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Lizzy K
So....What happens if you don't sleep?
Personal experiences? All-Nighters? Hallucinations?
Whats the longest time you've gone without sleep and how did it affect you?

wht a pointless question. if u dnt sleep..THATS IMPOSSIBLE bro evryone tries it but eventualyy u just fall asleep. u cant pull an 'all nighter' u just cant. u will eventually fall asleep. cause ur body needs to rest from all the energy u put in from the day. so dnt be stupid if u dnt sleep u feel horrible and ur eyes get all ugly. hope tht helped..lol

if u dont sleep for nore than a certain amount of time, then u die. idk how long u can go without sleep though.

You actually die if you spent several days without sleeping. I can't function well without some sleep.

ew who wants to sleep? i say we partayy!

Not sleeping can cause in bad health issues.
Ever wonder when you get a cut, bruise, or burn, the feeling goes away right after you wake up from sleeping?
It's because when we're sleeping, our body heals itself.
We've been moving all day, using our muscles and everything, we get tired and go to sleep to rest.
And, when you sleep, it is also important because (if you're a kid, or still growing) your body is growing, little by little.
Hope this helps! :]

___________ (line)
I Stay up all night all the time. The next day all you feel is very weak, can't stand up, shakie and stuff like that. You very rarely get nightmares or hallucinations. That's only if you stay up like 5 days or something

I have stayed up for 3 days before. It didnt really affect me except that I was really tired of course.

ur gonna fall asleep anyway..iv stayed up for 48 hours..it didnt really matter but then the 3rd day i was lik dead in the the morn i coodnt wake up at all

like for 2 weeks?...i didnt take any sleeping pills (even tho i was dying for them) because i knew they were bad for your body. and if i did take them, my body would have been dependant on them n i would never be able to go to sleep without them...for sum reason i just COULDNT go to sleep. there was no reason. yea...so i tried warm milk...but it didnt work...n honey tea...didnt work..i tried all this natural crap....didnt really work. lol n i tried exercising hard out so ill wear myself out to sleep....but didnt really work...lol...but after a while..i was finally able to sleep =) hahah man that was a long boring story! lol i didnt have any hallucinations or anything... so are you having a hard time going to wonderland?

I am an insomniac.... so most of the time I sleep only every other day.....then I sleep a whole day.....may be I am condiotioned to this regiment... 'cause now 30-40 hours no sleep doesn't affect me much......

idk know all i know is i can't even stay up 24 hrs

Any amount of beauty sleep I lose makes me evil.

2 days for me. when i did get to sleep.....i didnt wake up for 18 hrs

well i stayed up for more than 2 days straight so.........
well i never get sleep i stay up till 3 and get up at 7 every day and im fine lol

48 hours and towards the end i was delirious. not able to make sense of stupid things. then when i did sleep t wasnt a restful sleep.

You will eventually die without having REM sleep. I can't go more than 24 hrs hehe...

how would
sound like??? ;)

sleep is a must.

.... I get tired... Basically my eyes get heavy and I get light headed. Can't really do much and then I sleep for like 12 hours


aches and pains - your body needs to repair - that is what sleep is for - it is also very hard on your mind - i get crabby and inpatient with people - also less aware when driving or doing other things.

Serena S
2 days without sleeping and i was a reck for 2 weeks

Well, i have isomnia and ive gone for 13days without sleep. they actually say after 3-4 days, u can be claimed "physically and mentally insane". which i think is total bull. from my point of view, you just dont feel right. like your not in touch with the world. u kno the feeling like you sleep in really late, when ur sick or somthng, and u dont leave ur room till like dinner. that odd feeling when you leave your room. like no hand/eye cordination. also, i have had only one hallucination were i walked down my stairs and saw a hanging coat, and i thought it was a person standing dead or sumthing and i ran back upstairs, locked the door and fell asleep 5min l8er lol. for real, i usually get about 3or4 at most hours of sleep a nite.

Cassie T
I have gone 3 days without sleeping at all. For a month on either side of it, I was getting less than 4 hours of sleep a night. I am suspected to be bipolar (undergoing an evaluation at the moment), and that was probably the cause.

I did hallucinate a bit. But I also felt really shaky and paranoid and unwell.

Not sleeping really does deteriorate the human mind pretty quickly.

37 hours , i was tired.and threw my body clock out of wack, took about 2 weeks to get back to normal sleep patterns.

Emotionally you are on edge, and do not think clearly, in times of trouble. Your motor skills are slowed as if you were drunk. Being up longer then 18hrs you lose about 10% of your reflexes. Another 6hrs you are equal to a person who's had a few. And so on. Also physically your amune system is lowed so it is easier to get sick. And if you go longer then 72hrs I heard you can hullucinate. And if you are not in great health, you could die.

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