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I smoke weed everynight. I lead a normal life. Should I try to quit smoking?

Hey there!Plz try by all means 2 quit smoking! It's very difficult I know,but u'll make it.Each tym u crave, just make urself busy with other staff.If not so, make sure dat u have a fruit and eat them a lot.U'll succeed!Smoking is dangerous for your health and destroys ur lyf,entirely!It's also a waste of money!

Need not. You are already gone.


Irish Eyes
By your own addmition you don't lead a normal life, drug use in any non proscribed form is abnormal

if you want any brain cells left you will.

Well, if u are asking this question it means that deep down u believe that there is reason to quit.Besides you dont feel the effects of weed until u've smoked it awhile.Believe me u'll feel them- so quit!!

if you asking then u doubting yourself. can you see them there watching you, quickly turn off the comp before they come for you....heheheheheheheheheheh. i'm not dissin i used to smoke also but the paranoia was too much. my jeans would rub together n i would hear like someone is following me

my grandmother died in very bad way because of her smoking, befor she died she suffer alot, you should stop in right now.
good luck.

if you want to yea other wise keep on it if it isnt makin slow and hurting your life,other wise its good medicine and being stoned kicks ***,bein sober is only cool when you been high for a long time

If you are starting to believe that wandering around loaded with THC is "normal", then yes, you should try to quit.
Being stoned occasionally is a human failing. Being stoned all the time (and that, my fren', is what you is), is a habit.

yes you should

weed is bad to your heath because of the consequences that it might bring to your self,family and society as a whole..

better socialize with other people. make friends and enjoy your life and don't indulge it to weed-fantasy..

stop it and you will see a big difference
you can change the world

I smoke the herb about 6 times a day and I am managing to own and run a successful business. Does it become a little bit habitual. . . yes, but the way it changes my attitude to people and the world around my is GREAT! So I say SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!

If you can quit, do it now. Don't put it off for tomorrow.

WELL, IF YOU HAVE TO ASK?.............. "COPS", HUH!!!!!

I agree with Filo. As a regular user myself for several years I find that smoking every day is very seductive and psychologically addictive, a habit - if you may. But one that is HARD to break - especially since the idea of a day been 'incomplete' without a spliff gets deeply rooted in our minds.

And sure it's NOT about not living a productive life. I'm an academic and could/can still manage to be fairly successful. It's about how much you come to experience your life, feel it. You know, weed has a way of distancing us from real emotions (good and bad) and that what makes it appealing. The thing is that we gain by missing out the bad emotions but that is not so for the good ones. The end result: the stereotypical stoner.

Anyway, just chill with it for a bit. I have non-smoking days, maybe you should try something similar. Start with one a week and work your way up - aiming for weekend-only smoking, as a first step.

yeah, quit smoking

ofcourse you should stop smoking, you know what will happen to you if you didnt stop smoking

Rachel Bitchface
Yes you should quit. It's not worth getting caught and going to jail and having that on your record and having to pay a bunch of court fees.

why would you not try? it is illegal. if you have children it is a bad thing to have hanging around for them to pick up.

LOL definitely as it can also affect on ur way of thinking reallly!!

its up to you if its not effecting anything you do i don't see why

Umm...I don't know...its like a cig but its healthier for you actually XD hmm if you have a normal life...why change it I guess...

I think you know the answer but need confirmation...


its not wether or not ur leading a normal life... its wether or not ur leading the life that u want to live... I've smoked like 2-3g a day for 6 years and as time went by i realised i couldn't spend a single day without a spliff. It's not that i didn't enjoy it anymore, i did and still do now from time to time... But the feeling of being addicted to it really got to me after a while. That i was in love with Mary Jane and couldn't break up with her... lol. This ***** had me by the balls... trully. U end up feeling powerless when u feel that the day won't be "complete" without it...
And when it gets to the point where ur ditching "real" women for Mary... then u kno sumthing is fuked up... ;)

Anyway do as u pleaze... as i say... some like to have a beer others like to roll a stik... just don't abuse it

Yah you should. The longer you smoke it , the harder it'll be to quit and one day hopefully - you will want to.

While I've heard it's better for you then smoking...lets face it you are still inhaling smoke into your lungs...Can't be very good for your body. It's like arguing that it'd be better to have a car fall on you then dumptruck. Either one isn't a good idea.

I dont have a problem with people who smoke weed but if you HAVE to do anything every day then you have a problem.

Good luck

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