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Is it normal to lock myself in a room all day?

I used to work for a mental health outpatient center and I have also been in a mental institution many time so I a very qualified to answer this question. I spent many years locked in my room from 16 to 25 years of age. I even put foil over my windows to block out sun light. I burned candles for light, read books, did drugs and listened to goth music all day and night. I became depressed and eventually beacame suicidal. It normal only for someone depressed or in a bad mental state. Maybe normal is not the right word, but typical. It is very unhealthy and this is why; when you are locked in your room you are depriving yourself of sunlight, sunlight is a source of vitamin D which is imperitive, and without it, you can become severly depressed. Human contact is also a necessity, people need people. I suggest you get out of the house as much as possible and get into the sunlight or go to a tanning bed, it helps, believe me! Mentally I felt so good when I was going just twice a week. Call friends and family often. Get involved with projects of intrest. Keep busy. When your busy you don't have time to sit around and think and start feeling sorry for yourself and cause yourself to get depressed and then suicidal and then either locked in an institution or dead. Staying in your room all the time is the start of all this, and you don't want to go down this path. I could probally help more if I knew more about your situation. I hope this helps.

not unless you're highly contagious with something...

him n her♥
do you have a bathroom in there?


Hibernating Ladybird
If you are tired, or you work from home, or it is rainy outside, or you have flu, or, or... there could be a million normal reasons to that!

I stay a lot indoors cause I am working from home now. I don't think it is abnormal to do this. It doesn't mean you are depressed. You may be inside, but feeling good though. :-)

It is not about staying indoors, outdoors, it is not about BEING particularly anywhere. It is all about FEELING.
How do you feel inside, that is the question!

if you need that..why not but remember talking to someone has its benefits too.

well, no, i guess not

No,Its not normal 2 lock urself .Try 2 be with ur friends,Parents ................

What's wrong ? Why do you feel it necessary to lock yourself in your room all day ? Are you feeling depressed ? I am so sorry if you are , as I suffered terribly from depression in my youth and it took me some time to get through it. For me the simplest thing to do was to get up and face the day and go for a long walk and look around at "Gods Green Earth" and realize how lucky you are to be alive, and try to imagine all those other people who are worse off than you and maybe this will help.
I can tell you that this is not permanent and you should probably seek help and make sure that you are eating a balanced diet and not taking any drugs or drinking alcohol as this can make things so much worse. It will pass, but it starts with you taking the first step, and then another and so on. Take deep cleansing breathes and avoid taking pills from your Doctor as they are all to quick to prescribe before they give you counselling.
You can do it, I did and I thought I wanted to commit suicide it got so bad, but I finally got through it. Also, embrace your feelings, don't suppress and hide and go "how awfull it is that I am feeling down". Tell yourself that you have a right to feel this way and that it will pass. (it may not be that simple, I know)
Once again I cannot express how simple walking at a brisk pace for an hour or two can really help, and it is a lot cheaper and healthier than other forms of therapy.
Drop me a line and let me know how you are doing as I really do care !!!!!

If you're about 16, give or take a few years, yes, it is pretty normal. If you are over 23 or so, no, it isn't. Most people go through something similar in the teens, but if you are still doing it as an adult, you may need help.

It could be a phase you're going through. And it's ok to be that way for a little while. If it continues more than a week, call friends or family to drag you out.

It can be... I don't lock myself in, but I spend lots of time in my room. Much quieter than the rest of my house.

loaded question!! are you tired? want privacy? have some really good movies? OR are you depressed?
If its the latter, seek help!!!

no. peace and quiet is one thing......

well whats the reason? are you depressed? it depends.

no its not its a sign of depression

only if you put a straight jacket on yourself as well.

No, that sounds like depression.

do you feel normal?

Yeah, why not?

I'm locked in a little office 10 hours a day.

no you might be deppressed or something

no, it is a sign of being antisocial

My Big Bear Ron
it's not uncommon for teens to do go through seasons of doing this. if, however, the person is doing this for weeks and month and, etc, I would think the person is experiencing some depression that might deserve healthy treatment.

depend on what you are doing

Judas Rabbi
Not it's not

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