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Beletje_vos AM + VT
Is self-harm a selfish act?
What if no one knows or very few know?
Additional Details
"but one does one personally gain by harming themselves?"
It's a coping method. And actually, if one couldn't cope this way often times suicide would be the result.

Well it could be self pay back for punishment . . . But don't share it with anyone else . . .

Yes, you're hurting your loved ones' trust level.

yeah it is pretty selfish. even if no one knows. its just that there is no need for it. if people are down go and do somthing possitive.

Yes, it is, but I used to, and I can see why someone would.

Self-harm, you mean like cutting yourself? Well in my opionin, that's a dumb thing to do. It wouldn't seem like a selfish act, but a dumb one.

I would say so.. 'Self harm' is a selfish act on the grounds that your hurting yourself to suit what you feel to be a need. Everyone has their breaking points, but depending on your situation, asking for help is a far less selfish act than hurting yourself.. And I am sure your friends and family will appriciate that less selfish of an act.. Mostly on the grounds that some greater evil wasn't commited. :)

Colonel Pink
Well I'd say it is...even if nobody or very few knows the point is, is it happenin? Cuz no matter how low you feel, you gotta know somebody always loves you & wouldn't want you to do that to yourself.

Charles B
Of course it is selfish. That is why your doing it, to ease and distract you from some other pain you are avoiding. Hurting yourself makes you less than you can be.
Endangering your life takes you away from what you could be doing for someone less capable. To see real suffering and frustration go to a homeless shelter and volenteer. Your pain and suffering may be real, have real honest reasons but that does not make hurting yourself right or even helpful there are better ways, find one.

it is because there are a lot of other people who cares and love you and you are not thinking of how it will affect and hurt them if you do harm to yourself..you are just thinking of yourself and getting it over with...why not just talk and see and care more for those around you. give love and love will come back ten-fold.

do what u like its you body i cant stop you

It's to let out pain, but it also takes years off your life. So you basically are slowely killing yourself. I say it's unfair to yourself, but if it keeps you alive for a little longer...

Katie J
its very selfish. If you end up killing yourself, your taking yourself away from all the people who love you. which is in fact so so selfish.

if your hurting yourself, you should try getting some help.

Its an ignorant act. Who cares if its selfish!

i think its an act for attention...
EDIT.......my sister used to do this and she would walk around without tryin to cover it up like it was nothing, once she did it and told me see this is what happens when i get mad, im not saying all people are like that but their is alot of people out there that like attention and would do ANYTHING for it!

not so much selfish but not smart you see that it is not normal to do this, there are other ways of dealing with your issues that dont leave scars on your skin to be explained to your partner later, Im not trying to be rude. If you are doing it for attention then you obviously are wanting help so go see a councellor, people that do this are doing it either to reach out for help or as a means of coping with their issues. Good luck and feel better soon !

V¬°¬ßh√Ö¬£ √Ďarsian
No it is not at all a selfish act... Dont worry and think much...
Live life the way it comes.... coz its dam beautiful...

Vishal Narsian.


People who hurt themselves need attention... and they are very desparate and they will also be low on self confidence.. all of a sudden break down and will start crying. they really need help..


It's not meant to be selfish, but getting out and getting involved with others, reaching out, etc., is a very helpful way to stop. It also helps you hurt less when you realize others struggle in many of the same ways.

no, i dont think it is. I self harm, and i am not being selfish, I just have no one to talk to . I dont think oh its all about me and all that crap if self harmers did than why dont they tell people?

Harvest Angel of Wisdom
It's just a way people cope with problems in their life that are hurting them. It's their way of releasing pain...


I wouldn't consider self-harm selfish unless perhaps it were done solely to lash out against someone. Even in that case though, I think it indicates that a person is desperate for something. If someone is in that great of need, I think it is acceptable to be "selfish". You have to take care of yourself, no matter what it takes. Whatever self-harm is to each person: a means to feel something, a means to calm down, a means to dull other pain, a cry for attention... It is something the person feels they need at the time. It's not ideal, but for a lot of people it brings some relief. Ultimately, I don't think it's "selfish" to simply want relief/peace/calm/resolution.

However, I hope if you are hurting yourself, you can find what you need elsewhere. I know it's really difficult, and I know it may take a very long time. Just remember, if you ever need help, you'll always be surprised at who might reach out to you if you let them.

Take care of yourself.

If you don't share with anyone than i would say not as much. If you share with someone and they are concerned for you and you do it anyway to make yourself feel better than it would definitely be selfish. The thing is the only person it helps to feel better is yourself and it hurts everyone that you love when they eventually find out, trust me they will.

Lots of people know! Not selfish, to some it may. To some like me...nope. I don't do it bc I want attention. It's usually anger I can't let out so I take it out on myself. blah

todd l
One harming it's own tissue is in some cases is part of growing up and taking their emotional pain out on themselves. But unfortunately could lead to alcohol and drug use in later years to help the ease the pain.
After many years life kind of turns to **** after all the loved ones that have been exposed to this had enough.

So in conclusion, now it doesn't seem so now but life is long and it is selfish to hurt all those people down the road.

j dog
not really.....it is indeed terrible...

but one does one personally gain by harming themselves??????

It is NOT selfish, it is a coping mechanism. It disgusts me that people think it is selfish, it is something that people cannot fully control, a sort of addiction. It needs to be addressed immediately before it becomes any worse, if you are suffering from self-harming behavior please talk to a professional very soon. A lot of people say it isn't a problem but it is indeed a problem and needs to be treated. Please, get help I know a lot of people who needed help to stop the cycle of self-harm. I wish you the best of luck.

Ollie M
i dont think its selfish. Sure your parents and friends might be upset that you put them through such emotional trauma, but if it helps you cope with the pain you feel, then so be it. it is, afterall your own body. However o drag others into it and blame them unecessarily, or alternatively to depend on them too much when you become upset IS selfish.

Self harming is a coping strategy for dealing with depression, but there are other ways to deal with it. Part of me thinks it is selfish as it wastes practioner's time, nurses time, family's time and it causes a hell of a lot of distress and sadness for families as well as the individuals. Then again, I dont self harm, so im in no position to call it selfish.

you can't say it's selfish or ignorant, because you haven't been in the shoes of the person.

if they have kids or somebody to take care of, then possibly, but what i'm trying to say is, unless you know the person..even if you know them, you might not know what's going on their life.

i think it's ignorant to just drop to throw that word around.

different people have different problems, some people can handle them and some can't.

Tom Cruze
It's a mental illness

No, it is someone with a mental problem and should be looked into before its to late.

Self-harm is NOT a selfish act because it has a remarkably large biological component. Those who self-harm are suffering from both an addiction(to the endorphins released by the act of injury) and from an obsessive-compulsive disorder. One tends to obsess about all the issues of self-harm(avoiding excess damage, not getting caught, gauging stress levels and when to commit self-harm) and to feel compelled by the need to self-harm(as if nothing is quite right unless the act is performed).

Both the addictive and the OCD(obssesive-compulsive disorder) components can be easily treated with both medication and psychotherapeutic counseling.

Also, as I just answered a question similar to this, let me conclude by pasting my earlier answer:

Self-harm is addictive in large part due to the release of endorphins in the brain in response to injury and pain sensation. It can be quite hard to stop this kind of compulsive behavior precisely because of the neurochemical component. If nothing else, you might try doing something else that is addictive and also release endorphins, such as exercise. While there are some people who will exercise to the point of injury, generally-speaking, exercise is about the most beneficial addiction you'll ever have. Give it a try. And, please see your doctor or psychotherapist: they can help you with both the addiction and the compulsivity components of your self-harm activities.

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