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Is it true that "all emotional pain lasts for 12 minutes, anything longer than that is self inflicted?"

Additional Details
It was sent to me and I don't know if I should be happy or offended coz I suffer depression and I think the one who sent this thinks I'm a drama queen.

i didnt know that but now that u mention it i think it might be true because when ur in pain all of a sudden u cry all that stuff and when that one is over u start thinking of all of the bad things in your life and u make urself feel more awful and u wanna cry more and more. so yea i guess it is self inflicted.

Never heard of that before. Everyone or most everyone suffers some sort of emotional pain, and in some cases it can take a long time to deal with. How, for example,can some huge trauma in someones life be self inflicted!

It depends entirely on the person. All emotional pain is generally self inflicted as we all have the choice of how long we greive. If a family member dies maybe one person will choose to carry the greif for the whole of their lives yet another may just say 'The person had a good life, you can ask for no more' and get over it in seconds. Grief depends wholely on how much you care. People who are depressed are often too emotional about what happens around them. It's not a bad thing as it shows that you care. People who are generally happy and carry no grief are usually the ones who either haven't had too many bad things happen or really couldn't care less what happens each day.

Snow White
That's total bull. Great friend you got there!

I really can' t believe this. If you do suffer from depressions there can be several reasons for that. Perhaps it' s genetic or you have chemical imbalances in your brain, you also might have developed negative thought patterns that won't allow you to break out of your depression or your hormons paly a role in it.
This is all very complex...I don't think you can say it' s self inflicted ! But I do believe that you can work on it.

Londo Mol
As a guideline, yes. Of course the '12 minutes' is not meant as an absolute, and 'emotional pain' is starkly general, however the statement implies, correctly, that one's attitude determines the length of emotional pain. A lot of people succumb to the view that 'time heals all', their subsequent apathy prolongs the suffering whereas positive action would curtail it.

abdalla m
noooooooooooo.... it wont be self inflict if u love some one and he herts your heart does and u ofcourse keep sad cause of that like 2 days!!
if your dad deis and you will cry on him 2 months or something right .... before you ask someone something ask it for your self first...

It depends upon person to person that how carefree nature one has.

That is the biggest line of crap I've have ever heard. Do you think the victims of 9/11 had only 12 minutes of emotional pain. Emotional pain is caused by many things. If you suffer from depression, then you are likely to suffer for much longer then 12 minutes. In fact anyone who goes through emotional pain and is over it in 12 minutes must be some type of Drug or alcohol abuser and this is the amount of time they need to numb themselves so they don't feel their pain. Emotional pain is an ongiong thing we all have to find a way to ease it in our own way. If my daughter died to day, I would suffer the rest of my life with emotional pain. The survivors of 9/11 attack will forever have their emotional pain. Who ever told you this is just some idiot who has no idea what he is talking about. Ignore, you are normal, deal with your pain the best way you can for yourself. And know that it's ok for it to linger and at times seem to disappear only to reapper later. Good luck.

High On Life
I highly doubt that, where'd you hear that?

No, that's just ridiculous. I am not even going to go into this one.

John C
The vital truth is that everyone is different. To say that is to presume you know all about emotions, there is as much chance of that as knowing all about our Universe! There is a "person" who knows both, if you are prepared to be brutally honest with youself you will be able to get though to him in prayer.

12 minutes? That is some statistical record of "getting over" some emotional hurt. It is harsh, and perhaps unproven. I have personally never heard of any study that proves or disproves this theory.

No and I'm not even going to start on that road.
Please don't take any notice of this attention seeking moron.

I don't know if it is true or not but a lot of the time we are unwilling to accept the cold logic of a condition or logic of a situation because it seems unacceptable. One of the replies to this question was extremely emotional about it and cited 9-11 as an example of how the emotional impact of that or of a family member dying would last a lot longer than 12 minutes and while I can see his point there is still an argument for saying that once you are aware of the event it is no longer an unexpected event and any grief etc. that we suffer is then by choice.
We choose whether or not we allow ourselves to go down that path or not. I am not in any way trying to belittle anyones grief and in the event that something devastating happened to me I could not guarantee my own conduct but there really is a point where we decide that we have grieved enough and have to move on whether it is because others might depend on us to be strong or for our own sanity but whether that all happens in 12 minutes is certainly open to debate I would think.


Let your friend keep to their books and theories.Maybe they will be there to turn to if they ever feel ANY pain.

Wow, nice friend you have there. Why not ask him or her this question: If they had a child and the child died, would they cry for 12 minutes then be fine? How completely ridiculous.

This reminds me of an acquaintance of mine that told me "Depression doesn't really exist, it just means that the person is missing Jesus from their life."


Dear lord, no! It reminds me of something my father used to tell me after he'd say something really terrible- "no one can make you feel any way without your permission", which he paraphrased from Eleanor Roosevelt. Well, what people say *can* make you feel a certain way, and as for 12 minutes... so are they saying if someone very close to you died, it should only take twelve minutes to get ovewr it? Tell them to go screw themselves.

Nothing so generalized is likely to be true. I don't like this statement because it totally disenfranchises true grief.

Any saying that starts with "all" or "always" is going to be incorrect 99% of the time. That statement is incorrect in so many instances that I would label it as false.

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