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Ralph Lofranco
Is it possible to die holding your breathe?
does anyone already died with this kind of suicide attempt?

I'm not sure but I think it's possible.

The TV sometimes report that some kids are playing to this game and it's very dangerous.

Maybe it can be possible that when you pass out, there were a kind of muscle action that makes that you couldn't breathe anymore even while being inconscious.

Augustine M
no, because the human body wouldnnt allow to kill itself.

I don't think so. You can only hold your breath so long before you pass out. Once you pass out you start breathing again.

to tell ya the truth...........
No Ralph you can't.
You can tell someone close to you that you are asking strangers how to kill yourself... I mean what harm can that be?
This isn't the first time I have noticed your questions always center on this. You have progresses into the fantasy part and I think you better do something about it.
The one thing you haven't told any of us is,
why????????? If you think we wouldnt care you are wrong!!! we all would....Tell us why.

Your Impossible To Find
Try it

What a morbid subject. There may be a problem with depression , then do see a Physician. Nothing is that bad that one should have thoughts of suicide, see Physician ASAP

no , u can't , because there is an automatic reflex will come from the central nervous system will involuntry relaxing ur contracted muscles ;)

NO silly,,not a normal person..but
only if a person having the weaknesses or diseases of old age.. especially a loss of mental faculties.. his memory as in senile dementia .. then yes it can happen in there sleep they can forget to inhale and die..lol

Interesting question, hang on a sec I'm trying it right nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

Simon Patterson
The best answer is for anyone who wants to do this to go and see their doctor who can offer them counselling, just to talk things through.

Sometimes we go through some really tough times and think things will never improve. But, in time, things will improve.

i would think you would pass out, so no.

No, you could pass out by holding by your breath i think , but Not die!!!

It's impossible. The body has a natural defense mechanism to intake air when it requires.

No. 2 reasons, our defense mechanism will make us fight ourselves to breathe again. Second- we can loose conciousness and that will make us breathe again. But then why would someone want to kill him/herself.
On a lighter note. Try it. If you succeed, let us know.

Simply holding ones' breath?
The lack of oxygen would eventually cause you to pass out, at which point you would no longer know to hold you breath & you would begin breathing again.

The lack of oxygen to your brain will cause you to faint. If there is nothing physical restricting your breathing then you will start to breath automatically as soon as you are unconscious.

You can only die from lack of oxygen by suffocation, or when there is a physical force being applied to your nose and mouth cutting off your access to oxygen, or by drowning.

no its not possible. once you pass out from not breathing your body automatically takes over.......ie.....toddlers tantrums where they deliberately hold their breath.

no, you will go unconscious and then your bodies involuntary motor functions will cause you to breathe again.

david UK
no,if you could hold your breath long enough,you would go unconscious,,but then come round again

PuntaCorvo 66
No, it is not because you will pass out and your body will start breathing once you have.

No, you may pass out, but then the brain will take over and begin breathing again. You have two systems in your body. One you are aware of and have control over, the other works without your permission so to speak. Think about when you are sleeping, how is it that everything keeps functioning just fine without your conscious monitoring???

No, because you would pass out first and breathe unconsciously. It's not possible.

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