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mary b
Is second cousins to close to have normal children ? genetic abnormal children?

It's not too close, but not something I would condone. But I come from a very large close knit family, so it would just feel wrong.

Randi L
Gods help us - waaaay too close. That's why it's illegal in most, if not all 50 states

are you muslim ? coz if you are for you its normal but some people get kids with DOWN sindrome

siomara o
Do not be morally wrong!!!It is not right in the eyes of Jehovah.In the olden times poeple were mixed all together when it came to having children and I guess that it was due to a shortage in our population, but think of this:If God was o.k.with it,then why did he not save those who were having relations with their own poeple?It is considered in the same category as incest since you are related.It is the same as having relations with your parents or your brothers.YEW!!!Get the picture yet? It is wrong!!!!

I certainly hope you are not planning on having them!

No, it is allowed. However, the worst traits in your family will come out. Think about whether you want to see those bad teeth, bowlegs, and weird behavior in your kids.

no, it is ok

Technically first cousins are OK, it's a bit taboo though.

Are you from Alabama or Mississippi?

no second cousins are ok

In the old days like in royalty people practise incest so they wouldnt marry outside the family. What happens is you end up having a very ugly child that may have learning disabilitys. dont do it man, its not fair for the child and its unatural. why would you want you or your family facing that kind of ridicule?

you need to ask Jerry springer this question. He has this sort of thing on his show all the time

I'm married to my 1st cousin once removed. Some people refer to us as second cousins and we discussed having children, so I did a lot of research. It seems that even 1st cousin couples can safely have children together. The fact that you are related does increase your chance of having an "abnormal" child by 1.8% or 2.3%. Considering 93% of the time unrelated people have healthy children, 91% of the time related couples have healthy children. Just ask your self if you are willing to increase your odds by almost 2%. Unfortunately I am 28 and still asking myself that question.

Even brothers and sisters who shar both parents can have normal children, because they might share no genetic material at all. You have more in common with your parents than your siblings, genetically. It is a question of the chance of getting 2 copies of a bad gene. The further away the person is related to you, the less genetic material you are likely to share, and the less chance of getting 2 copies of a bad gene. However, just because you are not related does not mean that this cannot happen. It is successive generations of interbreeding that tend to cause genetic abnormalities, rather than one offs. This is because you are proliferating any possible faulty genetics down the line. That makes it even more complciated, because who really knows who they are related to? But, in the UK anyway, it is legal to marry your second cousin.

No, although I would not advise marrying your second cousin. If you have children with your second cousin you will not automatically have all genetically deformed children, but your chances of having one will go up.

Second cousins are fine. Just ask the Royal Family.

Lil mama
just try someone who isn't family at all

Sondra B
I believe second cousins are ok. Actually first cousins are ok in certain states, but it is a little close genetically and not recommended.

You family might think it is weird to marry and have children with your second cousin, but it really is ok.

I think Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt were second cousins. Her maiden name was Roosevelt, too.

She was Eleanor Roosevelt Roosevelt, lol.

kevin h
Do you want your kids to have webbed feet oversized head etc if you think this is a falicy you should come here to norfolk where i live (I'm from yorkshire)go ahead and marry be very happy but for the purity of mankind if you want kids please adopt

no second cousins are ok. the child would be normal

Well, legally even first cousins can marry now...kind of gross. I couldn't imagine being attracted to anyone I am related to. And we are a VERY attractive family.

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