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 How to be able to forgive yourself, especially when others won't? PSYCHOLOGICAL ONLY, NO RELIGION PLEASE!!!!!
I have some friends who came from abusive households, and had to endure abuse throughout their growing up years and carried it out throughout, social and work life, unfortunately such people are not ...

hello i love you goodbye
Is suicide the biggest sin?
just wondering will you go to hell for it
Additional Details
i'm bathist (i can't spell good)chirstianty

chris m
I have no belief in god, satan, heaven or hell
religion is a man-made concept so you cant go to hell if it dont exist

Liz A
According to the catholic church, suicide is murder of yourself and therefore you will go to hell.

In what church? I am Catholic, and to Catholics you do go to hell, but it is not a cardinal sin. But protestants may believe something else

But if you are planning on committing suicide, I beg you not to. Think about how it will affect your friends and family.

But if you aren't planning on committing suicide, and are just curious then ignore my last comment

i think you will
because look what your doing to the people around you.. you wouldnt be hurting anymore.. just your friends and family.. if your gonna kill yourself you just wasting a life.. thats a sin.. just like killing someone.. only its yourself

It's just one of the worst sins that a human being can possibly think of, it violates rule number 5 of the 10 commandments, and if you die by suicide, there would be no sense for your family to make a BURIAL for you because it is a sacred sacrament, priest don't bless people who commits suicide because it is more than a mortal sin.

Hell yes you will go to hell if you kill your self you can't ask for forgivness if you are dead.

agsf a
you will go to hell (the catholic church teaches) but im pretty sure God will forgive you if you have mental illnedd(my thoughts).
its not the biggest sin, its not even one of the seven deaedly sins: jealousy, greed, wrath, sloth, gluttony, lust, pride

No the biggest sin is rejecting Jesus as your payment for sin. The only way one is condemned to hell is rejecting the payment made for your sins Jesus. Romans 6:23 says the payment for sin is death but the gift of God (Jesus) is eternal life. Suicide is a terrible thing and many times we do not know what causes someone to commit it. One think the Bible teaches is that God loves all in-spite of their sins and wants all to be saved. If a person has accepted Jesus as their Savior and for what ever reason commits suicide they are still saved and will spend eternity in heaven. Once a person accepts the payment for sin it is paid in full forever. John 3:16,John 5:24.
I hope this helps

if hell is real yes, becuz that means u left your life god gave u. god wants u to praise him and worship him and u cant do that if your dead and u dont want to kill urself.

Well, according to traditional Christian belief, I'm pretty sure that you would go to hell for it. However, it also depends on what branch of Christianity you choose to believe in or if you are Christian at all.

In my own personal opinon, suicide is a bad option because of all the beauty in this world and in life that you will never get to see, not because you would be punished for it. All of the missed opportunities and unfullfilled possibilities are punishment enough. Might want to post this in the Religion and Spirituality Section for more religious answers.

Hope I helped. =)

No, poor spelling and not knowing enough to use spell check are the worst sins....

Drew K
Well if you are indeed mentaly capaple of knowing that it is wrong and a sin than every sin is equal the bible clearly states that but while you can be forgiven for sins if you repent you can't very well repent if your dead but I'm not God so I can't decide.

I hope that this helps.

Ms Scarlet
no i think rejecting God is the biggest sin.

It is not considered the "biggest" sin. That is known as the "unforgivable sin" which is something quite different.

Suicide is however taking a life, killing, and that is a sin.

God decides where we all will go. He is a loving God and I think He would not just throw someone who was in great pain into the pit of Hell. I do think they will have to answer for what they have done. Suicide isn't just about one person, those left behind have to go on and that is difficult for everyone when someone kills themselves. It is a selfish act.
It solves nothing.

Kathryn R
I don't believe that you would go to hell because you did something while you were sick. Most religions now recognize that people who commit suicide are psychologically sick. And that they aren't really trying to end their life but to end the pain that they are in... That is the main reason that people try to kill themselves they don't' really want to end their life they want to end the emotional pain that they are in and suicide seems to be the only way or the fastest way. Religions now understand that and most don't condemn them to unholy ground or to an eternity in Hell which is not their choice to make but God's, And if God can't understand emotional pain after what Jesus went through than He's not the Loving God that we were brought up to believe He was/is.

For those of you who say that priest will not hold a funeral for a suicide you're wrong!!!! The Catholic church no longer feels that people who commit suicide are unforgiven or unforgivable. I know this as I was raised Catholic and I know people who are Catholic who committed suicide and who were allowed to have funeral Masses and Burials in Holy Ground.

God gave you life, only he can take it. The answer is yes. Thou shalt not kill, is what it say in the bible, read it sometime..suicide is killing!

Suicide is a big sin, but its not the biggest. The biggest is the first Commandment, witch states you You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me, and every sin you do, is a sin against that Commandment. If you were troubled by the devil, or high, or drunk when you commited suicide, it would depend on your faith in god. If you were to kill yourself against gods name and without having faith, yes you would go to hell.

go away
yes you wil
dont do it

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