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If you had to commit suicide, how would you do it?
Not that I am suicidal, but I know how I would-lots of sleeping pills and pain killers.

sleeping pills and pain killers rarely work unless they are injected by IV...

i would probably jump from a substantial height or shoot myself

I wont commit suicide but i will kill everyone that i hate and do alot of things like how people play grand theft auto ,stealing car killing people etcc..

id probably jump off a bridge into some water and drown myself...no wait...i wouldnt wanna die slowly so i would probly just stab myself in the heart...

in order to get a value out of the death i would try being heroic or something like a fireman so that i could at least die saving people.

Injecting air into my veins its painless and quick apparently :)

not me.. i am too chicken what if hell is real.. and you end up in it.. unforgivable

Best Man
stick of dynamite. or fly to florida and let an aligator eat me.

shoot my self in the head so it would be over quick but i'd get someone else to pull the trigger i wouldn't have the guts to do it my self

well i know i wouldnt jump off a high thing:
im afraid of heights, and the second before death would hurt.

i couldnt shoot myself:
i have an irrational fear of guns

couldnt bleed to death from cutting:
the thought of cutting myself makes me cringe

so id have to eat something tasteless and poisonous, i guess

I have never tought of killing my self and wouldnt have a reason to think of a way to do it.

i would put a bag over my head and drown my self

thats reely depressing... but im not susidal and i dont even wanna think about it

Ok... well firstly don't commit suicide. Life is never as bad as you think it is. Maybe it feels like crap this week. Maybe all year. But it WILL GET BETTER (I promise). Talk to a friend/parent/councellor about it.

My other warning is never never never overdose on painkillers. people think its a good way to commit suicide because they think they will die painlessly but it doesn't work that way. If you overdose (more than 20ish doses - depending on your weight) on paracetamol/acetominaphen (depending on your country) you won't notice any serious symptoms for a couple of days. Then things start to get painful. It would probably take about a week in total to die, and it won't be pleasant.

I don't think I will be able to commit suicide, but I would have someone else kill me instead.

Because suicide is intentional, you have to be in control of what you are doing. I would not be able to pull the trigger against my head. I would not be able to pop a bunch of pills. I would make my bed in a guillotine and set up a sensor in that the event that I move (which is highly likely), that would send the guillotine down. Off with my head!!!

just duky
I have always liked the slicing of the wrists bleeding out....eeeew I know

I tired twice. So, I guess it would be meaningless to tell you what I did. Maybe I will be lucky the next time.

Sleeping pills are not always going to work. The body will reject it by throwing up.

jumping off Lindsay Bridge with thin steel cables around my neck, arms and legs... when i jump, the cables pull tight and cut everything off my torso and the fish can eat what hits the water. I want to be sure when i do it. Nothing else seems to be able to damage me. I'm like Jason Vorhees with the damage tolerance.

If you had to? Is it not a choice? I would take the most easiest way out, get drunk and a whole lot of sleeping pills. This is very morbid question I must say.

Ah hh Yess!! I would strap an M-16 to my shoulder with a zip tie on the trigger. but, not tight yet. Then make a noose with a two hundred foot rope tied to my bumper.Then put the noose around my neck and drive my lame *** electric wheel chair over the edge of the grand canyon (5 miles from my house) and pull the zip tie tight.

Think id OD on pills are something !


I Would Pretend I Want To Parachute From An Airplane And Not Pull The String.........

aurea b
dang this is morbid. but probably....shoot myself in the head.

Jump off a cliff. At least you would have fun on the way down...lol XD!!!

Fröken Fräken
What a question. But just in case you're planning on taking "the easy way out", painkillers and sleeping pills are said to be one of the most painful and drawn-out ways to go. Often, those who attempt to take their lives this way survive initially but die a few days later because of liver failure. Imagine that: you try to kill yourself, you survive, you think maybe there is a purpose to life after all and you want to make a go of it, then bang, you're dead. Ugh, no.
I used to think about suicide a lot and thought I would have done it by the time I was 21, I'm now 23 and horrified by my thoughts as an 18-year old. I'm too chicken and I love the good moments in life far too much to take my life. You only get one (as yourself how you are now, anyway). But if I had to do it, I'd take a load of drugs so that I was high as a kite and then jump from a building that was so high there would be no chance of survival. I would never be able to face my family and friends again if I survived and they knew I would do such a thing to them. I've known 2 people who have committed suicide and it ruins the lives of those left behind.

Well, obviously the quickest, most painless is probably the good ole bullet to the head. But then if you go up to the top of a tall building, put your hands to your sides and do a head first dive, that oughtta do it pretty efficiently. Sleeping pills and pain killers, nah, too "iffy" They can find you and pull you back. I would say the majority of people who are serious about suicide are successful. Those who are less than totally serious usually are not.

ϐabyloϞiaϞ βaЯbaЯiaϰ
i would start some static with the Illuminati

How ever I do it, I would make sure I don't find myself in a hospital bed, stomach pumped, wounds bandaged, or brain dead.
I commit suicide everyday by drinking sodas, eating fatty foods, and not exercising...

Well 1st of all You never HAVE to kill yourself but if I did, I guess I would kill myself with Carbon Monoxide-You know when you park your car in a closed garage and just leave it running and fall asleep. No pain. Anyway I hope this is just a question and you're not trying to plan something. If you're thinking about it please get some help by a professional-you don't have to feel this way! Life can be great!

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