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Darth Drahcir
Is it bad if you don't remember dreams?
Is there something I can do to help myself remember? i usually have a fan on in my room, should I keep it off?

No, you dream around 7 times a night. Very few are actually remembered. This is because you dream in the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of your sleep (there are many different stages of conciousness to sleep). If you wake during the REM stage you are most likely to remember the dream. I dont know if the fan would have anything to do with it, but anything in a room can have an effect on your sub-concious. I tend to have bad dreams when my room's a mess.

Elizabeth A
i heard that if you dont remember your dreams that means you had a bad night sleep, like, tossing and turning, or you couldnt stay asleep!

Sylvia P
I don't know why sometimes we remember and sometimes we don't. I have sleep Apnea and just until recently didn't even have REM sleep, so didn't dream at all. Not good. I was told by a counselor to keep a journal next to your bed and write it down as soon as you awake, whatever you remember. Otherwise, don't worry if you don't remember. Worry makes everything harder to remember, Maybe it'll come to you later in the day. And if you don't remember at all that's ok too. Fan off or on, experiment to see if there's a difference.

there is nothing wrong with that. the reason that you have dreams in the first place is so that your brain can sort out the problems in your unconscious mind so that you will be bale to solve them. Some people are not even aware that they dream. We have like 90 dreams every night during REM sleep. most of them we dont remember.

If its not a good dream you probably wont remember it. I never remember my dreams been that way for at least 6 or 7 yrs. It doesn't effect me at all.

jennifer w
It might not be possible for you to even know your dreams because people don't always dream. Some people dream more than others, I happen to dream a lot and I dream really strange things which I really can't come to explain, even to myself.

When you dream it is essentially your conscious telling you what you normally don't notice. You may dream someone like you, it means you like them. That sort of thing. Dreams are all about you. The reason you may not be dreaming is because you are not open to yourself as a person. People who are confused as to who they are often don't dream. People also shut out themselves and this can also happen then too.

Dreaming is a reflection of things that you don't normally pick up on, maybe your just too observant, just joking.
Dreams can also just reflect your day or your worries not just what you miss but we all know that.

The area around you shouldn't keep you away from dreaming, but if you are not comfortable in your environment it is possible that it may keep you from dreaming.
If you suffer from childhood problems or situations that are traumatic it can also cause you not to dream. If you wake up scared then it may be a night terror. Unlike nightmares you do not remember why you are scared, you only know that you are.

Good luck on your dreams!!


I heard that you every morning when you wake up, you should write it down on a notebook.



The Original Poison girl
if you NEVER remember dreams, even when you have just woken up, it could be an indicator of stress or depression. although if you don't feel stressed or depressed you have nothing to worry about.

the forgettin part is normal. but u shouldn't have a fan turned on in ur room while u sleep. it's dangerous and a hazard to ur breathin system.

Well, it's kind of unusual if you don't remember dreaming at all. But if you just tend to forget what you dreamed about a minute or so after you wake up, that's normal. If you would like to remember your dream later, try writing it down or talking about it into a tape recorder.

nothing wrong at all...it totally depends at what stage of the sleep cycle you're having the dream

Elaine P
I read someone in a book on dreams where the author said, "maybe we're not supposed to remember our dreams." Our dreams are an expression of our subconscious mind, which we can't access while we're awake. So it's neither good nor bad if you don't remember. There is something called "lucid dreaming." It's too long to explain here, so type it into your search bar and do a web search. You'll be amazed at what you'll find. If you can do "lucid dreaming," you may be able not only to remember, but to control your dreams. Good luck.

no fans don't bother anything. i very rarely remember mine. but its not bad.

No, fans have no effect.
Actually its pretty normal that you forget your dreams. Its only once in a while you will remember.
I remember certain dreams of mine but most of them are forgotten.

it is good that you don't remember your dreams . dreams are supposed to be imaginations created by your mind to keep your brain awake. they are not supposed to be remember. most of people do not remember their dreams.

Most people don't remember dreams. There isn't really a good way to remember them aside from waking yourself up during the dream, but I don't recommend it.

Dreams are a collaboration of your day and what you were thinking of just before you went to sleep. No, it is not a terrible thing that you can't remember your dreams. If you want to then don't try. They will come back to you. Often times my mood directly relates to my dreams. If I'm happy, I had a pretty good dream last night. If I'm cranky, a not so good dream. And so on and so fourth...

Most people do not remember dreams. The best way to remember them is to write them down as soon as you wake up. If you keep a "dream diary" like this, you will start to remember more and more of your dreams. The fan doesn't matter, keep it on if it helps you sleep.

According to Craig Hamilton-Parker, author of Fantasy Dreaming, many humans find certain dreams extremely difficult to recall. Researchers refer to these types of dreams as "no content dream reports." It is thought that such dreams are characterized by relatively little affect. Factors such as salience, arousal and interference play a role in dream recall and dream recall failure. According to Henry Reed, author of Dream Medicine, a useful technique to improve dream recall is to keep a dream journal. it is also suggested that one must lie perfectly still upon awaking from a dream, not letting concerns of the day occupy the mind. It is quite common to not remember much of what has just been dreamed, but with sufficient concentration, the entire dream may be recalled.

So, it is definately completely normal not to remember most of your dreams. And, most of them don't really mean anything anyway.

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