. I don't know all the details of why you feel this way but if needed you can e-mal me or something. Don't do anything that you already know it's stupid, summer is coming up and who knows someone is counting on going with you to sixflags or something :)

doting grandpa
A question like that only YOU can answer - with some prefessonal assisting you to find your answer.

Seham K
You're doing exactly what you're trying to stop doing by posing this question. You just need to relax a bit, try and not worry about everything, and not overreacting if someone tells you about a bad habit you have or whatever it maybe. Cutting yourself won't lead you anywhere, and it certainly won't make the situation better. You just have to realize what can be said or what can't be said to others. Just think twice before saying anything.

when people tell you that you are attention craved, you should tell them that you are just a very open person. unless well, you are whining to them. do not cut yourself. i have gone down that rode and you will hear it from many people how, "immature" and "selfless" you are from people when you tell them when you actually decide that you need help. i think that you just want someone to talk to about your feelings, but nobody will listen so you keep talking about them and people begin to call you attention craved. talk to your doctor about seeing a psychologist. they are really nice and help you with many things.

sounds corny...but read a book.
do a puzzle.
watch tv.
homework (if thts your age range)
somethin simple and entertainin.

dont do it

Get a hobby and don't cut yourself.
Hurting yourself is just plain stupid
and you don't seem stupid to me!!!

Danny P
You're doing it again! Cut it out!

Debbie V
Who says you're attention-starved? Is that a professional opinion, your opinion or someone else's? You shouldn't tell everyone your feelings, but you do need a vent. Go for a journal or choose one person who's very special that you can share your worries and dreams with.

Cutting is a different animal altogether. It's a mental illness, and it's not done for attention. It's done because the cutter is under severe stress and feels relieved after they cut. It's a band-aid for their stressful, problematic life.

This is what to do: contact a mental health professional. See a psychiatrist, maybe a therapist.

If you already are doing this, you need to tell them how you feel and expect them to take immediate action. This is the best advice I can give you: get help.

TX Mom
Chronic depr 24+ years
Anxiety disorder too.

keep a diary and write down how your feelings
when your feeling like your going to over react, think of something else or breathe deeply.

um m m m. how about you start with not cutting yourself

Im the exsact same way its always like you need something to be thinking about you and knowing what your doing and you always want to be in the spotlight... Well there is other ways to do it for instance I sing and I think im pretty good so once you find a talent you can channel your emotions into it and get noticed for your talent.
But dont cut yourself it dosent help plus if you hit a certain vein in your wrist you will die in 30 seconds no stopping it,.. its not worth the risk :)
Need anything email me.

sleepy head
find a new hobby that involve a group of people then make more friends.

Oh Honey, this too shall pass.
Probably not immediately though so just hang in there.
If you are really hungry for attention, it probably means you are not getting enough. Or at least you're not getting enough of the true, honest, good kind from good people who really care about you. If you need something then you need it! It is not wrong to need attention. So what if you do? Big deal! That's how humans are. Go get it. Sounds like you need to shop for it from some better people though. Look around for some new high quality people to bring into your life. You are fine. Don't listen to them. Be true to yourself and go get your needs met. The people in your life now are not cutting it. Be careful who you tell all of your private things to though. Pick only one or two WISE people who you can trust.

Mr. Bugsme
Slap yourself. Repeat as often as necessary.

Volunteer, as a means of changing your focus from yourself, and ceasing useless introspection. It will also provide a solid basis in reality for the daily affirmations: "I am a good person, who is valued by my community, because I ..(insert activity here).." See section 38, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris Section 47 also refers. On volunteering outside the home, you will come into contact with supportive people, and receive positive feedback for your efforts, which will be obviously appreciated, and it will give purpose, and meaning to your life, and provide you with the attention you need. Practice one of the relaxation methods on pages 2, 11, 2c, or 2i, daily, and when needed, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris

Sounds normal to me.

Adeline stabby-rip-stab-stab
ok, first of all,
cutting yourself isn't because of a want of attention
well, not most of the time anyways..
second, attention is a good thing, but not always..
i always tell everyone my thoughts, just to get them to go away...
there's nothing wrong with wanting attention

dont cut yourself. nothing is ever worth harming yourself over... not even you.... do something creative and to express how you feel so you will let out your pent up emotions and if you put your work on display you will get attention

Lucas G
just keep yourself busy, your probly just really depressed and had a long day... give yourself a treat... eat something you want to... play some xbox 360 and own some noobs on xbl..

anyways good luck dude

morgan t
give yourself attention it feels really nice~
fix your hair in a new way
or get your nails done (some guys aren't into that)
bleach you teeth
fall in love with yourself
I had to do that
I realized I was feeling so down becuase I did not love my self

Seriously, swear to the lord I had the exact same problem. One time at a sleepover w/ like 12 other girls I started fake crying behind a chair to get attention. No joke. WEll to get out of it I just had to realize the attention cant always be on me and I want attention for the good things not fake crying behind a leather chair. You will get over it if you start being happy and giving attention to other people. it really helped me personally. Best of luck. E-mail me through my profile if you want to talk.

BTW-Cutting yourself is no way to get attention please do it! think of your family. Cutting is a serious problem in our youth that severly needs to be addressed. Just please talk to a school conculer if you need to talk. At least talk to a trusted adult!! CUTTING IS NO WAY TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS!

DeMerick C
At least you realize that you're attention starved, so that's a good thing. Most people won't admit that. The feelings of being attention starved may be related to a deeper depression so if this lasts a long time, you may want to seek professional help. If it goes away some simple things though, you probably don't need to run to a doctor. Chat online can be helpful, but it's not the same as RL interaction. Talk to friends face to face. When I'm with people in RL I'm big about laughing. Banter is fun and it gets attention more than sharing personal drama. I call myself a smart a--, but I still have a lot to learn before I actually earn that title.

Write cheesy emo poetry and post it on writing.com (or poetry about birds, or boys, etc). It doesn't matter if it's good or not. Actually, you could write it so it's the worst poetry you can come up with then laugh over the responses that say it's good.

Do little things to help other people. You'll be amazed at how the small attention getters impact you and how fulfilled helping someone can make you feel. Hold the door open for someone. If you see a little old lady reaching for a product on a high shelf, help her get it. Drop extra change in the donation canisters by the cash registers. Let the mother carrying the baby in the car seat cut ahead of you in the grocery line since she's just buying two cans of formula and didn't grab a cart. Share a smile with people you pass. I used to work with a girl who always came in and greeted everyone with a big smile and she got attention and is remembered because she helped boost our days just because of her grin.

It makes a difference to put forward the effort when you go out. People begin to see you as someone worth giving attention to. They'll remember your name and have a smile ready to greet you when you come.

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