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gary h
Is life always so f**ken hard?
in june 2007 i was raped as a male it was very hard 4 me 2 cope. life has only got harder will it get any better who has a bad time living??? can we pull through
Additional Details
i was stoned and pissed at a freinds house i was 17 and he was 36 i passed out wen i woke up he had my pants around my ankles and was touching me wen i tryed to cover myself up he pinned me down and raped me now a man doing that to me and i have to walk past his house were it happend every day its hard i am in the middle of pressing charges now

it only depends on how u handle it

It was a traumatic time in your life but you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on. Just get back into the rush and live again. Brooding over it and reliving it over and over is unhealthy and nonproductive. Go Girl.

Laurel J
Life really has its ups and downs. I have a bad time living. I have managed to have some good times in spite of things, and I hang onto those good memories when I need to.

Have you seen any kind of counselor, doctor, psychiatrist...?

Apparao V
Some times.Your are lucky, wehave not come across any body, even thouh we are waiting for 50 years

Yes you will pull through if you want to.

Find a Jehovah's Witness and talk to them, no you do not have to join the religion, but believe me they can and will help you.

it will get better...

Jamie, FNP
it gets better

Paul W
I like to think of life as being 80% normal, 10% great and 10% horrible, just hang in there in that 10%

Sorry to hear about what happened to you. But i know its easy for me to say this but don't let that horrible person bitter your outlook in life try to be happy as best you can. Look at small things to cheer you like a sunset, a bird, a flower... i know this sounds cheessy but its true when i feel down i look at these things reminding me that there are nice things in this world. And when there is a problem i try to fix it as best i can and try not to get too emotional cause it something you have to solve but you will be fine at the end of the day....

Oh hon, i'm sorry for what happened to you.....

If your life has become difficult, and you are having a hard time coping, then i'd suggest talking with someone who can help you develop coping skills and to come to some realizations.

Truly, what happened to you was NOT YOUR FAULT! The person who did this to you has major issues, and isn't quite right. In fact, they are probably ill.

I'm sorry you are going through this. Life is difficult enough sometimes, without bad memories and feelings. Please take care of YOU. Consider a therapist. hugs

mental blocks hold us back. there's always an opportunity to pull through. just wake up every day with a good attitude (even if you have to force yourself to) and the rest of your day will be so much better. trust me, this works. you have the choice to make the changes you need in your life. it starts with attitude and everything else will follow.

I can't relate to being raped and hope I never have to so I won't say "I know what you're talking about". As far as life getting better and can we pull through, I believe the answer is YES. It will be hard and there may be more "bad days" (hopefully not that bad) ahead but if you stay the course you will get through it. There is an old saying that says something about "what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger" and I believe that.

I also believe that God will not give you anymore than you can handle. Sometimes we don't understand why He allows some things to happen like you being raped or a 4 year old child dying of cancer but everything happens for a reason. If you haven't already put your faith in Him, do it now and I assure you things will be alright.

Whether you believe in God or not (and I pray you do) take a minute to read this poem:


God Bless You.

It's only as hard as you allow it to be.Pray, get down on your knees and pray..you'll feel alot better.I wish you luck and try to pick friends that have your best interest in mind.

I hate that this happened to you. I know from my experience that life is sometimes hard and you have to work at making it better. I would suggest that you see a counselor, someone you can talk to and maybe they could give you idea on what to do to get thru this. Please don't just suppress this, in the end it will resurface and be harder to deal with. I can only imagine the emotions that you are having. Talk to someone that is trained in this sort of thing, someone that will know what to do. Seek out help and get through this and you will see life will get better.

I am sorry to hear about the incident that happened to you, i know that is not easy. Life can be hard....i am voice of experience...I was raped by the age of 4 and molested till i was 6 by my next door neighbor, then i was physically, mentally and verbally abusive by my dad from the time i was very little till i was about 12 when i was able to get away from him. So i know how life is hard, i witnessed things i shouldn't have ever witnessed at all, but what I have learned from that is that i can use that bad experience for good. Now my major is psychology and I want to get my Dr's in it and specialize with children and abuse cases, bc now when i am helping them i can tell them i know how it feels. Bc when i went to therapy my therapist did not experience anything that i did, so i could not relate to her. Now i am not a huge religious person but i do believe everything happens for a reason, its just going to take time and patience to figure out what that reason is...it took me over 10 years before i told anyone what happened to me, but talking about it really showed me my true calling to help those that were in my shoes. If you ever need to talk feel free to email me at faith.beckner@gmail.com =)

things will get better. life is a roller coaster....

Rachel M
I have a hard time. I won't get in to my issues, but panic attacks are the result of them and for some reason I have one every night. So, I wake up feeling great but knowing that by the time I go to bed, I'll be miserable. Some nights are worse than others. But...I am in therapy, it has helped believe it or not and it can help you too. If you haven't gone already, do so, if you have, give it time. Life is what you make it.

New Dad
Yep, but you will never forget. Just don't let it rule your choices.

Master Joker
life does get better...you'll get through this


Like the death of a dear one, or divorce, or any other super-traumatic personal event, it's gonna take time. June is not that long ago. It won't ALWAYS be this difficult for You to cope and function. Counseling could help. Even without it, though, You will feel better eventually. I promise. *

It hasn't been that long. You need more time to cope.

It hasnt been that long, its only october.
Yeh, life can be very bad.
I know its not what you want to hear, but you have to stay positive, try to make little things to look foward to, even if they are only small.
Hope your okay.

Gary, there is truth to the saying, "This too shall pass". I am saddened and horrified by what happened to you but perhaps you can transform all that angry/bad energy into something positive. Do not let your past define who you are as a person. It's so easy to hold onto the past experiences that hurt us because we are scared to let them go and move forward. But I am urging you to move forward.

If you can, check these books out at your local library. I think they will help you.

"The Places That Scare You"
"When Things Fall Apart"

both are by Pema Chodron.

Good luck and keep your chin up.

just 4get it like a bad dream i know it is hard but have faith in urself and talk to someone close.if u believe in god...tell him ur prayers and visit a counsellor

hope this helps

Gary..sorry to hear that..yes life might it better ..did you press charges against your attacker or even thought of getting revenge..that might help you to deal with it..good luck

crazy 4 swayze
life seems to be,yes. i cant even begin to know the right thing to say to make u feel better, but i'll send up a prayer for ya,hun.take care.xxx

Realise you are an innocent victim and now you are a survivor. Look after yourself. I wish you well. Terry.

melanie p
hunny, im sorry to hear that but it will get better in time. life is **** mate but we all go through stuff and i look at it as it can onnly get better and well if it dont get better then it wasnt your week, month or year.
not long now to another year, so maybe it will get better for u in 2008,
but maybe u should go and see someone about the rape and talk through it.
but i dont think you should be telling others on here as some people can be very rude and say horrible things to you,

i hope some of this helps but i really do think you need to talk to somebody.

hope, pray, faith, live, positive and love

yeah sure , time is the only answer for your question , and
"fortune favours the brave" , u know i have even wrote a suicide note few years back ,,, now i laugh at my stupidity , thank GOD i scraped my idea at the last moment .....

It sounds like you may have PTSD and might need to see a councellor.

I had it very badly after an horrific incident, I was having flashbacks, the whole thing, but councelling gave me the skills to learn how to deal with what was happening and to control it. Regaining control after a trauma is paramount to moving on to a better life.

Can you get counseling to help you? Yes life is difficult. When I got cancer, I went out and chopped some tree stumps and played rock and roll music in my head, imagining that I was chopping at cancer and anything else that I was mad at. Can you find a way to turn the anger outwards instead of inwards into depression? Karate or self-defense classes might help you feel more impowered also and less like a victim.

Sarah R
Bad things happen all the time, but you can't dwell on them or you'll never get anywhere in life. I'm not saying you should ignore what happened to you... I'm saying find a way to deal with the "hurt" so you don't become obsessed with thoughts like, 'Why does life have to be so hard?" or "Why me?" There's plenty of support groups out there... You should become a member of one. They're good therapy, and other members w/ similar experiences will be able to help you cope.

edit: and PLEASE don't listen to that Phoenix man's answer... He clearly doesn't have a clue about anything dealing with mental health!

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