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If someone has smoked marijuana daily for many years?
what is going to be the withdrawal symptoms that could be expected to go through? Im concerned for a friend of mine, they want to quit, but are worried about how they will cope with withdrawals. Ive told them putting up with that for the small time it will affect them with be nothing compared to the damage they are doing to themselves by smoking so much.

Drugs are NO GOOD FOR YOU OR ANYONELSE. I'm glad he's trying to quit there are much better things to do in life than smoke drugs. I'm almost 21 and I don't touch drugs, but I'll pray for him. Hopefully he can find Jesus and straighten out his life. God bless!

everybody is different
from my knowledge its not physically addictive, its more a mental addiction, if the person put their mind onto other things perhaps?? maybe its mind over matter, they wont know till they try...

there are not to many physcial ones the ones hell have to be concerned about is his attitude itll have to change on what to and how to do things hes use to being high doing .now if hes been smoking that long theres a thing youll need to google called THQ it means like cholestrol in blood you get a thick brain the thc collects on the brain . i can go further if you need help finding more about.try going to effects of drugs and print out the one for pot.and read then give it to him.and if its you there is a soloution.get back let me know if therezs anything i can help with jay

mango tree
pot isnt addictive but the feeling of being high IS.
they'll miss it but get over it. i see nothing wrong with it on the occasion i smoke it a bit but if your waking up and hitting the bowl every day then yeah maybe you shoud cut back. anyway just get him/her to replace the high with something (healthier) that they love.

good luck to them

Aries W
Well I don't know why anyone would want to quit, but I think they'll probably be grouchy for few days, maybe a little withdrawn. There may be some loss of appetite and a little insomnia. But again, why would any want to quit?

E. F. Hutton
Marijuana generally doesn't produce chemical dependency. There isn't any withdrawl to worry about.

Giving it up will mean they will have to get serious about their life. They will have to learn to deal with stress and reality while sober.

About the only thing smoking lots of marijuana will do is cause lethargy.

Franco H
no withdrawal symptons to expect i smoked weed for almost 10 years started working for a good company which does random drug test so i did not wanna risk my job and i was fine.i used to smoked in the morning before i went to school,way home from school while i was driving while i was watchin tv all the time.The hard part is to quit for no reason and you just keep doing it.

thom t
I have too much respect for my mind to mess it up with any drug. Also I don't want to contribute money to the criminal network that is behind the drug trade. Did you see the $108 million drug bust in Mexico?

not you
It's not that bad. I quit after years of smoking. I had trouble sleeping at first. I lost a little weight and the voices in my head went away after a few months of not smoking. I'm NOT joking.

You're absolutely right. They're afraid to deal with reality. They're using marijuana as a way to escape with whatever is f*cked up in their lives. But really, that's not living. Everyone has problems. You just deal, and move on. But if your friend is always "numb" to life, then they'll never know what it's like to truly be happy. And if they smoke every day, they aren't giving themselves the chance to experience real happiness. The only "happiness" they'll ever know is fake happiness--from the high of weed.

I do not think the withdrawal with be that bad. Marijuana is a psychedelic so it will be mostly mental withdrawal. Look the symptoms up on the net.

i was a heavy daily pot smoker for many years and quit with little problem. i simply smoked less and less until i didn't smoke anymore. i found a job that i liked alot that i could pour myself into and that helped keep my mind off of it. my friends still smoke and i do rarely hit a bowl, but i don't even feel the desire anymore. the only part i miss is the gab sessions we had when high, i still goto the gab sessions, i just skip the smoke out part now. the only real withdrawal symptom i felt was a headache for the first few weeks after i quit. be there for your friend to talk to and have Tylenol ready. help them out by keeping them busy and it will be all good.

just me!
With drawls really arnt that bad! for me it was just breaking the habbit

Mr. Goodadvice
jee...i wish i knew. but i know it's not as bad as heroin but they might want to visit a free clinic. if you check their policies i'm sure they won't get her in trouble for being a user if she's tryin to quit.

Connie Napoleon
They might get vivid or intense dreams.

Brett N
Its not too hard as long as they want to quit. I smoked daily for over 10 years and havent had any for over a month. The biggest thing im finding is the really weird dreams. Its also really important for them to find out they dont need it to laugh and enjoy the stuff they thought it helped with. For a few days they will be on edge but its easier to give up than ciggies.

Future Citizen of Forvik
There are really not any physical dependence issues with pot. I know a guy who quit and he is still a little paranoid, and he was irritable but that is it. He quit cold turkey.

jafaMupp E
Going thru it myself at the moment, been a pothead everyday smoking like a cigarette smoker, for about 5 yrs - 6 yrs, it's hard to get past the craving, but no side effects or withdrawl symptoms, I feel like it's easier getting up in the morning, I don't have that lethargic feeling anymore and feel more positive about everything, have only stopped for about 2mths, like I said am still struggling with the craving, but not as much each day.

Matt D
It will be purely psychological if there are any withdrawals it will only be in the mind, Tetrahydracanabinol (T.H.C.) is not physically addictive neither is any of the other 400 + canabinols found in pot, that I am aware of...I smoked for 31 years on a daily basis, also grew it and surrounded my life with it...got old and I quit cold...did not have any cravings or withdrawals... my advice is thus...If you want to quit, then there is no problem quitting...just do it!!! tobacco is so much tougher to quit it isn't funny. good luck and strength to your friend . =)

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