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Smelling things that aren't there?
Is this normal somehow? It's been happening for about a month I think. It happens when I remember something or am justing sitting there. This random smell of something pops up and lingers for a few seconds. There seems to be no source, but maybe there is, I don't know. I don't think they come through the window, I don't have it open often. And the types of smells are..anything, really. Just random smells that seem to have no source.
This hasn't happened to me before. Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else?
Additional Details
'Arnold B', I'm just wondering if this ever happens to anyone else....not freaking out here.

Arnold B
Stop freaking yourself out.

Your just crazy

running dude

Daniel NIKE T90
might be the food you eat or your taste buds or theres somfin rong woth ur nose

i smelt dougnuts once and they were in my mailbox

James (Y)
You said it happens when you remember something...so maybe when you look back on stuff you just have very vivid memories?

I don't know...I'd imagine that'd be helpful is someone farts in front of you

yeah i happened to smell a lot of smells that have unknown source. i think my nose is too sensitive (but i dunno if it really my nose is sensitive) when i smell the unknown smell (when i smell it, it becomes irratating all of the sudden for no reason and i just want to smell fresh air) i turned on an aroma diffuser to get rid of the smell

its your nasal cavity, it just means its healthy, you may also wake up with terrible breath and gunk on the sides of your mouth, dont worry it will fade away soon =]

It's irregular, but maybe not dangerous. You ought to talk to a medical professional about it though.

If you were seeing things, that others don't see, we'd call them hallucinations, and that'd be scary to some people. Of course, those are treatable too.

It could just be a passing thing, or it could be serious. Only a doc can help tease this out. Please don't wait ...see a doctor. If it's brain related, it needs attention.

Nobody Special
Yes, it could possibly be some kind of paranormal activity. I'm not completely sure, though, because it has pretty much nothing to do with me. :D

sometimes the mind can bring up scent memory that seems very real...and sometimes there is a really good bakery down the street. Scent can travel on air in clothes and so on until totally defused.

This happens to me when I'm having a migraine, I don't get visual halos but my sense of smell goes crazy.

Know of someone that has passed away that the smell would be coming from? Apparently it could be from the spirit of a person that you know. Is that possible?

Oh, that happens a lot. It's completely normal.

Yada Yada
If you are thinking about something and then smell it then that is an example of a wonderful memory and imagination. If its just random smells that are strong then that is not normal but could be a "nasal migraine" although I have never heard of that (I have heard of visual migraines though). If it is faint smells then it could be a sinus infection affecting the smell cells. Or maybe its just the wind carrying something that your excellent smeller has picked up. I know there are "olfactory hallucinations" but they are supposed to be really rare.

In a moment that will continue to raise these issues and to communicate with those who loves you and feel your sense of Vientiane this is normal and what is happening with everyone because we are human beings

‚ô•Love is forever and always ‚ô•
I go to phycis and I asked about this and its people from your past the smells are the people trying to get in contact with you!

Your Guardian angel or a past loved one is trying to help you remember them? to tell you they are ok!

Has someone close to you passed away recently? A departed loved one may be trying to connect with you.

yes it has happened to me... i don't know but i was told it is when a person that has left this earth has revisited you....???????????????

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