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Is it possible for someone to be aware they have lost there mind but be unable to show other people?
is it possible

Someone once said "They called me mad and I called them mad and damn them they outvoted me"
and "you can tell a lot about paranoids by following them around".
In answer to the question I would say yes, for a time, if you can hide well enough and project a sane front. But sooner or later it will come out

If they can communicate normally then No

lexi m
Well, I did lose my mind and I had no idea I lost it.

I think if you lose it, then you also lose awareness of it.

But if you love something then set it free, if it comes back then it was truly meant to be. And my mo-fo mind came back to me. hehe...

Rachael H
people close normally notice subtle changes in a persons behaviour, but secretive people may be rather good at hiding it, so yes

If you are "loosing" it it takes a while to filter through you know some-things not right. You cant explain it I suppose its like you slowly going deaf you don't realise till its really bad. People who know you will realise long before you do yourself . Unless you have experienced it once or twice before then you know whats going on and can get help before it gets out of hand. You cant explain it and you really do think its other people that are mad, wrong, whatever you don't trust anyone let alone yourself.

Kirks Folley
No I think that people who have gone over the top are not aware that they are ill, they think that everyone else is doing silly things. That is the experience I had with my mother anyway. She would not accept that she was ill, she reckoned that everyone else was making her ill and that we were plotting against her. She suffered from dementia.

If you've lost your mind, you cannot by definition, "know" that you've lost it!

In my own experience, I would say yes, you can be aware you are losing your grip and other people disbelieve you. It's the old Catch-22 thing: if you're crazy, supposedly you don't know it, so if you claim to be crazy you're not. But you CAN be aware that you are losing control or that something is not right. The problem is often that our nearest relatives and friends don't want to believe there's anything amiss, so they will just tell you not to worry or "snap out of it." Even some doctors will react like this, telling you that as long as you're worried about it, there's nothing to worry about.

it certainly is.

Yes as I feel that way!

surely people notice sth..I mean if someone acts outside of the norm or accepted behaviour, it's obvious.
I mean lately I feel due to too much stress, I've been acting ( & talking) strange but I kinda notice it myself but don't know if others do.
Does that make sense!!
Sorry maybe I didn't understand the question.

Few people totally lose their mind.

Perhaps some catatonic patients.

If someone had literally 'lost their mind' then they would have lost the communication centres in their mind..

So no- they would be unable to not show it to others because of the lack of thought processes and communication skills needed to talk easly.

Good Question sorry I have no idea.Will hazzard a quess I think anything is possible.

Col du Galibier
What do you class as "losing your mind". To me Yes,that's what happens in the depths of depression you do lose your mind you cant find the words to describe how you are feelling it a feeling of been lost in the world out of touch with things.Thats when you need a good Gp to distinguish with how it affects the individual involved ie his life style, his concentration ,how the person responds to every day questions etc. In my experience you can tell it just takes time for it to come out.

Insight: with some mental illnesses ie depression, people have insight, with others ie delusions in schizophrenia, they do not.
If a person feels that they are ill they can go and see a specialist like a psychiatrist who will try to make a diagnosis through a method of asking questions to the person and maybe the people who know them. In dementia the information from relatives is usually the most useful.
So yes, a mental illness can cause people to know something is wrong but makes it difficult to explain to others due to for example cognitive decline.
This does not mean that a specialist will be unable to recognise the problem.

Peanut butter Jelly Time!!!!
not to sure, good question tho.

I think it's possible to be aware that something is not quite right with yourself. It's at this point that one should seek help.

Not likely...

I heard something once that really made sense to me.

"Just the thought that a person thinks they may be insane proves that they are not".

In other words, insane people never doubt that they are SANE, and believe in whatever their illness is. They think everyone ELSE is insane.

So just the fact that someone wonders if they are insane shows that they know the difference and have doubts that a really insane person doesn't.

A person can be depressed or have some other emotional challenges that they can feel they need help with, but that is definately not "losing your mind".

Hope this helps!


Bob N
if you have lost your mind how would you know?

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