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Is it true that without sleep you will go insane?
How can man go without sleep before he goes insane?
Additional Details
I just heard on several tv shows that if you don't sleep you will go insane I just wondered if that was true. If the answers its not your body will just make you sleep before that happens

I thought most men act insane anyway, so that's one of the reason's

yes, or at least take a toll on your mental health, but the body will force sleep on you after a while, you can't just go without sleep for as long as you like

i'm hoping someone else,has a more scientific way to explain this.But I know when I haven't gotten enough sleep I get cranky and if i come close to falling asleep at a light.My body is naturally needing what it needs-rest.So,I can imagine if for a long long time you go without sleep .I'd think you would go insane.' Cause,i'm alittle "wacked" anyways,i'm just trying to keep from going to Level 3 ,as loonnnngg as possible.Bye!

White lighting
Yeah, it probably is true (yawn) but I'm not gonna test that theory...zzzzzzzz

Sasha C
well i don't think you will go insane maybe a bit crazy but not insane!!...

Francis C
Tony Wright of Cornwall (somewhere in Britain I think) that didn't go to sleep for 11 days straight beating the former record in the 1960s by 2 hrs. He uploaded his blog everyday and by the 5th day he began having hallucinations. Here's an excerpt from his blog on the 5th day:

"You also become aware of a loud ringing in your ears. This is the sound of the non-stop sleeper from Penzance coming to take you away. The results were remarkably similar despite resorting to a keyboard and screen. The flat screen starts turning into a multi-dimensional portal to another world and the text into a welcoming entourage of giggling dancing pixies and elves ... Remarkably, one's nose heads in a similar direction, and without a last-second reprieve would have come firmly to rest on the Z key."

I don't know, so far I have been up for 24hours straight and counting, so when I am no longer on here, I might have been committed

Nunny J
to me, i'll go to bed first ...LOL

i heard that without a certain amount of days without sleeping, you can die of brain exhaustion. You need sleep for sure. There are pills for insomnia too.

It only takes one day or so,.. Hell, mankind is all ready nuts! who needs sleep dammit!

According to a 2000 study published in the British scientific journal, researchers in Australia and New Zealand reported that sleep deprivation can have some of the same hazardous effects as being drunk

You need sleep or your brain becomes jello... lime green jello.

The body uses deep sleep as its time to repair itself, replace missing nutrients to our cellular structure and more. It is the time when our brain chemistry also resets itself to "relaxed normal"--for us. That state is individual, depending on what you eat, drink and otherwise imbibe in, any genetic problems or issues you may have and a variety of other things that play into the body's overall balance. But one of the first things that goes down hill if you get no sleep is your brain chemistry. Exhaustion can exacerbate depression, anxiety, and stress related illness. It can cause accidents in cars, on bikes or skateboards or even in the halls at school. Lack of sleep shortens the temper, the attention span and the ability to focus on assignments at work or in school. Thus yes, if you lose too much sleep you can literally drive yourself insane... or worse. Hope this helps!

john s
I dont know about going insane, but without sleep, you body will eventually shut down and you will pass out and sleep, because your body cannot function without sleep.

<(^.^)&gt; Huggle
Your body will shut down agter too long. It depends on your body, how long you can go without sleep.

Davy Jones Santa
Well I have not sleeped for three days AND THAT STarTED TO Make ME FEEL LIKE i am GOINg NuTS OR WAS IT WHAT KEPT ME UP FOR THREE DAYS woo The LEtters Go BIG and small

eil ashti
a good sleep means a good health.... if you lack sleep, you lack an energey for the day...

Sleep is important and vital for the body. When you don't sleep you are prone to infection because your immune system fails. Your body heals when you're sleeping and it rebuilds it self. Lack of sleep means lack of oxygen to the brain. When there is a lack of oxygen around the brain it will cause hallucination and irrational thinking not necessarily insanity. You will fall asleep or pass out before going crazy.

Man would die without sleep after he goes insane.

I had insomnia caused by a medication for 3 months, during the short time on it and after I stopped taking it.
It was like being in a nightmare I couldn't get out of. I only slept 1-2 hours a night (sometimes not at all), and all day I was miserable. I felt so exhausted, but my body just wouldn't allow me to sleep!

Eventually, I was so sleep-deprived I slipped into psychosis and nearly killed myself. Scary thing is, I don't remember any of it. I was put in a psych ward for a week! It was the worst 3 months of my life.

Wow! now I know what's wrong with me.

Mark B
not shore how insane it will make you but yes it would make you a bit nuts not sleeping and it also would make your blood perisher go up up up and a few other things too

Delerious, anyway.

tee hee hee nyuck nyuck,

No! Havent slept for a year now hee hee and Im fine. * giggle * giggle

;p lol

I tried to do this to see if would actually work, I fell asleep

mike b
well I would say 3-4 days that'll make him go insane. The 2-3 day mark will usually cause vivid hallucinations and such. Memory loss is also one effects from sleep loss.

None of these posts properly answer this question, I'm sad to say.

It's not lack of sleep that will make you go insane, that will have a physically effect on the body. Some need very little sleep and do just fine.

However, lack of dreams is what affects the mind. Without dreaming, that's what can cause insanity. Dreams keep us sane, even if we don't remember them.

So, No sleep = no dreams = mental problems.

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