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Joe King
Is shoplifting a mental illness?
Can you take something for it?

I do believe that in older people it is some sort of imbalance.
Many who lifts goods without paying have plenty in their wallet or purse to pay for the goods. It is probably a condition that hasn't been recognised yet by the medical profession.

Why take something for it?

Your body doesn't need drugs. You need accountability, a desire to stop, and to stay out of situations that make it easy for you to engage in the activity.

I've been there, done that. If you want to quit. You can. No drugs necessary.

Pretty (Rudegirl)
Kleptomania. And what that other guy said is wrong. My aunt has it and it means you steal but without knowing. For example she will take something and not even remember taking it because she thinks taking it is normal. You cannot take anything for it all you can do is get counseling for it.

Yes, but if you get caught they will stick you in the dock......

Being unable to control yourself might be a form of mental illness. Using it as en excuse for your shopping is just sneaky!

In some cases shop lifting does form part of a mental illness. However, storekeepers and shop owners do not see it like this. As far as they're concerned a shop lifter is a thief. This is when they call the fuzz. And, the fuzz as we all know are not trained to deal with people who have mental disorders. Their method of dealing with any situation is the handcuffs, the night-stick etc.

yes and no if proven.. you can go to a doctor. or end up in the nick

If you can't control it, then it is. It's called kleptomania. It means wanting to steal all the time even though you know its wrong.

To the extent you are doing it for the stimulation.

Can you take something for it? A large holdall?

It's a behaviour with benefits. Decide if you want to do it or not. It is not like hearing voices - you have a choice.


i dont know who i am?
Kleptomania check this out


if its impulsive and you or someone is having difficulty handling it then yea. it would be considered as a .kleptomaniac

Hahahaha!!! This reminds me of someone claiming that infidelity was genetic... they even spent millions doing research. Haven't heard something so ridiculous in a long time. Yes, you can take something for it. It's called "getting a job". Then you can buy and not steal

Linzi LEW
no its plain stupidity.you could get caught and locked up that will stop you.

It can be, usually if its a compulsion or something you can't control. Othewise it's just stealing and dishonesty.

No and no, its not even an addiction (addictions aren't an illness either). Your just a greedy thief, the end.

No, its just Greed.

Orla C
Kleptomania is a mental illness, and it doesn't have to be limited to shops, just taking someone else's property.

There is a difference between Kleptomania and Shoplifting.

Kleptomania is disdinguised from shoplifting or ordinary theft, as shoplifters generally steal for monetary gain while people with Kleptomania do not necessarily think about the value of the items they steal or even the theft until they are compelled. Of all reported shoplifting only 1% are actually kleptomaniacs.

Some medications that are used for people diagnosed with the condition are selective serotin reuptake inhibitors, mood stabilisers. In the US some sufferes are treated with Prozc and Seroxat.

Psychological counselling and behaviour modification therapy to get to the underlying causes are more likely to effect a long term cure.

The US recognised kleptomania as a mental disorder in the 60's but in neither the USA or the UK do judicial courts generally accept the condition as a defence.

Why do we keep constantly making excuses for people who break the rules society has put in place for the benefit of us all.

Mental illness my backside, shoplifting it's a conscious decision to steal things.

Yes you can take something for it. Six months in jail cures this "illness."

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