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Really bad anxiety, fear of dying, going crazy? Help!?
I've always had panic attacks but the past two days have been so ridden with anxiety and panic i feel like i'm dying. I'm so sick I can't eat and I keep thinking I'm dying which I'm sure I'm not, but I'm so anxious about everything! I need help, but i'm scared to go to the doctor and say "i'm crazy". For some reason i've just been so depressed and upset. help me! I have a four year old daughter, i don't want to end up loosing my mind. and I'm terrified of having to be away from her. Has anyone else experianced this, does anyone else know how to respond to it?
Additional Details
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who responded! You've all given me great feedback. I went to the Doctor today and he put me on 50 mg of Zoloft and 50 mg of Xanax as needed. I haven't taken the Xanax yet, but I've started the Zoloft, so hopefully it will work out. Thank you all so much again!


Sounds like you may have Bipolar disorder, go see a good psychiatrist to be diagnosed properly. I was diagnosed a few months ago and I've been on Depakote, Xanex, Ativan, Lexapro, Wellbutrin and Restoril for this condition. It took a good 2 1/2 weeks, but the medications finally got into my system and I'm able to function again....yay. Good luck to you

oy yes dont worry about it go to the doctor youll be fine its probably an infection or an unhealthy diet or stress at work it happened to me and a friend of mine and sometime i would get chest pain and unreal feelings but yeah its cureable what i did is i would take nature walks be out more often and get some fresh air eat your veggies drink plenty of water and mostly avoid fast food

It doesn't have to be that you're going crazy. It could really be something that you're eating ( some people have reactions from some foods ). It could be from some medication you're taking. The best thing is to go to a doctor for a physical exam to see if there is anything medically wrong. It's better to find out early than to continue going through depression for maybe something that could be fixed. Best wishes for you.

don't be afraid. the doctor would help you with your anxiety. he can help you understand where does your anxiety and depression comes from. for the meantime, be calm, just relax. take deep breathing exercises everytime you feel anxious. im a nurse and i know something about depression and the best thing i could advice is for you to go to a doctor.. your kid needs you and make it a reason for you to go and get a help from somebody who knows alot better about your case.

Try to find the root of your anxiety. If you can find the root of it you can help eliminate it. If your afriad of dying try to think that you aren't gonna die til your ready because your not gonna give up fighting for your life EVER. panic attacks aren't fun but try to think just on a single part of your body. like a pinky and how it feels and where it is and stuff like that.

remember you can always have your daughter go to a day care for the day and take a few days off of work to help.

i think you need to consult with your dr and maybe get on some medication.

Cathy K
I had problems with my anxiety too. I finally went to the doctor and he prescribed me Zoloft. It is good for anxiety attacks and depression. I have been taking it for almost 6 months now and I feel great. You should go and talk to your doctor about taking something. I hated having that feeling like you were dying. Hope you get to feeling better.

i am a medicial student...
never take any chemical medications if you dont have a doctor to consult you..
do the relaxing thing instead, like go for a walk in the park, dont think about the problem, do something you really love and you know get a life out there..

emo girl
I was exactly how you are from May until the beginning of July and then finally I just couldn't deal with it anymore so I went to my regular doctor and she put me on 50mg's of zoloft a day and I am so happy I went to the doctor and started taking it because it really does help alot. Your doctor won't think you are crazy. Panic attacks are the worse thing, but medicines really do help elimate them or make them occur less often.

You seem to have a very common problem called generalized anxiety disorder. Millions of Americans are diagnosed with this every year and it can cause various symptoms from shaking, heart palpitations, hyperventilation, muscle spasms, eye twitching, loss of sleep, etc. First off, you are not alone. Many people (women more than men) suffer with this in their daily lives and often believe they are dying or suffering heart attacks. Most first learn of their problem in ER visits believing they have had heart attacks. The primary treatment for generalized anxiety is medication i.e. Xanax but psychotherapy is also a recommended treatment for many. A common therapy is retraining behavior by slowing down breathing. You must learn to recognize when an anxiety attack is about to occur (there will most often be some feeling or behavior that precedes an actual attack). Once you recognize the start of panic attacks you take in deep breaths and exhale slowly over and over until you feel more calm. Doing this averts the panic attack and retrains your reponses to stress which can be thought of as a sort of car alarm that goes off for no reason. Medication can also help you retrain your reactions but for many people behavioral therapy is enough. People are born with the "fight or flight" response and this mechanism of our behavior often can get out of control, adrenaline surges and hyperventilation begins which can cause you to feel weakened to the point of fainting. One thing that is often reiterated to panic sufferers is that they are not going to die if they pass out. Breathing is automatic and so if you ever did faint, you wouldn't stop breathing. Panic disorders usually fade within a year's time but a small few may suffer from this disorder for years unduly. Please get some help and don't be afraid to start the breathing exercise on your own when you feel the anxiety come on. Deep breaths and slow exhaling. This will slow down your heartbeat and make you calmer in return. I hope this helps. I've had some training in treatment of anxiety disorders as a psychology major in college and this problem is very, very common. Good luck and God bless you.

Well for starters you are NOT going crazy ok, I know you feel this way but you are definately not it's just the anxiety. I also have been through this stage that you are going through. I was so scared about dying that i was too scared to go to sleep so i would try to stay awake most the night....which in turn only makes you worse. Also you say you cant eat - i was the same and trust me yourve just got to force yourself to other wise you'll just feel even worse. I was more scared about going to the doctor and hearing them say that i've got some serious illness, but this is not the case. What you do really need to do is take the first step and go to the doctor, even just making an appointment may make you feel a little better - although i know you'll be really anxious about going!! what i've learnt to do is distract myself, distraction is the key.....have you noticed that for a short amount of time you are distracted that you dont feel anxious but then as soon as you think that you begin to feel anxious again? it is a vicious cycle. Bite the bullet and go to the doctor they will help you. also exercise definately helps also, if you can go for a walk or even get a skipping rope and do some skipping in your house. anything like that helps. Please dont let it get the best of you

Firstly- you must go th the doctor and you dont have to say youre crazy. Just tell him/her how you feel.
I had a stupid "lump in the throat" couldnt swallow properly for a week before I went to doc and he called it "Globus" which is Anxiety. I thought I was choking all the time or having asthma attacks and I still think one day my throat will close over and won't be able to breathe. He gave me Valium 5mg which totally relaxes the muscles and the lump feeling goes away.(love the stuff)
But then he sent me to a councellor who worked out with me why I started feeling this way. There usually always is a reason why you feel that way. And it was right in front of me and I didnt even realize. I had been "putting up" with a problem for a long time and after so long my mind/body could not cope any more.

do not be afraid to go to dr. you are not the only who feels or has felt this way. you need the help - get it for you & your daughter's sake, & don't wait. there are anti anxiety meds that can make a huge difference. also, if you have any family or friends who can give you emotional support tell them you are having a hard time right now and really need their help. even if only someone to talk to. you are going through a tough time now but things will not stay this way. they will get better over time. in the meantime get some help asap. take care of yourself. it doesn't have to be this hard. may god bless you and keep you!

Muse - Viktor's Mommy
You should go to a doctor or a counselor to at least talk about it with them. If you're not on medication for your anxiety, it may be time to get on it. I doubt that you'll be taken away for simply having a bad, stressful few days. You still should talk to a professional, though.

There a lot of reasons that we panic and have anxiety. Some of it is real, some of it isn't. You have to sort them out.
(Please keep reading until you get to the soda part, as I have been through this too.)
Part of my advice (and I am no professional, ultimately, you have to make your own decisions, and ask your doctor for medical advice...) would be to list your anxieties. Fix the ones that you can, for instance are you panicking needlessly over a bill that is due? Have the money? Pay it, if not, call and make payment arrangements. I used to let things that weren't that big - scare me sooo bad.
The reason for my anxiety was that I was drinking a LOT of soda. Up to 3 or 4 20 ounce bottles a day. I read an article one day that told how the High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) would work against the cortisol (also spelled cortizol) in your body. So I did some research. The cortisol is naturally occuring and helps you to know when to run (or panic) in a real situation. When you get too much HFCS it doesn't allow the cortisol to "shut off," keeping your brain on panic mode. So I tried getting off for a few days, sure enough, I started feeling a bit better. A few days later, I was feeling so much better, that I thought I could drink a soda again, and just as they said, the panicky feeling washed over me just as if some one had dumped a bucket of water on me. So I decided to quit. It took me a while, (on and off for at least a year, if not longer, ) but I have been completely off them for almost 2 years, and I don't regret it. (And I was a "soda-aholic" I had one in my hand pretty much all day.) Now, I am able to deal with real situations, and I don't panic needlessly over the silly stuff. The feeling didn't go suddenly away, it was a gradual thing, the longer I was off, the better I felt.
Another thing that I did, was the deep breathing exercises. You can find info on the web, it is pretty much inhaling (most say through the nose,) until you can feel it way down in your stomach, then holding it for a count of 4 or 5, what ever is comfortable with you, and then exhaling slowly through pursed lips. Sometimes I have to breathe a normal one or two in between the deep ones...Make sure it is what YOU can do.
A word of warning, if you have a more serious problem and see a doctor, be aware that some of the antidepressants cause people to be even more depressed, a person I know had a teen on those pills, and the teen took his own life. Always make sure you do a lot of research. Don't take anyones word at face value. Even reasearch what your doctor tells you, and the drug interactions. It is your life, and the life of your little girl at stake. (When you are depressed, she will notice, and it will affect her. )
I also renewed my relationship with my heavenly Father. You'd be amazed at how much it helps - just knowing He is on your side. And then reading (Isaiah, I think) how that our names are written on the palms of His hands, so that they are ever before Him... He really loves us a lot. Prayer from His children works. I hope you are feeling better soon, for your sake, and for your daughters. I am going to say a little prayer that God, Jehovah, will help you recognize what is making you anxious, and will help you get it under control.

Adrianne R
I get painc attacks to once in awhile. You know what i do i ease my mind and take deeps breaths and say i'm ok not go to die. Do something that will keep your mind of it talk to a friend. And if still feel like your attacks are getting worse just call the doc they won't think your crazy.

Go to the doctor. this happens to a lot of people, and it does not mean you are "crazy." They will not send you away, or take your daughter. Just go to the doctor and they will perscribe you a sedative or antidepressant. Also, don;t worry so much about what it means. It will make you more anxious. This happens to people all the time and it does not mean you will lose your daughter. I grew up with a depressed and anxious mom and I would not trade her for the world, and she has never been away from me.

I've been there. Go see a doctor NOW. You are not crazy. Anxiety is often a result of a seritonin imbalance. This can usually be handled with a combination of medication and therapy. It doesn't mean you are "losing your mind" or that your child will be taken away. It is no more to be feared than going for a physical ailment, which is really probably what this is. Go either to a doctor you already know and trust, or ask your local physicians' exchange for a reference. There is help for you! Good luck--I had excellent results and my life is much, much better.

hi i am sorry for you situation, I am no octor but it sounds as though you are having bad anxiety attacks which follows by a fear of dying. Some people need medication to overcome this and others can get better on their own, the fact that you realise this is a panic attack is a good start. I used to suffer from panic attacks about 5 years ago before I started a family, I overcome this by reading as much information I could about them and reading experiences of people who had experienced them. The first thing I would reccommend is to totally avoid any stimulants such as coffee, redbull, alcohol, recreational drugs etc as these can cause the heart to have palpitations anyway and this isnt something you want to happen when trying to combat panic attacks. Usually they start from stress and this can be stress that happened years earlier. I would see a doctor if I were you because just talking about it may help and he or she could give you some very relevant information that may help you overcome this problem, good luck!

That's exactly your problem. You're too depressed. Learn to relax. It's doesn't mean that when you go to a doctor, especially psychologist, you are crazy. Sometimes we need professional help when we can't take it anymore. And the BEST THING TO DO IS TO PRAY AND ASK GOD TO GIVE YOU PEACE OF MIND. Most of the times because of our worries and anxieties we forget that there is always someone up above who sees us and is hurt when we are hurt, who is depressed when we are depressed. So learn to seek God whenever you have problems (and don't forget to thank HIM when everything would be fine.)

Pray about it

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