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Mother in law is psycho and stalking me plus hurting my daughters mentally?
My MIL is saying mean and hurtful things to my daughters. My oldest (10.5) has talked about suicide because her nanna doesn't love her. My MIL is constantly saying mean and hurtful things to my kids. She spends an inordinate amount of time with my niece and nephew and rubs in the face of my girls that she doesn't like them as much. My daughters attend the same school as my niece and nephew and every afternoon my MIL hunts me down to say mean things. I even park my car two blocks away from the school and she still finds me. She also stalks us in the shopping mall and says mean things. I have asked her to stop. My husband is afraid of confronting her because she is "mental". I have thought about getting a restraining order. What should we do?!? We can't afford to move.

If your mil is actually stalking you and verbally abusing you and your children, call your local mental health department and explain what is going on, your husband may be able to get her 302'd or baker acted and what this is,is when someone is a danger to themselves or others, notifying the police of the stalking would be wise because they can have her committed if they feel she is a danger to others. My mil is bipolar and we had to do it once but it was for her best and when she got out she was taking medication and was a completely different person, and I must say is doing much better. Just remember she is sick, she doesn't chose to be this way if she has mental disabilities or issues. You or your husband confronting her could provoke a physical abuse and if this happens then it is called assault and battery and she will be taken to jail. Just be careful, you never know how people who are unstable will act all of the sudden for no reason. Kris

she's old! hahaha! say mean things back at her! tell ur children she's nuts and not to care or listen to what she says. tell ur children to act nice cause ur MIL is dying soon. hahahaha!

Get your husband to confront her. Your silence may be a license for her attrocious behaviour. If it doesnt work get a restraining order. But your husband will have to take a more proactive stand in this. This is necessary at the earliest. Before your daughters develop some behavioral problems. You n ur husband would have to have an open family talk with your daughters. Kids are actually very understanding when spoken to openly. Take a weekend trip out with you family to get away and talk and you would have to also talk to you your husband how you feel about this

Stand up to her. Tell her exactly how you feel and tell her that if she continues to behave in such a hurtful fashion that you will keep your daughters away from her for their own well being. I have 2 sister in laws that think they're my mother in laws and I have told them both to back off, which they did. I also had two daughter in laws to be's, one which I get along great with, and one who I detested. If the one I didn't like had ever stood up to me, at least I could have respected her. She wouldn't. Luckily, she's history now. (I would have never allowed my dislike of her to affect how I acted toward children if she had had any with my son, though. Thankfully they split before having kids).

Just do what you feel will make things better , because the restraining order may hurt you husband because its his mother, just find a suitable way to solve this maybe be away from her and find a new school for your kids maybe that would help

this must be horrible for you and your children, maybe your right a restraining order maybe whats needed, having a husband with no balls is hard on you, but he need to step up and tell his mother whats what. Why doesnt she like them? there must have being something there she sees and you dont. not that matters she has gone too far, if you can put your children in a different school, try and find a way to move, this is very sad and very wrong of your mil to do.

Get a restraining order, and keep your kids away from her. She is not a healthy person

Yes, I would get a restraining order on her. What is more important her feelings or your childrens. This type of abuse will affect your children in years to come, if you don't do something about it now. This woman needs some help and if she will not let you help her, just excuse her from your girls life and explain to the girls that grandma is mentally sick and sometimes when people are sick even though they are family, they say mean and hurtful things unintentially. So to protect your girls do whatever possible to keep crazy hurtful grandma away. good luck

Jeez, get the restraining order already.

Oh I'd have a field day with her.:} She has gone coo-coo for coco puffs alright. Restraining order won't work well as police cannot watch her 24/7.

Explain to the kids that she has a problem thinking right. Tell the kids not to believe anything she says. She is just trying to control you and your life and is trying to influence the kids and they are too young to understand this behavior.

I would talk to the police and see if they are able to talk to her. Tell them exactly what's going on. If she is causing psychological harm to the kids she could possibly be charged with child endangerment or something that would fall under that category. She is acting this way for some reason and they (police) might have a way of analyzing her (psychoanalysis). Is she married, widowed, divorced or in a bad relationship? There is an underlying cause to this behavior or maybe she's just neurotic.

Are you able to find someone at the school who can monitor her? Like if you call the school and arrange to meet with someone who can keep a lookout. If she is seen stalking she could get banned from the school property and a bit beyond the area around it. Good Luck!

but 1st u should prove that she is nuts.
get an order for her to be examined by a shrink

get her to say something on the answering machine at home first, then get the restraining order, that way you have proof when you go to the police.

Get a restraining order! Your kids should NOT pay for your husbands inaction with HIS mother! This is going to effect all of you for the rest of your lives, but the children most of all. If you don't take steps to stop her your children will blame you in later years for not protecting them from her. Get proactive immediately!!!!!!!

I agree with a reader above. Get a restraining order immediately. I have seen and witnessed in a court of law, how psychotic Mother-in-laws can mess up their grand-children's life. Try to persuade her to adopt a dog. Preferably a toy type. (i mean miniature poodles, small pincher's, Pekingese and other neurotic attention seeking dog breeds). Persuade her to buy lots and lots of toys and treats and clothing for the dog and how posh and uppity she might be having such a nice dogie and perhaps she might see it as "her" very own "kid" to pamper and show off.

Bless your heart i hope all the best of courage and luck!
Hope she does not do more damage! Keep your family together and loved!

YES get a restraining order. Put her butt in jail . Shame on her for being so evil to you and your kids.

Drop into the Police station and ask to speak to a detective for advice on how to handle the problem.
Also your pastor at your church might be of real help.
In the meantime pray.

Get a restraining order and enjoy having it served on her twisted a$$. Then if you're lucky she'll violate (hopefully not in a dangerous way, but like running her mouth) and enjoy locking her a$$ up. She's mean and dangerous, get her away from your children. Would you let a stranger do this stuff? NO! So why do we let family get crazy on us? Get her out of your lives until she gets help and changes her self.

Your children are being abused and so are you..
Perhaps its time to go to get restraining order against her so that she wont bother you anymore. Then you should have you, your husband and kids need to go to counseling. You need to find out why you would allow someone to abuse your children & yourself and how you can stand up to the mother inlaw if she ever is in your life again..Your daughter who is threatening suicide needs to get to counseling fast...
Dont worry about confronting her let the law do it...

Restraining order. But, Sometimes those can make things worse. If shes mental, can her son (your husband) have her committed?

Your best bet, is to report her behavior to the police. For one, she is abusing everyone of you. Verbal abuse is taken very seriously, especially in connection with stalking. There is protection for your family in the form of anti-stalking laws. You really, really need to take her behavior very seriously. I have studied cases time and again, of homicides stemming from something as what most folks think as "simple" verbal abuse. Your children are in harms way right this minute. If you don't want to move, then you better get the law in on this. Give your children a break from this woman. ACT ASAp. I would also suggest that your husband not confront her. It will only add fuel to the fire and make it burn that much quicker. PLEASE save your children.

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