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 Whats the point in life?
i just dont get it..we work and love..then just die..just die and its all over..and ur gone forever...i just dont get it..i never wanna die im 18 and im starting to know now that we really die..i ...

I talk to myself sometimes, does that mean I'm crazy?
I don't have conversations with myself or anything, I'm not schizophrenic. I just sometimes talk to myself when I'm nervous or I'm trying to figure something out. Am I crazy?

no that's completely natural. normally we all talk to ourselves when we try to figure something out, and you just prefer to say it out loud. just try saying it in your head, like reading. alot of people read aloud, but finally learn how to read inside they're head. same thing with you. just try practicing thinking inside your head..

Jenny H
No, I don't think you are crazy. It sounds like you are pretty intelligent. Schizophrenic- means you hear voices that aren't really there. You are choosing to talk to yourself. Totally normal. Everyone does it at one time or another. Sometimes, it helps to talk things out in your head. No worries

christina c
No your not crazy. every body talks to themselves every once and awhile ,especially as you stated when you are tryong to figure something out. as i also see it sometimes it's the only way of having an intelligent conversation.

i do that all the time also. when i lived with my parents my mom would come in and say "who r u talking too" and then she would look under the bed and in the closet and be confused when she didn't find anyone lol, don't worry you're not crazy. :)

We all do, especially when we are really excited or angry, or watching a favorite show or a football game.

If you never do, then you are crazy.

You are a normal human who is in touch with her senses, good for you. I 'm happy to see that everyone above me agrees.

Not a bit. Actually when I am golfing, I end up like talking to my golf ball.

You are not crazy. I think it's healthy to talk to yourself. Remember when we were kids and they used to make us write sentences so we could remember things. I talk out loud when I'm trying to make something sink into my memory.

Not because of talking to yourself! That's absolutely normal. (in fact, it's likely a sign of more intelligence, due to the amount of effort being put into problem resolution.)

When people make fun of me for talking to myself, I've resorted to the following answer: "Sorry, I was just looking for some intelligent conversation!"

Peace :)

I don't think you are since some of the people i know including me talk to myself, too.

A lot of people talk out loud - especially when they're trying to figure things out.

I'm a professional writer and I usually talk as I write - to make sure it sounds right.

You're fine!

Nope, I think everyone talks to themselves every now and then. Thinking out loud is more like it.

Of course you aren't crazy. Sometimes, talking to ourselves is the only time we come close to having an intelligent conversation.

nope ... not at all. I do it all the time too. When family have asked me why I talk to myself... I tell them that sometimes I am the only person who listens to me.

...do you get any good answers?I think you have a lot of company in that area...

No your human sometimes if we say thing aloud it help us to figure out the problem.

Amanda W
No, unless my lil bro is.. he does that all the time!

seriously shannon
I do it too, no you aren't crazy. I think its just a personality trait because my mom does it too! We just think out loud :)

no your not, many people do it and some are afraid to admit. I talk to myself when im alone

If you are then that makes almost all of us crazy.
So now we can define a new normal.
Crazy is if you never talk to yourself.

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♥Aqua Lady♥
No, your not crazy because many ppl talk to themselves every once & awhile when they are nervous, trying to remember something, or trying to figure out something.
As long as your not having long conversation's with yourself, I'm sure your fine.

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