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If you know that someone is mentally ill, but won't get help, how do you force them to do it?
I know a person that is bi polar, but won't get help. His family is wondering how to make him get help with his problems.

If they really are that mentally ill, it might be worth looking into getting him committed. Mental illnesses are so diverse, it's difficult to say from the little information you've given. But basically without getting him committed, you cannot force him to get help. he has to realise it for himself.

Ima Stressed Out
on one of his good days have him to get him a durable power of attorney for health care appointing someone he trusts in his family to be over him. This way if he really needs help they can get him help even if he is saying he doesn't want it.

You cant force them to do anything. The only time you can force them into something is if they hurt themselves or others (take them to the hospital). So many times ppl. are in denial about their illness. I think that the only thing you can do is support them in their good decisions and not enable them in their bad decisions. Or maybe just provide the information to them... not as "i think that you should take medication"... but show them actual factual information regarding the benefits of medications or therapy or whatever. Buy them a book about Bi-polar or print out an article about it.

Hope this helps.

Y Rachel
you cant force him. if he doesnt feel he needs help, it his choice. maybe hes not ready yet, try comforting him and talk about his problem

everyone in my immediate family has been diagnosed with this. Problem with it is they have "ups and downs" with personalities. They sometimes think nothing is wrong. If it's severe enough medication is a must. You can't live with them sometimes. I don't know if its an option, intervene. I sure do hope things get better.

My mom is mentally ill. You can't get them help if they won't consent to it. You can put them under a 72 hour hold for surveillance if you feel they are a danger to themselves, but that's about it unless you get a court order to make them a ward of the state. Good luck to you.

If the person is under 18 you can force help upon them if you are their legal gaurdian. If the person is a danger to himself or others you can call family services and ask them to evaluate his mental state...but only if they are a serious threat.

I don't care for you much
You legaly can't do anything to MAKE him get mental help as long as they haven't proven a danger to themselves or anyone else and they are adults legaly you can't do alot other than like an intervention..Don't preach and make him feel bad cause he'll turn against you..

If you can prove they are a danger to themselves or others you can have the court commit them. My daughter is almost 19 and bipolar. She didn't want help. We went to court and she was placed where she could get help. Today she is doing much better, even though she has had a few slips here and there. I don't regret going to court to get her the help she needed because she is a much stronger person and she is still alive.

I guess you cant really MAKE him get help but if he REALLY needs help you could find a number of a mental ill doctor guy (On the comp) and call him if you pay him he might come to your house

I hope it helps!

You can't make a person seek help for ANY illness. All you and the family can do is make suggestions. Only when this person becomes a niticeable danger to him/herself or to others around can anything legally be done. Welcome to the world of privacy and civil rights gone wrong.

I'd make the initiative to tell someone outside of the immediate family as well as them. You may have to call to have the person taken to the hospital against their wishes, however something like this most times needs to be taken care of in court orders.

I'd kindly let her know your concerned and should see her doctor.

you cant force them

the person has to seek help themself. you can let the person know how you feel and the family feels, but other than that, its up to him.

if he is a danger to society, though, then some sort of authority figure needs to be called

My husband has been suffering from Bipolar and acloholism for the past 12+ years, I have known him for 6 and we have been together for 5, I have begged & pleaded for him to get help, to take meds, to talk to someone. We lost everything I can think of this year. Our house, his job, 2 cars, we claimed bancruptcy, he got 2 drunk driving arrests and one for disorderly conduct, lost his license...again and in the middle of all of this had another baby. You would think that all of this might prompt him to seek some help, especially since we are now broke and raising 2 young kids. Nope...the only thing that seems to be working for him at this point is jail. He is on work release, takes care of the kids during the day and goes to jail at night...1 month, so far...so good, I hope it lasts. He has also started running again, something he hasn't done, since before he was sick and is now agreed to seek treatment and start meds.

I think he finally figured out it was either all or nothing. He was either going to get his act together or he was very suicidal and ready to give it all up. Unfortunately with this disease it seems to go that route all to often.

I would recommend speaking to your Human Services Department or Doctor about a 3rd party commitment. It s a 72 hour hold for him to get assessed by mental health professionals, at which time they hold a hearing to decide if he would need further court ordered treatment or if he is competent enough go seek treatment on his own. I have seen it work many times, I work in healthcare. For some reason it didn't work for my husband. Good luck

spike his food or call the crazy farm :) No really you can't unless you do the latter...

Psychiatric injury is caused by the Other. Back off if you value your safety.

Matt P
If the person poses a threat to him/herself or others, they can be forcibly committed by the state they live in. Other than that, develop some strong convincing skills.

If he is openly threatening to harm himself or others there is a stipulation of law in most states called the baker act(baker act is a Florida thing, but I know all states have laws like this as my father was placed under it in the state of Tx). (i'll put a link in the sources section). You might want to do some research as to the current laws in your state, talk to some medical professionals, and see where it goes from there =)

They can't......not if he's an adult, unless he is a threat to himself or others. Then he can be court-ordered into a hospital for mental illness. But, he can only be made to take his medications while he's in there. And he won't be in there forever. Once he gets out, he can stop taking his medication(s) and his illness will return. It's a difficult situation and not easy to get a court-order. If he commits a crime, he can be arrested and forced to take medication while he's incarcerated (and kept in the mental illness ward).

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