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My sister is crazy and I dont know how to handle her anymore. Can you help?
She has a history of mental problems. She calls me to talk and has never offered me her phone number because she says people harrass her, so in short her idea is dont call me, I'll call you. Restricted number comes up when she calls. She thinks people are tampering with her car and going thru her house. The fire dept showed up at her house on a fire call which came out of her house at 3 am, and she claims someone is harrasing her and making calls out of her house to the fire dept. She says someone has molested her 23 yr old son and she is going to figure out who and she believes he is doing drugs because he is never home. She thinks all of his friends are taking advantage of him because he doesnt tell her where he is 24/7. How do you deal with someone who is so paranoid? Hospitalization not an option. She is too paranoid to go.
Additional Details
She became really paranoid and thought the psychiatrist wanted her to take drugs and told me they were deciding how to treat her using tarot cards. She has been totally psychotic before. I am not an idiot, just cannot handle my sister and she is getting worse by the week.

uncle vinny
sell her to the circus

Ali Khalid
.. the only solution is that u should handle her with love.. u know love can make miracles.. and i know if u keep loving her she will be perfect than any one esle here... so keep care and love her she will finally relaised that she is on wrong Point.. and will definelty com to you.. God Bless you and her ..

Laura D
Wow, what a dilemma!! Unfortunately there is not much you can do. If I were you I would beat her at her own game. Change your number and tell her that people are harassing you and you don't want to give your new number out to anyone. Tell her that if she wants to talk to you then she is going to have to give you her number. That way you only have to talk to her when you feel like dealing with her DRAMA!!!!!

be patient with your sister and talk to her and see whats wrong.

Well if you can't convince her to see a psychatrist then it is up to her to go. You can't do anything about it unless she is a danger to herself or someone else. She sounds like she has schizophrenia or possible mania. Try to convince her to see someone about her issues.

david p
No One is too paranoid to go. If she commits herself then she can check herself out, if you have her committed then she can only be released when the hospital will release her. You go to the nearest mental health clinic and ask them how to best help her. GO NOW.

Janine H
She sounds like she is in need of some counselling but she must want to do it, not be forced, or the counselling will not be as effective.

Perhaps telling her that you are not trained to help her may help? Or help her realize what she's doing and that its kind of ridiculous?

By the way, it sounds like my ex's mother. And now he's a psycho because of her. he needs counselling so badly. She controlled everything in his life and nobody was good enough for him.

Norman Bates anyone?

That a hard one! have you try getting help for her ? Like a doctor.
I don't think she needs to be hospitalized just yet. Try to do some intensive web research on paranoid people and their paranoia. I really don't much about your case. But I would start by research and see what help is out there, before taking her anywhere.

Is she a danger to herself or others? Is she taking care of her own basic needs? If so, then there is not much that can be done. She is an adult.

You could try to contact your county mental health department, or Adult Protective Services to have them try to intervene.

Be understanding of your sisters situation. You alone cannot help her. Does she have a doctor of any sort that she trusts? This is best to be dealt with by the professionals


You both are in a tough situation. No easy solutions. What happens, if you tell her something like: you feel and think this way but we others don't think so or some other way to say that your feelings and thoughts may seem real to you but are not so in reality? can you remind her that she needs to see a doctor to help her sort things out? as she is full of fears you could also tell her that a psychiatrist could help her with the fears. Even going to a doctor or psychologist in outpatient setting might help. Could you get your nephew's help in the matter at all?

If she refuses everything you yourself could book a consultation with a psychiatrist and ask what he/she would advice. Try to get hold of someone who knows about paranoid schizophrenia. You don't have to try to get her to go the same one. A good psychiatrist might have some ideas what to do and would know the local situation and resources -and you might see him/her only once or so, so it should not be terribly craving of resources.
A friend of mine was in a similar situation and finally (she prayed a lot for her sister) the sister traveled to another town, booked herself in a hotel -and called the police as she thought someone was coming to her room through making a hole in the wall. The police then alarmed a psychiatrist who firmly but kindly forced her go to hospital and she is much better now.

In general be loving but firm -there are lines of conduct, sort of limits of normality that you should not let go, whatever your sister says. Try to be as "normal" as you can and set limits. Speak the truth in love! I know these are easy to say but hard to apply -and try to hold her accountable to some degree and point out truth and reality as often as possible -like concerning her son.

Don't give up and perseverance and strength for you!


mary a

Wow what a hand full. Her son doesn't realize his mother is sick either? That's strange if anyone would notice u 'd think he'd be the first to realize she needs help, unless he's just as sick as she is. Or in denial. She definitely needs someone to care for her and if u can keep records of the times she has falsely called an emerrgency along with the fire dept. records u should be able to easily prove that she is in dire need of professional mental help and have her committed for her own good and ur peace of mind. As for her 23 yr. old son he should be able to fend for himself although u seem to be very caring and it would be fitting for u to keep an eye on him if he's such a mama's boy. Good luck I hope I was of assistance.

sounds like a liver issue. build up of toxins. makes ya crazy.

This sounds extremely serious and delicate. My heart goes out and I wish that I was an expert but I am not. Something had to trigger this tragedy. You truly need to somehow arrange for in house help. I do not know if the national charities would help, but you should find out. The American Red Cross, the United Way, and the Salvation Army are good starting sources. Since she communicated with the fire department, she should be open to someone coming to her home and going along with her . This would give a help agency the opportunity to start helping her.
By asking for help you have shown that her best interest is in your heart. Just having someone to listen to her on a weekly basis will provide an opening for a positive influence on her well-being. So, get started by trying. She may be receptive in the beginning to a salvation worker in uniform. This uniform might start her acceptance of help. I know that trying beats doing nothing. I also know that she has a good chance of being helped. You are doing the right thing and I admire you for trying. She could be a victim of heat of cold because she has such mistrust. This is extremely serious. Your concern may be saving her life.

Stop Calling her crazy its because you have no understanding you cant handle it.

She may have schizophrenia, a delusional disorder or psychotic mood disorder. People with paranoia are usually the most difficult ones to convince to seek treatment. There's not a whole lot you can do except try gentle reasoning with her. Otherwise the only way to get her involuntarily committed is to show she's a danger to herself or others or if she's gravely disabled.

Nick †
This is all too common. Until she is judged to be a threat to herself or others, her life will continue to fall apart. Sometimes you can find an understanding judge who will sign commitment papers to prevent the inevitable, but many will wait until her life is ruined and she threatens to harm herself or others or actually does so.

Can you get her to a doctor? Medication can help tremendously, but she needs to take it regularly and see a doctor periodically. Try to get her to see a doctor for any reason and go with her. Try to talk with the nurse or the doctor discretely before you go. Maybe they can help. Also, try to make all of her contacts aware of the predicament so they might help, if in on other way than to watch over her a bit. This is a very treatable mental disorder with medications. The trick is getting them to start and then to continue the medications.

I'm praying for her and her family.

For her safety, she should be committed. You should READ the book about John Nash, the mathematician. The movie "A Beautiful Mind" is based on his life also, but the book describes multiple committments made by his wife for his safety. He eventually recovered. Sometimes a little medication goes a long way. I suggest the book (I found it in our local library - you can skip the math stuff), and a lengthy talk with parents and other siblings.

Good luck!

My goodness it sounds like no matter how paranoid she is you must get her to a doctor!! She is not only driving you "crazy"but herself as well!! I think if she has treatment and gets better, she will thank you for helping her..because there is help for people like her....

I know for a fact that you can have her deemed mentally incompetent and placed in a psychiatric facility. It takes time and it is one of the hardest things you will have to do, because she is your sister.

If you can talk to her son and see what he thinks about her present state of mind. If he is on your side you have a better chance of winning and getting her the help she so desperately needs. You might also get any police reports and reports from the fire department showing false calls and such just to back yourself up.

I think I was married to Janine H's ex! No joke sounds just like my ex and his mother...

Richard H
Call the police - Even if her number is blocked, they have technology to trace blocked numbers...and locate the street address where the bill goes to. Then you can have her committed to a psychiatric hospital. If the commitment is involuntary (forced), she can't get out of the hospital without a doctor's approval. If she chooses to go *on her own* she can come and go as she pleases.

may be you can sent her the doctor...

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