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Penny Lane
Talking to yourself out loud, problems?
Do you think that talking to yourself out loud could be a sign of mental illness, or am I just crazy to think that?
I constantly find myself talking very loudly to no one. I carry on complete conversations with myself and often get weird looks from friends, family, and strangers who see me just starting jabbering away.
I don't even realize that I do it most of the time. I try to control it, but I have a hard time just thinking in my head.

Do you do this too? Is it normal?
It's okay with me if you call me nuts, I don't care.

i think everyone talks to themselves sometimes
it only becomes a problem if it affects you living your life
if it does, see a doctor
if it doesnt, dont sweat !

Mark B
no it is normal to talk to your self i think...
yes i do it all the time but then i am not normal and proud of it :)
i call it a intelligent conversation with a intelligent person

Noneof y
If you would have a mental disorder like Schizophrenia.... you would not question yourself. Because you would believe it is real.

No, I wouldn't classify it as "normal," but I don't think it's a sign that you're nuts, either. I think most of us talk out loud to ourselves on occasion without even thinking about it. I remember the second that I realized I was going to be in a very serious head-on collision years ago while driving by myself. I held the wheel and said out loud, "Oh, my God!" And I am not a religious person.

lots of people talk to themselves. some just prefer to hear it out loud, while others do it under their breath

i do the same thing, but i do it when i am alone, i knew people will think i am weird if i do it before people, u r no nuts, but u may want to keep it low profile,if u can't control yourself from doing it then i think u should visit a shrink, don't be too worry, u r not alone

Remember we all do it in various degrees, so we are all nuts, don't worry about it please and welcome to the club, Iet him or her say they have never talked to themself and I will quizzacally raise my eyebrows.

Chelsea B
People sing outlooud. I think there is nothing wrong talking outloud.

I work at a law firm and there are plenty of attorneys who walk around constantly talking to themselves. I talk to myself as well. When I find myself doing it, it tends to be when there are a lot of things on my mind and talking them out helps me think more logically.

You are NOT nuts. Its very normal to talk to one self! I do it a lot.,even answer myself @ times. When someone says to me "Are you talking to yourself?" I reply "Yes I like talking to some one intelligent" It,s normal, so dont focus on there being something wrong with you. Most people dont realize that they do converse with themselves/or care to admit they do, you are your own best friend, so why not talk to yourself?

Not only is it normal, it's also normal to answer yourself. I do it all the time. I, like you, don't care what the reactions of others are. Keep on talking!!

i do all the time. it is how i remember. if you are haveing full fledged conversationsand answering yourself you have issues.

Crazy Old Maurice
Yes, I do that too, only I talk to myself when I'm alone. When you talk to your friends or to anyone and you hear yourself expressing your thoughts, sometimes it comes out differently. I guess, when you talk (your thoughts) out, it would either confirm how strongly you feel about it or not. I noticed that I do this when I'm really upset. I find myself feeling better when I go through my thoughts by hearing them than just by thinking about them. Perhaps, my psyche just got comfortable doing it. Plus, I noticed my mom does it too when she's upset. (Maybe it's a genetic thing. The scary thing is most mental illnesses are genetic diseases.) I don't know if it's indicative of mental illness in the future. I don't think it is, at least I hope not.

i think that I should try more of that out loud stuff. I keep everything locked inside my head and it only makes me crazy at times. ha ha. Just watch what u say and who u are around...

Amy V
This completely normal, I think everyone does it in varying degrees.
It's only if you are hearing voices or talking to something that isn't there that is the problem. But talking to yourself even outloud, is not a sign of a mental problem.
Some people do it to concentrate more on what they are thinking. or sometimes to hear something outloud, helps you gain perspective on what you thinking about.

Suicidal Tendencies
well i talk to myself quietly at times too i mean like ill swear under my breath or like ill be reading or just saying things like oh i have to do this and this and this today or when im in a crowded store it happens too i dont think theres anything wrong with it its just something that happens

I have the same problem too, just try and do it in your bedroom. Maybe u got a learning disability , because thats the main symptom of it, because you have to think someway so u talk to your self, so your basicly getting your thoughts in order. It could also be associated with a stressful life.
So relax your fine

everyone does this once in a while, its if u hear voices back or if you believe you are speakin to someone who is not their then it becomes more of a possible mental health issue.

i think everyone talks to themselves, its probably stems from when we were small children we talked through our play to no one in particular (a recognised behaviour in children) and babies babble away whether anyone is listening, it just gets to a point in our lives where it becomes socially a little more embarrasing, it doesnt mean it makes you ill though.

Many people do that, especially if they lead a stressful life.

'72 D-100
THANK GOD I'M NOT ALONE!! LOL. listen, do you want to know what I think. i think we do this because our minds are too complex to focus and really dig into an important thought or topic without involving other aspects of function. I know what you mean about not just a random phrase, but FULL CONVERSATIONS, and for me, even the occasional arguments. trust me I'm not the only one who thinks this, but our minds and thoughts are FAR more organized and can process information much more efficiently by involving other functions (speech). hope this helps. just relax , we're also prone to anxiety.

I do this sometimes too, I think it's normal.

LOTS of people do that!

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