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If you call a suicide hotline, do they automatically call the police?

don't do it man! lol

No, they don't, they are just there to help you, not get the police involved. If there is a lot of indication that either you or someone else will get hurt, then it may happen, but generally that's only when someone is actually making death threats on the phone. ("I'm about to jump off the roof of Farmer Joe's Country Cafe!")

no they only do if you pose as a severe threat to yourself or others and sometimes you dont even have to give your name long as you promise not to act on your thoughts any ways if you feel suicidal you need to take a deeper look at yourself and maybe get some outpatient help.....good luck to you and i hope you feel better

jen kutcher
instead call a tharipist
they will help with ur probs
r u mad?
controll ur feelings!

Anna Costner
no they are there to keep your from not being dumb

not all the time but they sometimes

No, they will evaluate the situation and if they feel it necessary they will trace the call and sent the appropriate help. Suicide is not the answer. You may feel like it's the ONLY WAY OUT but that is TOTALLY WRONG! You are only hurting the people who love and care about you. Call and talk with someone, A school counselor, priest, a friend, Dr. there are people who care about you and want to help!

I never called it, but I don't think so. They'll try to negotiate with you and then if they can't get you to calm down, they'll call the police to give them a warning to stand-by. Just don't do it, if you're thinking of prank calling them.

emo elmo
no btu if you need help please get it i try my hardest to help people who are trying sucide please dotn eb another of those victoms i dotn wanan fail if you need help pelase see soem 1and take my advice things will get beter please rember all the good tiems or do something that makes you happy liek a hobby


No but sometimes they put you on hold for a while.

penny lane
No they don't

No they don't. It is completely annoymous.

No. I went through training and briefly worked at a crisis hotline (as a volunteer, so I don't know about the vacation bit.)

We would talk to the caller, assess if the caller wanted to talk to somebody in a more supervisory position (we had professionals on call, like psychologists or ministers, whom we could contact for people who needed further help) and we'd call the police or other groups if the callers requested it. But we'd only do that if we talked it through and the caller provided us the information to call authorities, like name, number, and address.

We had no caller ID and I don't know that most places do.

Now, when I personally called a suicide hotline, I talked to somebody for a while, and she set me up with a crisis counselor in the area for some free sessions (insurance issues--didn't have money to pay for sessions on my own.) As far as I know, she didn't have my number or anything--she made me an appointment, and I showed up and then they took my contact information at the office but that's what would happen at any kind of appointment.

It's frustrating, really, that you can't always track down callers you might be worried about. But you also don't want to invade their privacy, because you don't want to lose them because you're being too intrusive about a very personal issue. So you talk to them for a while, hope that you've made them feel better for the time you talk, and hope for the best. It can make a difference.

But if the hotline had called the cops on me, I'd have said it was some kind of prank and I would have left by the back door. If these people wanted to call the police, they could have dialed "911" just fine themselves. Obviously, they don't want police involvement!

Sarah, PhD
No- absolutely not. They will talk to you and if you choose to give them your name and address, they will call the police in an emergency for you. They will not trace the call and send police. It is confidential and they are just there to help. Please call if you are having thoughts of hurting yourself.

Urban Informer
No they do not but if you are thinking about it please seek some help. Best of wishes to you.

No. They are instructed to call the police when they believe someone is in grave danger but the majority of calls they recieve are people wanting attention. If your number is unlisted or blocked they won;t take the time to have it traced. They do however recieve a 4 day vacation if you call and commit suicide on the phone with them.

Not automatically. Only if they feel you are others are in danger.

oh sugar!
No because anything you say to them is confidential. Imagine if they called the police every time someone rang the hot-line. No-one would call it & the hot-line would be shut down. It's common sense.

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